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Anjou Bentonite Clay Mask Powder Detox, 16 Oz, Natural Organic Detoxifying Healing Facial Mask to Exfoliate and Deep Pore Cleansing, Remove Excessive Oil, Rejuvenate Skin and Hair, Reduces Acne

  • 100% natural and safe: Pure bentonite clay, no chemical additives or fragrances added, light on your skin
  • Simple to use: Add water and mix into a thick paste for facial application. Add milk or your favorite essential oil for extra health benefit and aroma
  • Control skin oil: Gently removes excessive oil, make your skin look smooth and shine-free, ideal for oily and combination type of skins
  • Natural toning: Exfoliate your skin and speed up its metabolism, tone your skin and restore skin elasticity
  • Deep power cleansing: Removes oil, dirt and dead skin cells, shrinks pores, and gives you healthy, smooth, and beautiful-looking skin



100% Pure and Natural
Anjou Bentonite Clay Mask exfoliates, tones, and power cleans your skin with 100% of the best bentonite from the mountainous Wyoming region. With no chemical additives or other artificial ingredients added, your skin will experience a 100% natural, revitalizing treatment.

Easy to Use
Simply add water and mix into a thick paste before applying evenly to your face. Because bentonite clay is mild and non-sensitive, you can add milk, essential oil, and other natural ingredients to make a unique facial mask with an abundance of healthy benefit and refreshing aroma.

Powerful Oil Remover
Bentonite clay keeps your oily skin under control thanks to its excellent oil absorbing properties. This powerful oil remover gets rid of the excessive oil and mattifies your skin, leaves you with a smooth, natural, and shine-free skin.

Shrinking Your Pores
Oily skin often has more visible pores. The best way to keep your pores minimal is to give them a powerful cleanse with Anjou bentonite clay mask. Bentonite will attract and absorb dirt, dead skin cells, and other toxins, and wash them away with the clay to minimize your pore appearance and reveal the newer, younger skin underneath.

– Recommended usage is 10 – 15 minutes each time
– Some people may feel slight prickling pain when using Bentonite clay products. While it is completely normal, we suggest that you test for allergic reaction by applying a small amount on your arms or behind your ear. If you are allergic, stop use immediately
– Ideal for oily skin, not recommended for dry and sensitive skins

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