Nettle Leaf Tea Kidney Detox Solution

Stinging Nettle Tea: The Secret Kidney Detox Solution

Our kidneys take a beating on the typical Western diet of processed grains, refined sugars, dairy, and animal-based protein, which is why we need a reliable and effective kidney detox.

Without proper care, you run the risk of kidney stones and other complications, some of which can be fatal. 

At this point you may be wondering what exactly do the kidneys do, and how can nettle tea heal them?

The kidneys are two relatively small but important organs located just under your ribs. They are responsible for filtering your blood.

Technically, your kidneys are the waste treatment plant of your body. They remove excess water and waste from the blood and process it into urine to be expelled.

Without properly functioning kidneys, your body would quickly become toxic and your health would rapidly fade, until death.

Your kidneys are responsible for maintaining proper mineral balance in the body, as well as being integral in the process of making certain hormones that regulate red blood cell creation and more. 

This is why people on dialysis are often extremely sickly. Even with advanced medical help, non-functioning kidneys are virtually a death sentence.

Keeping these bean-shaped organs healthy is a top priority for anyone interested in long term health.

Nettle’s History of Healing

This member of the mint family has long been an apothecary staple. It has been used to treat skin issues, inflammation, and urinary tract infections for centuries.

In fact, nettle is one of the traditional “witch’s herbs” that finds a home in a majority of alchemy cupboards and pagan potion racks. Its use as a tonic, healing balm, and supplement dates back to the late Bronze Age, when it was revered as a medicine.

Even its famous sting has benefits. The plant itself is very nutritious but the chemical components that are injected into the skin through the plant’s little spines are actually biologically beneficial for humans, which are not its natural predator.

The fact that nettles developed such intense countermeasures against being eaten is one of its “natural indicators” that it is a highly nutritious plant. It’s one of nature’s little signs.

Nettle has actually been used in clothing as well. The plant is extremely versatile.

But what makes it so potent as a kidney detox?

Nature’s Kidney Medicine

Because nettle tea is a powerful natural diuretic and depurative, it is able to remove creatinine and uric acid, dissolve and prevent gallstones, improve urination in general and reduce kidney inflammation.

It’s nutritional and chemical composition makes it surprisingly ideal for dealing with any and all ailments of the kidneys.

It is for this reason that it can be used both as a tonic to help cure specific diseases of the kidneys, and as a detoxification method, to aid the kidneys in flushing out debris.

Nettle actually helps the kidneys do their job of blood purification better. A regimen of good nettle leaf tea combined with alkaline eating habits has the power to treat and even reverse most kidney-related problems, as well as bladder issues.

(Many bladder issues arise because of backed up or improperly functioning kidneys.)

Nettle Leaf Tea’s Other Benefits

Remember, health is holistic in nature, meaning that each organ and system affects and is affected by everything else that goes on in the body.

This is one of the major reasons why herbal cures work so well compared to mainstream medicine.

Holistic health practitioners know that you have to treat the body as a “whole,” and not isolate any one system.

A traditional mainstream way of treating kidney and bladder issues is to provide a chemical-based diuretic with an antibiotic, and call it a day.

But this doesn’t solve anything, it just treats symptoms and may reduce harmful bacteria while killing good ones in the process, further weakening your digestive tract and immune system.

This is counterproductive at best and doesn’t really provide any solutions.

Nettle has been shown to help in reducing joint pain and inflammation. Part of the reason for this is their excellent nutrient composition.

This plant has a large amount of calcium, as well as magnesium, iron, and Vitamin A, making it a shoe in for bone and blood treatment (which you know are intimately connected bodily systems).

Healthy, filtered blood means stronger bones and less inflammation through the body. Healthy bones, likewise, support the immune system. Everything in the body is interconnected.

As a tea, you would be hard-pressed to find a more helpful all-around tonic to strengthen the blood and bones, which gives an all around positive jolt to your entire body.

Over time, when used as a medicinal treatment, nettle leaf can have a dramatic impact on the health of your entire body.

Your Kidneys Need a Detox

If you eat a lot of processed foods or a lot of dairy, your kidneys are likely 100% in need of a detox.

Your body relies on the your kidneys working at optimal efficiency in order to keep your body completely healthy. If you have been thinking about a general detox in order to start the process of reclaiming your health, you might want to think about starting with nettle tea.

Nettle Leaf Tea Kidney Detox

Your health is always in your control, you just have to know how to treat your body right and give it what it needs.

I recommend nettle tea not just for its general nutrient-rich properties,  but also for its proven ability to aid in treating kidney disorders.

If you are interested in trying nettle leaf tea, be sure to speak with your doctor beforehand just in case. Those who are already suffering from acute kidney disease are cautioned against drinking it because it does how powerful detoxing properties, meaning that it helps the kidneys do what they are supposed to be doing. If the kidneys are unable to perform right, however, this can lead to complications.

Your best bet for healing if you already suffer from kidney disease, is beginning a fully alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables.

Keep in mind on your path to healing, health begins with nutrition. Nettle tea is an incredible supplement that can aid the body on its path to recovery, but if you are not putting optimal fuel into your body, you can’t expect your body to run optimally.

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  1. Very interesting information on Stinging Nettle Tea. I will have to consider trying this and seeing if it is beneficial to me. Thank you for the thorough information. After reading your article, I did a little research, and it appears that stinging nettle is also good for chronic inflammation. That’s another good reason for me to give it a shot.
    Great post!

    1. Happy you found this info helpful. It seems like kidney problems are on the rise, we’ve been getting a lot of requests about different natural cures for kidneys, and every other medical article we’ve seen this summer seems to be about kidney or bladder issues. So important to take care of these organs naturally.

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