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Garden of Life Natural Whole Food High Protein Bars – fucoProtein Peanut Butter Crunch, 55g bars (12 per carton)

fücoPROTEIN Bars are delicious, nutritious, high protein, dietary supplement bars containing fucoxanthin, a natural non-stimulant thermogenic (fat burner) found in several types of marine vegetables (edible seaweed). The first high protein supplement bars to contain concentrated fucoxanthin, fücoPROTEIN Bars support healthy metabolism and burn fat naturally.

  • WHEY PROTEIN BARS: These thermogenic fat burning bars deliver 14g (28% DV) of protein from milk protein concentrate, brown rice protein concentrate and organic whey protein concentrate
  • FAT BURNER: fücoPROTEIN Bars are the only weight loss bars that contain fücoxanthin, a natural thermogenic from seaweed that assists in weight management
  • FIBER AND OMEGA: These energy bars also include 7g (30% DV) of fiber and omega 3 from organic acacia, chia meal and chia seed
  • ALL NATURAL: This peanut butter crunch weight loss bar is All Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, with No Isolates


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