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WARRIOR – Organic Immune System Support – Absolutely the Most Powerful Immunity Supplement You’ll Ever Take – Made With Nature’s 8 Most Potent Immunity Defense Herbs

  • Are you looking for an immunity booster that actually works. One that is so powerful you actually feel sorry for the virus inside your body for what it is about to experience? WARRIOR is basically the Grim Reaper for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even parasites
  • Made with 100% organic herbs with no fillers and no artificial colors or preservatives
  • Uses Nature’s 8 most powerful immunity defense herbs: Cayenne, Garlic, Oregano, Ginger, Clove, Echinacea, Olive Leaf, and Elderberry. That’s a terrifying list for bacteria, viruses, and parasites
  • Made in the USA with all organic ingredients – Vegan Friendly – Packaged in a glass bottle – 60 capsules per bottle
  • WARRIOR is the most effective immunity booster you will ever try because it comes straight from Nature. These are the most powerful immunity defense plants that Mother Earth has created. We are so confident that you will LOVE it that we offer a 100% money back guarantee



WARRIOR is not a chemical cocktail of artificial ingredients, like many other immunity boosters. This is all organic and contains the 8 most powerful immunity defense herbs on the planet. These herbs were chosen based on their potency, effectiveness, and with a focus on ensuring that they cover a wide variety of potential threats to your body. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even parasites are no match for WARRIOR. Ingredients: Organic Cayenne Pepper, Organic Garlic, Organic Oregano, Organic Ginger, Organic Clove, Organic Echinacea, Organic Olive Leaf, Organic Elderberry. Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (hypromellose and water) Directions: Take 1 capsule with food once daily for immunity protection. If fighting an illness, take 1 capsule 2-3 times daily with food. 60 vegetarian capsules per bottle

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