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Unlock Your Unlimited Mind Now

The unlimited mind leads to life without limitation, the ability to make sound decisions, emotional empowerment, and an awareness of one’s natural power.

Because the mind rules over our perception and therefore determines our quality of life, it must be mastered in order to live fruitfully.

Through total self-mastery, you are able to unlock the mind to its full extent, thereby improving your life in a multitude of ways.

Physical Discipline Expands the Mind
Proper physical training such as yoga and martial arts have traditionally been used to tame the mind and eliminate mental limitations. One of the quickest ways to start harnessing your unlimited mind is to practice physical discipline.

The obvious benefits of a “stronger mind,” such as better decision-making skills, are only a hint at the wide range of actual benefits you get from removing your mental limitations and breaking free of your conditioning.

Understanding The Unlimited Powers of The Mind

You are likely already aware of the powers of the mind to some degree.

The placebo effect, for instance, is a common phenomena in medical science, where a patient is given a useless pill instead of actual medicine. Believing in the power of this medicine, the patient goes on to be cured as if they had actually taken medicine, when in actuality it was the mind all along.

The mind rules everything.

Though this saying may seem overused, it is not actually understood by the wider population.

We live in a mental universe. Everything you see around you is a product of the mind, both on a physical level and a metaphysical level.

For example, a house is constructed from physical materials, arranged according to certain ideas, or products of the mind. On another level, however, the house is the result of millions of subatomic waves collapsing in order to become an atomic reality, and all of this is done through conscious awareness of sentient beings. Their minds make it real. 

Collectively, we are all taking part in an intricate game of mental web-weaving. If you have a strong mind, you are able to enact your will upon this web and create thought-forms that align with your reality.

If you do not put time into cultivating your mind, you will be on the losing end of these mental games and likely will not have your needs met.

The powers of the unlimited mind are many, and include:

  • healthy personal choices that lead to physical and emotional abundance
  • sharper memory
  • problem solving capabilities
  • greater spatial awareness, or the ability to know what is going on around you and how these events tie into your own life
  • wisdom osmosis, “knowledge downloading,” tapping into the Akashic records
  • cultivation of willpower, or the power you have to force change
  • magick, or your ability to leverage energy correspondences
  • defense against stress, inner calm, ability to remain at peace
  • stronger immune system, ability to heal faster
  • direct mind over matter

This list is by no means exhaustive, but details some of the finer points of complete mental mastery.

Knowing that the mind holds great power, and that unlocking the unlimited mind can potentially transform your life, the only logical choice is to proceed with training it.

This is done by removing your mental blocks, also known as limiters.

Tips On Breaking Your Limiters

While there are many techniques out there for strengthening the mind, cultivating a healthy mindset, etc. the best way to discover the power of your unlimited mind is by breaking your limiters.

What are limiters?

These are negative mental constructs that are solidified after years of reinforcement, trauma, and belief. They often include distorted views on your own self-image, negative belief systems and perspectives, self-sabotage patterns, negative identifiers (“I’m bipolar” rather than saying “I am a person with bipolar disorder.”), and a variety of other mental pitfalls and roadblocks.

Break Limiters
Once you eliminate your mental restrictions and programming, you can flourish. The mind is naturally limitless, but gets filtered through limiting beliefs that hold us back from accessing the bulk of our power and awareness.

Understanding what limiters are and how to break them is at the heart of my approach to self-mastery.

Not only is it difficult to unlock the unlimited powers of the mind when you have a ton of limiters, your physical body and emotional health will suffer as well.

Here are a few time-tested self-mastery techniques for unlocking the power of the mind:

  • Get in the habit of observing your surroundings on a regular basis. Avoid “auto pilot” mode. Pay attention to body language, where people are coming and going from, the colors of things, shifts in wind direction, scents. Immerse yourself in the world and collect data. This is a basic mental strengthening exercise.
  • Practice visualizing yourself using the full powers of the unlimited mind. Nail that interview, answer the tough questions, predict the future. Routinely visualize and picture the way your choices will play out before you make them.
  • Use mantras. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to start “deprogramming” or deconstructing your limiters. Mantras such as “I am in control,” “I am capable of great things,” “I am aligned with the universe,” “as above so below,” “I am greater than my body.” Most limiters are caused by mental conditioning in the first place, so you can use similar tactics to “condition” your mind with positive beliefs that favor you, rather than limiting ones that don’t.
  • Keep a running journal of your experiences. Writing and recording the “data” that you collect helps grow your awareness and also allows you to connect the dots in terms of energy relationships and life events.
  • Switch to positive and uplifting music. Music that endlessly rants about negative scenarios and mental limitation will subconsciously program you to align with these states of being, further reinforcing your limiters. Positive music that is set to higher frequencies and that speaks of uplifting subjects can do the opposite and help you unlock your mind.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, especially in instances that will shatter your expectations or belief systems. Take up martial arts, an occult science, a school of art. Anything that will challenge you on a sensory level and force you to think abstractly.
  • Break away from a comparison-based thinking model to a reflective one. Instead of constantly looking at other people or events and weighing their value against each other, look inward and focus on processing everything from an internal perspective.
  • The mind exists beyond the body but your waking consciousness is regulated by the brain. Brain health leads to better mental health and flexibility. Eat foods with antioxidants and amino acids / healthy fats. Blueberries, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, coffee, raw cacao, turmeric, and leafy greens are a good starting point. Nutrients like Vitamin K and magnesium are critical here.
  • Limiters are kept in place by the ego. To snap your limiters and free your mind, practice reducing the ego. Starve it by becoming consciously aware of negative thinking patterns, reducing the need for validation, staying focused on higher ideals, and remaining calm during stressful situations. We have some great resources for reducing the ego here at Digital Sages, if this is an area you struggle with.

In matters of utilizing the full extent of your mental power, it helps to think in terms of a warrior or sage. The mind is your relay station that bridges the etheric world with the physical. It is your spiritual interface or control panel for driving your life story and meeting your needs.

In all cases, you want to get to the point where your mind serves you and not the other way around.

What do I mean by this?

Many who are bound by their limiters are often subject to low vibration moods without warning. Negative thoughts pop up out of nowhere and can undermine an otherwise perfect day.

Our minds were never meant to act as our wardens or judges. You are the main character in your own story, are you not? You possess free will, do you not?

Your mind is the epicenter of your willpower. However, if you allow the ego to take control and call the shots, you will lose that ability to dictate how you feel or where you go in life.

The answer is awareness and discipline.

Practice self-reflection, grow your awareness through martial arts and exercise. You may have to experience some discomfort to get the mind to behave the way you want, but that’s the point.

Many are in a state of depression, confusion, and listlessness because they allowed their egos to take over from an early age. If you have lived in a safe mental bubble for years, breaking out of this bubble can feel intimidating. What is life like when you don’t have excuses and pity to fall back on?

Beautiful. The answer is that life opens up for the first time, and you realize that with the power of your unlimited mind, you can truly become unstoppable.

The Unlimited Mind is Your Greatest Asset

Cultivation of the mind, or positive mental conditioning, has been the hallmark of esoteric traditions for eons.

The mind, when properly tended to, yields incredible bounty.

Most of life’s problems actually melt away when you have a strong, spiritually mature mindset.

Whether it’s control over your own mood, the ability to make life-affirming, positive choices, or the capacity to deal with problems without getting stressed out, the benefits are many.

The process of becoming more aware, mentally flexible, and free of mental limitations, is one that parallels closely with your self-mastery journey.

You cannot live in abundance and create an ideal life without first breaking your limiters and tapping into your unlimited mind.

Just remember, you have to put in the work. There are no shortcuts with mental training and mastery.

The best thing you can do is start today. Find the time to meditate, focus on the moment and become aware of your surroundings, record what you see and start following the connections between events. 

Before long, you will wonder why you wasted so much time investing in pointless endeavors when you could have been putting time and effort into strengthening your mind.

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1 thought on “Unlock Your Unlimited Mind Now”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Great post! I decided to read this blog post because I find myself worrying about the same thing over and over. However, while I was reading John Kabat-Zin’s book, I learned if I spend most of my time thinking “what if…”, it stops me from enjoying my present moment. So I decided to change.

    So I’ve been practicing something. It’s like weight training. Not everyone may enjoy keeping lifting weights but you have a purpose that is to get stronger.

    So, we can do the same thing for our minds! I’ve been trying to check in with myself to see what I’m thinking from time to time throughout the day. When I catch myself worrying the same thing, I bring my mind back and focus on my breathing.
    It is so easy to let our minds be controlled by our anxious minds or worrisome thoughts. But I believe we can practice and change! I wanted to share with your readers what’s been practicing lately on top of your awesome tips!

    I will come back and read other posts again 🙂
    p.s. I’ve been finding this success manifestation meditation useful on Youtube.

    Haruka from Vancouver |

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