Resources and Training for Personal Developement

Bulletproof Mind Self Mastery

Bulletproof Mind: Complete Self-Mastery Training

Comprehensive physical and mental training with an emphasis on discipline and responsibility.

Learn how to work through mental limitations to overcome depression and anxiety.

Includes advanced meditation and visualization techniques, exercises, guidance on how to “think properly,” and more.

Fearless Living by Matthew Lovett

Fearless Living: Empowerment Through Awakening

No-nonsense guide on how your thoughts and actions shape the world around you.

Eliminate fear and self-doubt through an understanding of hermetic principles.

Cultivate higher awareness, emotional balance, inner peace, and a sharper mind with simple techniques that get results.

Fundamentals of Holistic Health: The Five Keys to Freedom

You can’t truly live life to the fullest if you don’t have your health. This includes health in mind, body, and spirit.

Learn the fundamental aspects of wellness and how to take care of your Self holistically. Includes information on proper nutrition, changing your thinking process, why building muscle is so important, our relationship with the natural world, and more.