What Does 7 Symbolize

What Does 7 Symbolize? Intro to Hermetic Numerology

Everything in the universe can be broken down into numbers.

This is because the nature of reality is mathematical. From DNA to atomic structure, reality constructs itself with a series of simple symbols that represent a numeric value. 

These symbols are often what sages call “codified energy.”

Take electrons, protons, and neutrons for example. These electrically charged particles are the building blocks of life, and create all physical matter that exists in our world.

You might be surprised to learn that all of the various combinations of physical matter that exist are constructed out of very simple numeric codes. Hydrogen, for example, has one proton and one electron. If you add a proton and two neutrons to the nucleus, and add an electron, you get helium.

Everything breaks down to simple mathematical symbolism as explained in numerology.

The numbers one through nine represent the 9 states of foundational being, and for this reason can be used to explain all manner of physical and spiritual phenomena. There are other special numbers, such as 11, 33, and 72, but for now we will focus on the core 9 states of foundational being.

So what does 7 symbolize, and why is it littered throughout ancient holy books and the writings of saints and spiritual teachers?

The Esoteric Meaning of the Root Numbers

1. Knowledge
2. Wisdom
3. Understanding
4. Freedom
5. Power
6. Equality
7. Godhead
8. Creation and Destruction
9. Born / Borne

( 0. Null Cipher )

When you break anything down into its mathematical form, you reach what you may call its mathematical essence, or Original Meaning.

Because of the nature of reality, you may divine the original meaning of any person, object, or event by way of numerology.

For those who are unfamiliar with numerology, this might seem bizarre. What do numbers like 2 or 5 have to do with wisdom and power?

It’s because of the way in which we are taught numbers.

There are significant dimensions to letters, numbers, words, and symbols that are simply never discussed in the mainstream. Hence the term for this knowledge: occult, or hidden.

What numerology teaches us is that numbers themselves are actually representations of certain fundamental aspects of reality itself.

It’s not that “wisdom” is human concept arbitrarily being applied to the numeric value of two. In reality, it’s that the entire essence of what “2” is, its duality and significance as the second part of revelation.

The root numbers are mathematical or numeric representations of abstract phenomena that govern the mechanisms of the universe.

You can also discover this information yourself, as meditation and spiritual work on any of these numbers reveals their essence over time. You cannot separate a number from its essence, because the number is the essence.

Whenever you see a 3, for example, you are seeing understanding in numeric form.

That being said, what is special about the number 7 and why is it known as God, or the Godhead in numerology?

The Original Meaning of the Number 7

Seven (7) is known as the Divine Number in numerology and esoteric traditions.

Its nature is one of solidarity and spiritual presence. Its importance comes mostly from our observation of the fact that the number itself plays such a monumental role in the “code” of our reality.

For example, there are 7 natural bands of color that make up white light. These 7 colors correspond to the chromatic scale of music (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) as well as the seven chakras, or energy centers of the body.

Numerology Seven Chakras

There are 7 days of the week in the solar year, and you must divide the solar year by 7 to get the number of weeks.

You can say that 7, from a purely hermetic standpoint, is the numeric representation of the nature of light, or energy.

As far as the root numbers are concerned, everything lower than 7 is the realm of man, and what man is capable of. The Godhead resides over 8 and 9, or the powers of creation and destruction, and born, or the spark of life and awareness.

7 plays a greater role when getting into advanced numerology and astrology, as the nature of planetary dynamics, the spheres, and the movement of celestial bodies often involves the number a great deal.

Living in the Mathematical Universe

Once you delve into numerology and hermetics you begin to appreciate how very simple mathematics dictate the structure and direction of the universe.

Though physicists go to great lengths with advanced mathematical equations to explain complex physical phenomena, most of the actual “behind the scenes” interplay of reality can be discussed using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and the root numbers 1 through 9.

Physical reality, as previously stated, is merely the result of addition and subtraction of electromagnetic particles, which are in and of themselves bound by the principle of 7.

Numerology seeks to reduce the complexity of the world and thereby make it easier to find connection. Once you break things down into their numerological states, you can better discern the relationship between things, or the meaning behind them.

One of the most popular examples is using Gematria, or the numerological aspects of an alphabet, to decode and discern the meaning behind words.

All words that describe a thing have an original meaning or essence that you can discover via their root number.

Not all words are numerologically correct, however. Sages refer to these as “dead words.”

Much of the English language, for example, is comprised of dead words that do not give out correct meaning when broken down via numerology. There are some exceptions however, such as with the names of people and terminology derived through occult understanding.

Some object names are Gematria-dependant, meaning their essence can only be discerned through the use of that language’s format of Gematria and not the English method. Therefore, you wouldn’t use the 26 letter Gematria of the English language to decode the German word for apple, which is apfel.

Alternatively, some languages describe arbitrary meaning to objects in different ways depending on how that culture evolved to see the object.

When it comes to simple objects, it’s best not to look too deeply at the mathematics and to instead focus on its relational essence, or what it means in conjunction to the wider culture. Numerology works best when the meaning behind something is significant, as it is easier for our minds to relate to the essence of it.

To get started with understanding the mathematical nature of the universe, please refer to this simple Gematria.

A – 1
B – 2
C – 3
D – 4
E – 5
F – 6
G – 7
H – 8
I – 9
J – 10 (1)
K – 11 (2)
L – 12 (3)
M – 13 (4)
N – 14 (5)
O – 15 (6)
P – 16 (7)
Q – 17 (8)
R – 18 (9)
S – 19 (1)
T – 20 (2)
U – 21 (3)
V – 22 (4)
W – 23 (5)
X – 24 (6)
Y – 25 (7)
Z – 26 (8)

To discern the meaning of a word, match its letter to the corresponding root number, add them all together, and then add the sum of the composite number together until you reach a root number.

Therein will you find greater meaning behind the surface of a word or idea.

You will often find that words that dissolve to 7, if they aren’t dead words, have a certain power to them.

Words that resolve to 7 are often descriptors of divinity, references to the Godhead, spirituality, occult knowledge, or mastery of Self. Look out for them as you walk the Path.

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