Value of Strong Mind Propaganda Culture

The Value of a Strong Mind in a Propaganda Culture

When did truth start taking a backseat to opinion?

The value of a strong mind is that it allows you to differentiate between truth and opinion, reality and delusion. This skill has always been somewhat rare, but with the advent of the Internet and propaganda culture, it seems nearly extinct.

We are living in an age where every bonkers opinion not only gets airtime, it’s encouraged and lauded as “healthy expression” or “personal opinion.”

This trend has to stop or society is going to quite literally crash and burn.

A society will not last long if it encourages falsehood and discourages truth. Delusion can only be rewarded for so long. We’re already beginning to see the fallout of what this propaganda culture is doing to familial relations, government, and the very fabric of society.

Ancient Temple of Wisdom
Building a stronger mind is an honorable Path that may force you out of your comfort zone, both mentally and physically.

If you are concerned about how to cultivate a strong mind and overcome this opinion-based culture, the following guide will be essential reading for you.

Resisting the Call of Propaganda With a Stronger Mind

Building a strong mind is perhaps your greatest possible asset in the modern world.

The lure of propaganda, or even just false information that confirms an opinion or bias, is powerful. Many have succumbed completely to an opinion-based lifestyle and form any and all thoughts through distorted lenses. All of their life choices are dictated by falsehood and this is one of the reasons why so many people are disgruntled, angry, and confused.

If you live an opinion-based life, this means your mind is forming expectations that are constantly at odds with reality. This creates a continuous environment of let-downs, confusion, apathy, anger, resentment, and even jealousy and rage.

Nothing worse than confronting someone with a false opinion and telling them “you’re wrong.” Watch the heads explode.

Baseless opinions can be extremely dangerous not only for the people who hold them, but for everyone around them. By definition they create toxic energy.

Everything that an opinion touches inevitably “clashes,” with reality and negative energy is the result.

Opinions often require complex mental webs of angry conviction, narcissism, and ignorance to stay intact.

This is because a falsehood inherently goes against the Tao, or flow of life. Realness itself automatically destroys and makes a mockery of ALL opinion, and thus, by their very nature, opinions take a massive amount of mental and emotional energy to create and maintain, especially over long periods of time.

Think about how narcissistic an opinion or lie is. What the holder of these beliefs is essentially saying is, “my arbitrary feelings and thoughts that I created in my head are more important and more real than reality.”

An overabundance of opinions is not only an indicator of acute narcissism, it can reveal a deep lack of disrespect and even disdain for anything real or natural.

You will notice that the people who hold the most opinion-based worldviews are almost always at the most odds with the natural world: political nuts, religious fundamentalists, warmongers, etc.

Remember, an erroneous opinion by its very nature is an affront to real life and the natural world. So what does this say about the person who holds these opinions? What lurks in the back of their minds? What does this say about the psyche and ego?

This is why it is so important to clean out your mental baggage and live in accordance with natural truth, Hermetic Law and such. Not only is it just easier, it prevents many mental and emotional health problems, and in general promotes a far healthier lifestyle.

A balanced mind is a gift. It allows you to see the world for what it truly is. The value of a strong mind is that it allows you to view the world with clarity, which enables you to navigate through life with confidence and serenity.

In such an age as this one, with rampant propaganda and bizarre personal convictions, the ability to see the world for what it is, is priceless.

Resisting propaganda is easy with a strong mind, but often it requires first that you take stock of your Self and root out any needless false belief constructs. Sometimes this can be difficult, but the work is worth it.

In general, the fewer lies or delusions one believes, the more healthy they become.

Choices and opportunities open up to them, because by definition lies blind you from natural possibilities. You can’t see what you don’t “believe” in.

Cultivating a Strong Mind

To make your mind strong, you have to become more self-aware and be willing to work on your ego. Many have very little idea what mental strength actually looks like, so here are some general guidelines you will want to focus on:

  • Ability to manage stressful situations
  • Being able to easily tell fact from fiction
  • Taking personal responsibility for everything you do
  • Understand the methodology necessary to research a fact if need be
  • Not holding numerous baseless opinions / not relying on opinions to form your judgments
  • Not falling for memes, internet propaganda, trolling, gaslighting, sensationalist news, slander, gossip, etc.
  • Basing action on calculated thought, not opinions and emotions
  • Adhering to natural law, not wanton convictions or belief systems
  • Being concerned only with your Self, not what other people are doing
  • Practicing being in the now and being mindful
  • Giving your body the proper nutrition so it can think and feel properly
  • Not internalizing events or “holding on” to the past
  • Not holding expectations or “holding on” to the future

This is a solid short list that covers most of the important aspects of mental strength. Enough anyway to combat propaganda, which is the main purpose of this lesson.

How do you get to this point though? Not all of these are easy for some people. How do you “achieve” a strong mind?

Like anything else, you train it.

That’s not the sexy answer. There’s not really any shortcuts with this, no lifehacks that will make you wake up in guru mode. No 5-minute mastery programs that will have you reciting the Bhagavad Gita via telepathy and playing speed chess in a hurricane. Just doesn’t exist.

The good news is, though, training the mind works.

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking your foot off the proverbial gas and spending dedicated time each day just detaching yourself from the madness of every day life so your mind has a chance to process and decompress.

Part of this propaganda culture works in part because everyone is just mentally drained and bogged down all the time. We’re getting information, most of it false, in massive waves that no one would have thought possible 100 years ago. Life used to be a lot slower, and a lot more introspective.

Lack of introspection has people chasing validation and peace outside of themselves. They think happiness and fulfillment can be found in the next belief system, opinion, feeling, or conviction. Some people wind up chasing the feeling of “being right” and “arguing points” just to feel that rush the ego gets when it is “right.”

Nevermind the fact that in most of these cases, the ego is wrong. And this reinforces a worldview constructed out of opinions, which lead to expectations and ultimately dissatisfaction and regret.

That is not what you want.

So the first step in strengthening your mind is to take a few minutes every morning and evening to decompress. I mean this in the most direct, serious possible way.

Simply step back, put the phone down, turn off the TV, turn off the radio, find a place to sit where you won’t be bothered, and just allow your thoughts to run a bit.

Release the stress you are holding in your body by bringing your attention to your muscles and consciously letting them relax. Check to make sure you’re not clenching your fists, your stomach, or your jaw – these are three problem areas for people.

Once your thoughts run a bit, begin to gently push them away. Close your eyes if you have to. Breathe deeply and evenly through your nose. Acknowledge thoughts but don’t pay them mind. Let them pass.

What does this exercise do? It simply wrests control of your mind and puts it in your hands.

People go days, even weeks and months, without controlling their own mind or emotions. They are led this way and that by what pops into their head, or by what other people put in their head.

Just taking the time to consciously quiet the mind and still the chaos gives power back to you. With this power, you can begin to cultivate a strong mind.

Natural Truth vs Unnatural Beliefs

Books can and have been written on the ways in which you can strengthen and master your mind. Yoga is an excellent place to start – this system of body and mind mastery has a proven track record of transforming people and giving them back their power.

That being said, there are a few general tips that can help you as you begin to tame the mind and learn the difference between fact and fiction, truth and propaganda.

Educate yourself on natural law and compare everything you hear, against this as a point of reference

The vibrational nature of the universe, how everything is interconnected, the law of attraction, the principles of nature, the basics of biological evolution and physiology, astronomical and astrological science, the components of matter, and the nature of sentience and the mind.

These should be areas of study for anyone who wants to excel at life. Making money, having healthy relationships, getting in shape, and living a purposeful life are a hell of a lot easier when you actually understand and comprehend what life is.

It also helps immensely in matters of deception and propaganda. You cannot be swayed if you know truth. It’s just that simple.

Reconnect with the natural world

This is a big one. How can you know what is “real” and “true” if all you ever surround yourself with is artificiality and the creations of people driven by ego?

Get out into nature. Connect with the world around you. Immerse yourself in the elements.

Nature is Real Life
Nature is real, and what will help your mind grow strong. Everything else is just background noise.

It might seem strange to the uninitiated, since intelligence and understanding are concepts usually associated with academia and modern creature comforts. After all, the progress and success of our species, if it rests in anything, is the arts and sciences, correct?

This is true on a certain level. But there are facets of knowledge that extend past basic facts and scientific equations.

Likewise, the core to having a strong mind has nothing necessarily to do with knowing rote factoids.

You can be wise, knowing the difference between a truth and falsehood, without knowing quadratic equations and the atomic weight of every element. Not knowing, or knowing, a certain specific piece of data is not what determines a strong mind.

The value of a strong mind rests in its ability to adhere to truth rather than give into opinions and delusions.

Often, too much raw data can actually distort the mind and begin to force it into opinionated states. This is why some people in academia have a hard time relating to nature, yet they study it every day.

This paradox arises because they hone in on the most arbitrary truths about the natural world, while ignoring the important parts. This disparity is common in higher education and academia, for all the good work they do.

So guard you mind, and spend time outside. Breathe the air. Learn how to discern different bird calls. Reach out to the animal and plant worlds. Get your hands dirty.

You would be surprised how quickly you will come to know what is natural and true when you immerse yourself in it. A certain intuition develops.

Never hold opinions just for the sake of being opinionated.

Unless you know the truth about something, you have no business forming a judgment on it.

This might come across as a radical statement, given the way our society is constructed.

We’re taught to be opinionated about everything. Everything is this giant mass of feelings and judgments that does nothing for anyone.

A weak mind holds things like opinions in high regard, when their actual value from an holistic standpoint is precisely zero.

At the end of the day, all that matters is truth. Realness. The real world. Reality. Facts. Sometimes it’s important to remember that, it provides an amazing frame of reference.

So if you feel compelled to pass judgment on something or form an opinion about a concept or person or phenomenon you don’t really have much knowledge of or don’t fully know the details of, just don’t. You’ll save yourself tons of mental aggravation. In turn, this will strengthen your mind.

Every time you choose to use your willpower to make correct mental decisions and wrest control away from the ego (which thrives on opinions), you are essentially working out your mind.

These simple techniques are amazing ways to insulate yourself against propaganda.

Why is this so important? Because it is extremely difficult to live your best life and actually be content and fulfilled when your mind is full of erroneous opinions.

Remember, the nature of an opinion is that it essentially combats reality. To sustain itself, constant mental energy must be exerted, whether it is conscious or subconscious. This process places unnecessary mental and emotional strain on the body, which manifests as stress, disease, poor judgment, resentment, and disconnection from nature and other people.

Believing lies has consequences. It’s not just a war of ideas or information.

The belief that falsehoods have no consequences outside of just being wrong is one of the great mistakes our society places on people’s judgment.

To be sure, truth is baked into the fabric of reality. A thing is either real, or it isn’t. A concept is either real, or it isn’t. Energy either exists, or it doesn’t. There is no debate in this.

So essentially a falsehood is an affront to reality itself.

Imagine the subconscious burden our minds have to deal with when attempting to believe and sustain a falsehood? Now it makes sense why so many people seem stressed out, mentally fatigued, and inwardly confused.

Propaganda. Wars on the mind.

Insulate yourself. Strengthen your mind. Watch yourself level up.


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