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WishGarden Herbs – Baby Blues Mood Support, Organic Herbal Postnatal Supplement, Emotional & Hormonal Support for New Mothers (1 oz)

  • FOR NEW MOMS WHO EXPERIENCE THE BLUES POST-PARTUM: This powerful but gentle combination of herbs provides nourishing nervines, liver tonics, and herbal balancers to support healthy hormone levels.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC & WILD-HARVESTED INGREDIENTS: Our staff of highly trained herbalists use only quality-tested ingredients to produce or signature formulations that sooth, nurture and support our bodies in the way nature intended.
  • WE USE CULINARY HERBS SO OUR PRODUCTS, SO THEY TASTE GREAT: We not only rigorously search out products of the highest quality that are proven effective, but we use culinary herbs so you only get a great tasting product. With no gross aftertaste.
  • COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY: We make remedies from a love of plants & the earth, so sustainability is very important to us. Each of our suppliers go through an extensive screening process & meet our high standards for sustainability & quality.
  • LIQUID EXTRACT FORM THAT ABSORBS QUICKLY: And the body receives the full benefit of the plant in a very bio-available solution. Liquids also allow you to customize your serving freely so you can best meet your needs at the time, and easy to swallow.



At WishGarden Herbal Remedies our primary mission is to bring health to life by making available to the public powerful and effective medicinal botanicals. Our staff of highly trained herbalists use only certified organic and wild-harvested quality-tested ingredients to produce signature formulations that soothe, nurture, and support our bodies in the way that nature intended. And because our formulations make use of culinary herbs, they taste great, too!

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