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Naturessunshine LBS II Intestinal System Support Herbal Combiantion Supplement 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)

How It Works: Cascara sagrada bark influences the peristaltic muscles of bowel tissue and encourages the normal flow of bile and secretions of the stomach, pancreas and liver. Buckthorn bark is a powerful herb renowned for its ability to loosen the bowels. Licorice root gently supports peristalsis and general digestion. Capsicum fruit supports elimination and circulation. Ginger root supports digestion and helps allay nausea. It is gentle and soothing to the entire digestive tract. Oregon grape root supports the liver and gallbladder. Turkey rhubarb root is known for its support of bowel health. Couch grass herb provides gentle support to the intestines as well as the urinary system. Red clover tops are well-known blood purifiers.


  • Helps clear the bowels of toxic waste.
  • Supports the intestinal system.
  • Promotes normal bowel function.
  • Encourages better digestion.
  • Supports proper waste elimination.


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