Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

Nature’s role as healer is critical to understand if we are to live a healthy, holistic life. Some look at the healing properties of herbs and other plants as dangerous hokum, or even propaganda.
To be sure, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding natural cures, a lot of it perpetrated by hard-line medical establishment apologists who think chemotherapy and Oxycontin are God’s gift to man. On the contrary, many of the artificial, unnatural “medical” techniques used today in modern hospitals around the world, kill millions unabashedly.

The biggest scams in the world outside of the banking sector reside in modern medicine. If you think cutting our bodies open to “replace” organs or blasting our bodies with radiation constitutes “advanced” medicine, you and I have different views on what the word “advanced” means.
We have nothing against medical practices that work, but what we do have a problem with is the systematic lying that the medical industry engages in. The countless people stuck on lifelong medications that poison their bodies and never cure their problems, the dangerous and insane methods of dealing with cancer that have paltry success rates at best, the ludicrous notion that you can cut, chop, splice, suppress, and nuke your health problems away as long as you attack your body hard enough. It’s all juvenile madness.
Add to the fact that modern medicine costs an arm, leg, and lung, and what you’re effectively stuck with is an industry that primarily preys on sick, misinformed people who have a lot of expendible income. I have heard of people who have been on as many as a dozen perscription drugs at one time, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars a year in pills alone. Nevermind that invariably these people look like they are on death’s door. I’ve never met a person on tons of medications who looked healthy. Ever notice that? I wonder why that is…
Let’s switch gears and talk about our bodies and what they need.
Biological health is rooted in equilibrium. If your body is balanced, it will be able to fight off disease, and it will not develop heart disease, gall stones, cancers, tumors, and the like. This balance is a combination of and proper ratio of nutrients, hormones, amino acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and bacteria. For us, a proper balance means we are in an alkaline state, our body is properly oxygenized, and our metabolism is processing everything quickly and efficiently.
If you have some kind of lingering illness or condition, be it dry skin, acne, shortness of breath, diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, allergies, depression, clogged sinuses, or whatever else, it is extremely likely that the root problem is that your body is not balanced. If the medicine you are taking or the procedures your doctor is recommending don’t address the issue of balance, you will not be cured. PERIOD. Even if your symptoms abate, you are not fixing the underlying problem. This is why people get stuck on meds for years at a time, because at best, most medications seek only to relieve some of the symptoms of an illness. They do nothing to correct the imbalances of the body.
I’d call it a racket, but that would be too kind.
The truth is, is much of the medical industry is predicated on a profit-first mentality, with health and wellness a distant second. We can’t ignore all the good people like surgeons so, who use their modern skills on problems that otherwise couldn’t be healed or fixed with a proper diet or natural remedies. This, however, doesn’t excuse the thousands of lecherous medical practitioners out there who are feeding their patients an absurd amount of lies just to maintain an illusory “business.”
Most so-called “diseases” aren’t even real. They are just symptoms of bodily imbalance. People spend their whole lives subjugated by illnesses they could completely eradicate were they to simply eat better. Absurdism at its finest.

It’s this paltry state of the medical industry today that spurred me on to want to get the word out about healthy living. Herbal remedies are one of the best ways to address many common medical issues while also feeding your body what it really needs.
Keep in mind, we at Digital Sages are all about holistic living. Therefore, each one of the illnesses and diseases we cover in this section is treated in a balanced, responsible way. This means we’re about more than just telling you to go out to buy the next fad herb on the market. Our treatments are in-depth holistic answers to the body’s ills, which means that not everything will be a quick fix or easy road. Many of our recommended treatments include dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments. But if you are serious about your health, you’ll take the necessary steps to live holistically.

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