Rise Above Share Energy

Share Energy

Share Energy

Spread Positivity

The world has enough negativity already. Instead, use your time to thank people, compliment them, and share uplifting and meaningful stories and ideas on social media every day. Just one post could make someone’s day or change their attitude.

Inform Others

Be a beacon of truth for other people. Share accurate information about the state of the environment, social issues, human and animal rights, nutrition, and self-mastery. Never be afraid to shine light.

Build Bridges

Use social media for its intended purpose. Find new friends and establish partnerships whenever and wherever possible. Form connections. The only way we can make a lasting difference is if we all come together and discard everything that divides us.

Tell Your Story

Inspire other people with your journey. Trying to get fit? Experimenting with a healthier diet? Starting a garden? Working toward a new job or degree? This is the “news” we need to hear more of. Don’t be afraid to post your progress on social media and show others the changes you are making.


Make a real difference in the world around you. Use our hashtag and do what you can to share messages of change and positivity all over social media. Together, we can combat the trends of propaganda and negativity, and shape a better future.
Take a Stand and Rise Above