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Go Raw Live Raisins Crisps, 10 – 14 gram Bars

Why Raw? All content has been dried under 105°F and all seeds have been sprouted, releasing enzymes which make them healthier and easier to digest. Sprouted seeds are among the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. The best seeds, sprouted in filtered water, mixed with the highest quality fruits them gently dried at less than 105°F. It’s alive and is more nutritious and much easier to digest as a result. Creating Real Live Food is Our Passion We Source the Best: The very best organic seeds are selected, preferably from local growers. We Sprout with Care: The seeds are optically sorted, soaked in filtered water, rinsed, then sprouted to perfection. We Craft the Finest: The finest organic ingredients are mixed in, then hand spread on trays. The mix is loaded into custom-built dehydrators and slow dried at an average 98° to maximize enzymatic and nutritional integrity and flavor. We Pack with a Promise: Our products are packed and refrigerated exclusively in-house on dedicated equipment for uncompromised taste and freshness. Our Pledge: Provide the healthiest, most flavorful foods ever made. No nonsense. No gimmicks.

  • Real Live Food 100% Organic All Live (Dried Under 105°F) All Seeds Sprouted All Hand Made All Raw Kitchen All Family Owned USDA Organic Kosher Certified organic by: Organic Certifiers Certified Organic Certified Gluten-Free Certified Vegan Raw Vegan


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