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Chocolate Matcha Detox Tea (3.65oz, 25 SERVINGS), Detoxify and Cleanse Your Body With Organic Matcha, Cacao, and Probiotics, Decreases Stomach Bloating, Supports Digestion, Healing Butterfly Brand

  • DETOXIFIES YOUR BODY: 25 Day Chocolate Detox Matcha Tea Cleanses The Body Of Impurities and Toxins. Decreases Stomach Bloating.
  • IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH: Supports The Immune, Cardiovascular, And Digestive Systems. Provides More Energy, Increased Focus, Stress Relief, Assists With Weight Loss, Improves Look And Feel Of Skin. Reduces Anxiety.
  • TASTES GREAT: Just Add Water, Mix And Enjoy! Can Also Be Mixed Into Smoothies, Shakes, And Yogurt. It’s A Great Replacement For Coffee And One Of The Healthiest Teas You Can Drink.
  • DESCRIPTION: Each Package Contains 25 Servings. 3.2 Oz (91.25g). Our Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder Is Harvested From The Nishio Region Of Japan. Other Ingredients Include Organic Cacao, Coconut Water Powder, Organic Chlorella, Oolong Tea Powder, And A Small Amount Of Stevia Extract. FIRST CHOCOLATE DETOX MATCHA TEA ON THE PLANET! ****LESS THAN $1.75 PER DAY ****.
  • ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE PURCHASE: Our Goal Is To Provide The Highest Quality Chocolate Matcha Detox Tea. This Is Backed By Our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.



Healing Butterflys’ Chocolate Matcha Detox Tea contains 100% Organic, culinary grade A matcha tea from the Nishio region of Japan. By itself, our matcha naturally boosts energy, vitality, endurance, and promotes younger looking skin. In addition, our matcha increases focus and memory with natural L-Theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that helps relieve stress and support the immune and cardiovascular systems. Healing Butterfly Chocolate Matcha Detox Tea contains Ganeden BC30 Probiotics and Organic Chlorella.

Ganeden BC30 Probiotics work to improve digestive health resulting in increased food absorption and decreased stomach bloating. The Organic Chlorella in our tea is a protein superfood known as a detoxifying supplement. Healing Butterfly Chocolate Matcha Detox Tea also includes Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Water Powder, and a small amount of stevia. All of these ingredients result in a wonderful tasting chocolate matcha tea which provides detoxification properties to improve health. Whether it’s the first thing in the morning, after your exercise regimen, or while you are at work, Healing Butterfly Chocolate Matcha Detox Tea will help you exceed your health goals! Healing Butterfly has a 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, you are unhappy with our product, it can be returned for a refund.

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