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Buy Ormus Monoatomic Gold – 740ml (25 fl.oz) by Alchemical Elixirs

  • Monatomic Gold is one of the world’s most powerful natural health, anti-aging agents.
  • Spiritually and physically vitalizing 740ml(25 fl.oz), I ship within 1 business day, Delivery is normally only 3 to 9 business days to USA
  • Increases Vitality, Mental Clarity and Focus – Independently Voted the Worlds Most Powerful Monoatomic elixir!
  • SALE..buy 4 Bottles now and only pay for 3…. 1 free bottle 25 percent saving!! (Hit Add to Cart, then “checkout”, you’ll be sent to Amazon!)
  • Aids in detoxing, easily one of the best ways to rid your body of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and unnatural substances.



Monatomic Gold is known by many names: Ormus, Monoatomic Gold, Ormus Gold, MFKZT, Monoatomisches Gold. Created by Alchemical Elixirs, this is the Worlds Best Monatomic Manna.

Alchemical Elixirs uses Organic Alchemy to create its Ormus. It synchronizes Brain Hemispheres, increases natural Psychic ability and creates Joy, Health and longevity. Alchemical Elixirs create its products for Naturopaths, Herbalists, and all types of Alternative Health and Ayurvedic Practitioners around the Planet.

Ormus : White Powder Gold, Monoatomic Gold, Monoatomisches Gold, Ormus Gold… Created on the night of the Last Full Moon using strict organic protocols on a mountain in Australia’s gorgeous sunshine coast region right over the ocean. Imprinted with Solfeggio Arpeggio frequencies and the same imaging techniques used Masaru Emoto uses, made with pristine pacific sea water and organic, manually harvested, sun-dried Celtic sea salt. Each 740ml(25 fl.oz) bottle is made using the alchemical wet sea method by a alchemist who is a master at his craft.

We take great pride in bringing this ancient healing remedy to you. Gold has healing properties that the ancients revered, hence it became sought the world over. Alchemists and other students of the craft knew of its power, spending countless decades toiling over methods for bringing out its potency. The etheric properties of gold, when mono-atomic, become extremely potent. Mystics and other practitioners of therapeutic and healing arts have used ormus, the sacred gold, to great effect. This highly coveted substance is now yours.

Monoatomic Gold is a safe, time-tested way of healing the body (it oxygenates and rids the body of toxins) as well as elevating the consciousness, due to its level of vibration. Whether you are looking for physical or spiritual benefits, this alchemical elixir is exactly what you are looking for.

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