Wellness Mindset Don't Let Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Wellness is a Mindset: Why Your Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Wellness is simple, but our society complicates it. The secret is that the right mindset plays a huge role in whether you can achieve and maintain a state of health.

When it comes to health you always hear the same complaints: what should I be eating, when should I meditate, what diet should I go on, how many reps should I do, what’s the best time of the day to eat meals, how long should I train for, what protein powder should I use, and on and on.

While these are valid questions from a basic physical standpoint, they ignore the underlying problem most people face: the lack of a disciplined mind.

This is why holistic health is important, not just choosing to perform random unrelated actions in an attempt to “get healthy” or “benefit yourself.”

Health is not about what food you eat or how many pushups you can do. Health is a mindset.

The Difference Between “Trying to Be Healthy” and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve met plenty of people who go to the gym a couple times a week yet still wonder why they have a gut and feel like crap every morning while they still eat garbage food and indulge in low vibration activities.

There’s also the crowd who eat nothing but raw fruits and vegetables but are anxiety-riddled, scatterbrained, and lethargic.

Health isn’t something you try to fit into an unhealthy lifestyle, like a hobby or new job or something.

To live a healthy life you have to adopt holistic practices and treat everything you do with much more care toward natural alignment and the whole.

There’s too much “doing stuff for the sake of doing it” out there right now.

Sure, getting healthy in and of itself is a noble goal that everyone should aspire to, but it’s also a misunderstood goal. Many modern day habits and beliefs are incompatible with true health.

You can’t be healthy if you’re only running on a treadmill 3 times a week and calling it an “exercise routine.” You can’t be healthy if you are constantly stressed out or holding onto hate and other low vibrational states.

You can’t be healthy if you are still chowing down on steak every other day as if our biology was ever designed to consume the carcass of a several-ton bovine animal.

This is why health has to be re-framed into holistic awareness. Because “health” for everyone is different and it takes more than a couple new habits to make someone healthy.

In order to really find wellness, you have to change your entire lifestyle toward being more holistic.

This is something not many people want to face. They are fine with adding a new workout routine or cutting down on dairy products and empty carbs, but as soon as you start talking about lifting weights, cutting out meat, pranayama meditation, and martial arts, people run for the hills.

If wellness is something you really want, you have to dare to do more than the average person. If you really want to see dramatic results in your strength, endurance, diseases, and mental focus, you have to do what everyone else is not doing: namely, leading an holistic life.

How Wellness Takes Root

Health begins in the mind. Do you want to know what first led me to living holistically and seeking health?

It wasn’t a fancy new workout plan. It wasn’t a bizarre trendy diet. It wasn’t a super pill or a guru.

It was meditation.

The second I began developing mental discipline and spatial awareness, my natural desire for living well increased of its own accord.

Awareness breeds self-reflection and fortitude, the two traits necessary to refine the body.

You need to have the ability to take stock of your own shortcomings and rectify them, and you need the willpower to make these changes and see them through. Most of the time, changes that involve holistic health aren’t easy because they involve so many aspects of our life. From what we eat to how we move to when we sleep and what we think.

Wellness is the state that holistic practice enables. You analyze what you do in a given day and make adjustments that fit into the whole. Cutting down on processed foods, taking things slower, being more self-reflective, meditating on your issues instead of complaining about them, training the body instead of just moving it around aimlessly at a fitness club.

Alone each of these are just actions, but taken together they form the heart of holistic wellness.

It starts in the mind, however.

You might think you can be wholly well without first training the mind, becoming more aware, and reducing the ego, but this belief in and of itself is a delusion of the ego. The body follows the mind.

One thing I’ve found throughout the years about living wellness, is that something you may perceive as physically difficult in ordinary circumstances becomes quite easy once you meditate on it and engage in mental awareness.

Most of the barriers to your own wellness start in the mind. Even if you personally think you are “ready” to take on new challenges, yet you still relapse into bad habits, don’t feel inspired to train much, fret over your choices and find yourself jealous of people who have made more progress, you are in reality far from ready.

Living correctly is a mental state before anything else. “Right thinking,” that is, thought and awareness free of delusions, bias, brain fog, and ego, is far more important than any training routine or new diet plan.

The instinct to strengthen the body and to feed it proper fuel comes naturally once you discipline the mind. Physical behavior is always a reflection of what is happening in the mind.

Proper awareness also fills in the gaps typically left by those who treat health like a hobby instead of a lifestyle.

Stretching and yoga to compliment lifting weights, eating more fruit and other optimized foods instead of just protein smoothies, practicing mindfulness in social interaction, learning to move bodily energy instead of just your limbs, a desire to better everything around you and not just yourself. Holistic through and through.

It all starts in the mind.

Meditation Mental Control Wellness
Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and promote wellness. A sound mind will lead to a sound body.

Limitation Mindset is the Number One Killer

Nothing puts people on their death beds more than limiting mindsets.

Don’t believe me?

Mood is one of the biggest deciding factors in the ability to improve one’s health, recover from illness, and cope with stress.

Limiting beliefs can influence how you eat, what you think you are capable of physically overcoming, as well as your capacity to handle the stress of outside stimuli. Better stress processing and emotional fortitude bolsters your immune system and enables your body to heal faster.

This goes to the heart of what you “believe” as well. If you believe, deep down, that human beings are weak, frail, and prone to illness, you are far more likely to accept and internalize these realities instead of fighting them.

Your mind dictates the pace and ability of your body. If you believe you are weak, you will be jeopardizing your immune system, and stress will affect you that much more.

Breaking out of an unhealthy mindset with meditation is vastly more powerful than most medications and allopathic (non-holistic) treatments.

Medicine, at best, can only simulate and encourage the healing your body should be doing itself. More often than not, allopathic medicine seeks to right an imbalance in body chemistry by using acids to overrule or disrupt the signals or chemistry in another direction.

This of course often creates other complications and chemical imbalances, and is usually only marginally effective. Some medicine that works efficiently, like aspirin, is mostly a natural substance that has a generally holistic result because it is plant-based. More synthetic chemical medicines have grave impact on the liver and other tender organs, and can also permanently disrupt chemical balance.

The other side of this is that a strong mind can influence cellular activity and encourage healing. The mind has complete dominion over the body. This is what the ancients referred to as Hermetic, or natural law, which is not very popular in mainstream medical circles.

If the mind is unhealthy, the body will inevitably follow a similar road.

Limitation also breeds emotional toxicity.

All emotions that we experience have corresponding physical chemistry and hormones, such as adrenaline, dopamine, and cortisol. These substances must be regulated in the correct manner in the body otherwise it promotes disease. Cortisol is a perfect example: this hormone is produced when we are stressed out. Stress is completely a product of the mind and can be controlled through meditation.

However, an over-abundance of cortisol in the body quite literally leads to death. We need proper amounts of cortisol regulated in our bodies, yet too much of it leads to cortisol toxicity, which has been proven to destroy brain cells and impair the immune system over time. Your mind and emotions are the root of your overall bodily balance.

Many acute illnesses are formed due to diet. But the immune system and primal balance of the body starts with well-maintained chemistry, and it is the mind that regulates this. If the mind is thrown off track and indulges in toxic thinking, so too will the body become toxic. Disease will inevitably follow.

Health Begins With an Holistic Mind

Strive to be holistic in everything that you do. If you find that your immune system is weak, you’re anxious, you’re lethargic, apathetic, muddled, and prone to various illnesses, your journey doesn’t start with more pills. It starts with the mind.

Learn to sit down and meditate. Process your emotions, anxiety, beliefs, and pent up frustrations. Anger, stress, anxiety, the “poor me” mindset. These emotional blockages do nothing for your health, and in fact are slowly killing you.

Think about our heath from a naturalistic perspective. Animals in the wild feel emotion just as we do, but they process it in a much more healthy fashion. Their mindsets are clear and they are never weighed down by their emotions. This is how our bodies evolved as well, over millions upon millions of years. No animal on this planet has developed the means of surviving long-term with a toxic mind.

Prolonged wallowing in negative emotion and limiting belief is not conducive to survival. It’s just that simple.

Reclaiming your peace of mind and health is as easy as taking the time out of your day to practice mindfulness and mental control. Once you learn how to process your bodily energy, and therefore your pent-up emotions and toxic mental states, you will be amazed what it can do for your overall health. Your body will follow your mind wherever you take it.

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