Bond Touch Tap Vibration Bracelets

Tap Vibration Bracelets: Creating an Energy Bond

Touch is one of the most important elements of any relationship. It’s what helps create that special indescribable bond between you and another person.

Many of us couldn’t imagine being in any kind of relationship without being able to touch the other person, yet thousands of couples in long distance relationships deal with this reality every single day.

This is more prevalent than ever due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Thousands of couples are struggling with newfound distance in their relationship, and this can put an obvious strain on things if you don’t have proper ways to communicate and experience that bond with one another.

Though most people doubt the authenticity of a long distance relationship, the bonds that can form are just as powerful as any other relationship, and many do succeed. This is because, as most couples know, a relationship is deeper than just the physical.

Yes, touch is a huge part of most relationships, but as long as the energy connection is there, the relationship has a chance.

Energy entanglement is one of the core components of a bonded relationship. It means that you have joined a sufficient amount of yourself on the subatomic level to the other person, which creates a sort of metaphysical bond.

It is for this reason why relationships literally feel “deeper” and more “dense” than friendships and other social connections, for better or worse. You are quite literally a “part” of the other person.

But how do you become entangled with someone on a deep level if they are in another state? Or even half a world away?

This is where tap vibration bracelets come in.

Tap vibration bracelets, such as the Bond Touch, are special devices that are designed to simulate a tactile touch sensation whenever your partner touches their own bracelet.

Touch Vibration Bracelet Quarantine

In other words, they create the sensation of a touch at a distance!

The Power of Touch in Creating an Energy Bond

Deep relationships are formed when enough like energy gets entangled between the couple.

Touch is one of the main ways this is accomplished. Because touch is one of our most powerful senses (arguably our most powerful sense as human beings, the rest of our senses are terrible compared to the rest of the animal kingdom), we rely on it to connect properly with the world around us.

Under normal circumstances, the foundation of most relationships begins with simple touch indicators: shoulder rubs, cheek brushing, holding hands, sitting close. Strong energy bonds are created even before the first kiss.

But at the end of the day, touch, like all the other senses, is just an electrical signal interpreted by the brain.

We form bonds based on the information in the energy of a touch, not the touch itself.

All sensory input has subatomic data associated with it, and our body absorbs this data. It also becomes part of us.

As you form a bond with another person, this data becomes more and more prevalent in your own subatomic structure, to the point where this other person’s energy is quite literally an important part of your own body.

So physical touch is not actually required in order to create a loving bond with another person. It helps, but it’s not required.

It’s the energy, what’s “underneath” that touch, that creates an energy bond.

But what if you could get the same energy effect as a touch from a lover, without actually having to be there in person?

Tap vibration bracelets seek to do just that!

What is Bond Touch Bracelet

What is Bond Touch and How Does it Work?

Bond Touch is a brand new vibration-based communication device that is taking the long distance relationship world by storm, and for good reason.

Couples love how it provides a means of strong loving communication, just like a physical touch.

The product consists of a set of bracelets and a phone app that communicate with each other. 

When one partner touches their bracelet, the connected bracelet gives off as corresponding touch vibration and lights up as well. 

What couples love about the bracelets is that the touch sensation is not like a typical phone buzz or anything like that.

It’s a gentle, almost human-like touch sensation that according to its users is extremely satisfying and comforting.

These vibrations mimic touch in our subconscious minds, making them extremely effective in creating and fostering an energy bond with the one you love.

With the corresponding Bond Touch app, you can even see your touch history. The bracelets will respond to any kind of touch, no matter how varied, so couples create all sorts of secret taps, like a Morse Code for the soul.

Long Distance Relationship Bracelet
The Bond Touch allows couples to reach other at a distance, almost like a form of telepathy.

Finding new ways to be intimate like this is important, so couples can weather quarantine and other obstacles together, even if they don’t live in the same house and can’t see each other as much as they’d like.

No matter how long you have to be physically separated or even if you can only see your partner once a week due to complications brought on by the Coronavirus, vibration bracelets provide a means of long distance communication that helps.

Not Just For Long Distance Relationships

Life is busy these days, social media and texting doesn’t always cut it. 

That’s why the Bond Touch works perfectly for any couple, regardless of how often they see each other in person.

Maybe you want a simple, intimate way to let your partner know you are going to bed. Maybe you want to be able to simply give them a “hello” at a distance.

A crucial part of growing an energy bond with someone is simply letting the other person know that you are there, that you are thinking of them.

For some couples, a simple text might suffice, but let’s all be honest. Texting isn’t exactly the most intimate kind of communication.

Calling, of course, is always an option, but depending on the person this can feel obtrusive and inconvenient. Especially since you can’t technically call a person any time.

The simplicity of a light touch however, that’s the genius behind the Bond Touch.

A simple light touch can say more than a hundred texts or emojis.

If you’re looking for a way to add an extra level of communication to your relationship, consider a vibration bracelet. They are the definition of simple and effective, and will help you establish that bond you are looking for.

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