Fire Meditation Awakening

Waking Your Third Eye With Fire Meditation

Cultivating psychic abilities and greater spiritual awareness is no easy task, but with the right techniques, such as fire meditation and visualization, the process can be made much smoother.

Waking the third-eye chakra requires deep self-reflection and mindfulness training. Your third-eye, also known as your pineal gland or mind’s eye, is said to be the root of your psychic power and is often a point of focus when awakening to your own power.

For those who intend on waking up and seeing the world for what it truly is, the following information will be of great value to you.

The Purpose of the Third-Eye

The third-eye chakra is responsible for much of our mental aptitude and deeper levels of psychic communication, psychic sight (clairvoyance), and other metaphysical gifts. If one chakra could be said to represent spiritual power and prowess, it is this one.

However, for many students of the occult, this chakra is never fully opened. Most go through their lives blind to spiritual truths and psychically dormant.

While it is relatively easy to open the first four chakras using standard meditation and pranayama, you need a deeper degree of mental mastery to wake the higher three.

The throat chakra represents open communication and authenticity. You will find that most ordinary meditations aren’t all that effective for opening this chakra properly. Instead, you have to reduce your ego and let your energy flow naturally from the standpoint of communication and connection with the world around you.

In a similar sense, you need to approach waking your third-eye chakra in much the same way, but from a visual standpoint.

This chakra is all about psychic sight, higher dimensions, seeing past the veil. In other words, you have to let go of your ego completely and allow your Self to associate with pure energy, in order to gain accurate insight into the world around you.

Intense visualization meditations, lucid dreaming, and magick are often the primary ways in which this chakra is opened.

However, one underused method may be of interest to you: working with fire.

The Benefits of Fire Gazing Meditation

The ancients would often stare into candle flames for hours on end, in a trace-like state.

Fire is an incredibly powerful catalyst that can easily lead to spiritual awakening.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect by mindfully staring into the flame:

  • Third-eye awakening / Pineal chakra clearing
  • Aura purification
  • Provides a powerful point of focus
  • The energy of fire can awaken your own energy
  • The movements of a dancing flame have been known to help quiet the mind
  • Primal energy that imparts raw power

The scents and colors of candles can be used to supplement your meditative practices as well. In this sense, fire meditation is a full sensory, holistic experience.

Some of my deepest meditations involved nothing more than a single candle.

Candle Meditation For Awakening

Meditation as you would otherwise, but set before you an altar or table where you can place a candle. Any will do, but it helps to have a candle that is aligned with your purpose.

Spiritual pathwalking is all about following the hermetic law of correspondence, even when you are not conducting any magick or rituals.

In that regard, select an Indigo-colored candle. Place a drop or two of sage, frankincense, or cypress essential oil into the flame. Wrap the candle in an Indigo ribbon. Play music at 963 Hz in the background. 

Once you have your candle, or tool of focus in place, you can begin to meditate using fire.

These kinds of meditations can be incredibly emotional and intense, especially if you have yet to fully clear your heart and throat chakras beforehand. Fire is the great purifying element, it will burn away the ego and its excess negative baggage, which usually takes the form of trapped emotions.

One powerful visualization technique you can use, is to stare at the center of the flame and imagining it “opening” up, like a doorway. This is an ancient symbol of passage that can stimulate your psychic awareness.

One of the key benefits of fire meditation is that it is adaptable. You can incorporate a wide range of different visualization techniques in order to awaken your third-eye chakra.

Another reliable technique you can use when meditating with fire is to picture the flame as though it were inside of your head, lighting a dark room. Slowly, this light expands and fills the darkness, revealing a beautiful palace, the seat of the mind. This is your astral command center, and once it is fully lit, you will find that navigating the psychic plane is easy.

You will know your third-eye chakra is unblocked when you can easily see and feel auras, when your dreams become incredibly vivid, and when you start evolving with your magickal practices.

Typically, awakening the third-eye with fire leads to even greater awakenings to come. Be persistent in your meditation practice. The more dedicated you are, the better results you will get, as with most forms of self-mastery practice.

Fire Meditation Benefits

Fire Meditation and the Second Illumination

It should be noted that there is a correlation between opening the third-eye and the second illumination, also referred to as the “illumination of fire.”

The first illumination is the level of awareness you reach when you first feel beyond your body. This is your awareness of your connection with everything around you.

The second illumination, or the fire illumination, is also often referred to as the “kundalini awakening” or “spiritual actualization.” It is the level of awareness you reach when you clear all of your chakras and can feel and control the flow of your own energy.

Many ritual magickians and spiritual adepts of the past used fire for the purpose of full illumination, hence the origin of the phrase.

So it would be wise indeed to regularly incorporate fire meditation into your daily spiritual practices, not just for purposes of awakening the third eye or pineal gland, but for progressing on the Path in general.

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