What is Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery is control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Through this personal evolution you can live a more authentic, purposeful life. In turn, those who master the Self create lasting happiness, fulfillment, and inner-peace.

Self-mastery helps you reclaim your life, by using your willpower to guide your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You become better aligned with your goals and purpose, while also reducing unnecessary drama, suffering, and aggravation.

What is Self Mastery?

Self-mastery is physical discipline. Control of the body involves proper muscle building and toning, eating correctly according to our biology, maintaining a high metabolism, and understanding of the breath. By mastering the body, you gain strength, physical health, longevity, endurance, energy control, balance, and a general feeling of groundedness and understanding of your place in the world.

Self-mastery is mental toughness. Control of the mind involves living in the present moment, reducing the ego, learning how to generate healthy thinking patterns, letting go of attachments and biases, and developing force of will. By mastering the mind, you gain wisdom, proper understanding of the world around you, deep inner peace, mental flexibility, healthy self-image, and the ability to manifest change in accordance with your will. 

Self-mastery is emotional evolution. Control of the emotions involves processing your trauma, moving past your limitations, detachment from toxicity, practicing acceptance and gratitude, and decoding and dismantling your triggers. By mastering your emotions, you gain full control over your mood, the ability to act rather than react, calmness that cannot be disturbed, psychic empathy, intuition, and freedom from the lingering affects of trauma, pain, and abuse.

Understanding The Self

What is self-mastery but the understanding of Self? You may believe that you know your “Self,” but the truth is that most people don’t. You only know details about your ego and its preferences. If you stripped away the trappings of the ego, most people wouldn’t recognize themselves.

How many times have you identified yourself through a weakness, disease, habit, societal title, or belief? None of these things are actually a part of your identity, yet for most people, they are everything.

The journey of self-mastery involves shedding the ego, thereby freeing your mind and emotions from captivity.

You are much more than you have been programmed to think you are. By discovering the true Self behind the ego, you become empowered and fulfilled.

Self-Mastery Benefits

What you gain on the Path of self-mastery is a deeper awareness of Self and the world around you. Everything begins to make more sense because you are no longer seeing the world through a thousand layers of the ego. This clarity of thought creates emotional harmony and a great sense of fulfillment, because the inner parts of your being are no longer burdened with subconscious longing for something more.

Because fitness and mental strength play such an important role in overall health, self-mastery imparts greater wellness and quality of life. You will find that many of your most pressing issues evaporate over time, the further you progress on the Path.

You also become fearless in all things. Self control and discipline enables you to deprogram from fear and remove limitations of the mind, giving you strength, confidence, and willpower. You will also become impervious to outside manipulation, mind games, gaslighting, emotional extortion, and other energy games. A disciplined mind cannot be disturbed or unbalanced by the emotional fits and energy-sapping tactics of others.

Another powerful benefit of mastery is in connection with nature and the ability to feel energy states, intuit events, and feel emotion at a distance (what some call psychic empathy). Through raising your own energy and being aware of the greater parts of your Self, it becomes far easier to “feel” outside of the body, through a combination of your mind-body-emotions rather than with your body alone.

Finally, you will make far better decisions. One who has control of Self rarely makes errors of judgment and is able to clearly see a scenario or problem for what it is. This level of awareness leads to consistent and reliable decision-making, an invaluable skill especially in terms of driving the course of your own life.

How to Develop Self-Mastery

The body, mind, and emotions have to be treated as a whole. Traditionally, the body is used to tame the mind, the mind is used to tame the emotions, and emotion is used to understand and tap into the power of the body. Each area must be worked on in different ways in order to deconstruct our limitations.

The limitations of your body are physical, and require physical fitness, flexibility, proper diet, and endurance training.

The limitations of the mind involve the ego, and must be overcome by shedding false belief structures and ridding yourself of attachment.

The limitations of the emotions are caused by trauma and fear, and must be addressed by processing repressed feelings, letting go of and managing anger, and releasing sensations that don’t serve you.

These areas are treated holistically through various self-discipline techniques, including meditation, awareness training, physical exercises, and learning how to understand the origin of your emotions.

When it comes to self-mastery, there are many schools of thought that produce similar results. Here at Digital Sages, we teach self-mastery differently than most, with an emphasis on hermetics.

An understanding of the nature of reality gives way to an understanding of the body and mind. Therefore, by exploring the deeper workings of the universe, we discover truths about ourselves and can best tackle life’s challenges.