Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life

No hesitation, no excuses.

You’re not here to play games and neither am I.

Right now, this very moment, you have to start owning your actions and taking responsibility for the energy you put out.

You want to transform your life and enter the driver’s seat?

Own what you do. Own what you think. Claim absolute responsibility for everything you are and everything that exists around you.


You might find this difficult. You might encounter pushback from your ego.

This is to be expected. Many of us go our entire lives subconsciously shirking responsibility. We are programmed by society to unload blame onto others.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is. What your goals are. What hardships you’ve faced. Who has hurt you.

None of it matters. Own that shit.

Every last action you have ever taken, every mistake you’ve ever made, every untruthful or angry thought, every terrible idea, own all of it.

Do not let your ego rule over you. Do not be guilt-tripped by your own subconscious into believing that your fate rests in the hands of others, or that you are at the mercy of anything other than your own choice.

These are illusions.

It doesn’t matter what you personally believe about this subject. I’m telling you right now that if you don’t take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you will never progress, and you will never wake up.

Own. Everything.

This includes the nastiest crap you’ve stuffed into the darkest hallows of your mind.

Everything corny or stupid you did as a kid. Every embarrassment. Every perceived flaw or shortcoming you have. Every last thing you’ve ever thought or said.

It was you. It was all you. It was always you.

Don’t like it? Tough.

If you want to wake up and take control of your life, you first have to stake your claim on your own mind.

More than likely, you have some internal house cleaning to do in order for you to truly “wake up.” Your ego has been allowed to run around unchecked your entire life. For many people, it has grown out of control.

If you find that you have a habit of lying, debating for the sake of debating, believing false things for the sake of comfort or tradition, manipulating people with your emotions, reacting angrily to petty situations, or constantly finding yourself in situations you cannot control, you are currently a slave to your own ego.

We’re here to break the chains.

You must take absolute responsibility for what you have said and done in your life. Your thoughts and actions, the lies and gaffes.

Embrace what you are. Sink into the knowledge that what has happened, has happened, that the past cannot be changed. You have no power or dominion to do so.

But the future, that is in your control.

If you are strong enough that is.

Everything in life is based on choice, and you cannot make proper choices if you are acting from a place of weakness and illusion.

This is the first step you must take in order to be a strong, awakened individual, both mentally and physically.

Endless personal suffering is caused when you give away your power to choose.

Life can be broken down into a series of binary codes. Everything is 0 and 1.

By owning your thoughts and actions, you are consciously telling your Self that every 0 and 1 is within your ability to flip. The more of this power you give away, the more limitation you encounter in life.

Your reality will mimic your subconscious capacity to handle choice, until you find yourself in dead-end situations that make you feel stressed, angry, and cut off from everyone and everything.

I see this in a lot of older individuals, who do nothing but complain about their lot in life, blame others, fly into fits of rage at the slightest inconvenience, and who engage in constant emotional extortion.

They have given up their ability to choose, and thus have become eternal victims of perceived happenstance, unable to generate their own energy.

This is not the Path you want to walk on.

Own what you’ve done, who you are, your thoughts and actions.

By responsibly owning your ability to choose, can you begin dictate the direction of your life.

This is the first step toward waking up.

There is much work to be done yet. 

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