What is Monoatomic Gold? Learn the Secrets of This Powerful Alchemical Elixir

Monoatomic gold is a naturally occurring metal that has high levels of electromagnetic minerals or activity. Such substances have positive electrochemical effects in the body.

The holistic health movement has been an incredible boon to modern medicine.

It’s forced many people to rethink how we used to treat illnesses and diseases in the distant past. It also has given us insight into how the human body was viewed: not just as a machine of bone and muscle, but as a multifaceted creature, mind, body, and energy as one.

Monoatomic Gold is one such discovery from the ancient world that has been making waves in recent years.

But what is it and how does it exactly help cure illnesses?

The Energy Behind Elements

Let’s first talk a little about gold. Most know it as simply an element, one prized for its beauty. We make all kinds of trinkets out of gold, and at various times in history, it was actually used as a form of currency.

This is because gold has always had a somewhat consistent demand, simply because of it is sought after for its aesthetic qualities. In terms of practicality, there is nothing you can really do with gold however.

Outside of a few fringe purposes, such as tiny parts in electronic equipment (due to gold’s excellent ability to conduct electricity), it serves no real purpose outside jewelry and other adornments.

Which does make one wonder, is there something more to this substance that has attracted people to it?

Gold, speaking from an atomic standpoint, is an interesting substance. It is one of the “transition elements,” which means that they can transit from metallic to monatomic or diatomic through various forms of chemical treatment.

This makes it able to combine well with other elements, but people rarely take into account what this means for gold itself. Various people down through the ages have seen gold as far more than just something to make pretty trinkets out of.

In fact, many in the ancient world considered it king of spiritual substances, and revered gold for its ability to heal.

This makes no sense from a purely physical standpoint. On the surface level, gold is basically just a pretty rock. Untreated, it doesn’t do much. However, in its monoatomic state, it becomes a vastly different kind of substance.

Physicists discovered back in the 80’s that the atoms of some elements exist in what are called microclusters. These are groupings of roughly two to several hundred atoms. Most of the “transition” kind of precious metals in the periodic table of elements have the ability to exhibit what is known as a monoatomic state.

If you have more than a specific number of atoms in an element’s microcluster, the atoms will aggregate into a lattice structure that displays its common metallic properties. However, if the number of atoms present is less than what is required, that microcluster will separate into monatomic atoms with what scientists deem as “ceramic” properties. Monatomic atoms are not held in position by electron sharing with adjacent atoms like atoms in a classical matrix structure.

All this is to say that if you change the chemical composition of gold to a monoatomic state, it takes on highly interesting atomic properties. There is evidence that people in the ancient world actually knew this.

Many practitioners of what we know today as Alchemy wrote endlessly about gold and its latent ability heal. It was long associated with the sun itself as the “king” substance, and key longevity.

Of course, we can take some of these texts with a grain of salt, but it is important to pay attention the wisdom of the people who spent their lives researching and detailing this information. Every day, the findings of alchemists, herbalists, and other holistic practitioners is proven accurate by modern science.

A well known example includes St. John’s Wart, one of the most-referenced herbal cures in the texts of medieval herbology, now a staple in depression, anxiety, and skin medications everywhere.

Then there is turmeric, a spice catalogued for thousands of years in the East as a powerful mystical remedy, now touted as one of the best natural cures of the 21st century for everything from arthritis to cancer.

The Health Benefits of Monoatomic Gold

Because of its high vibrational nature, Monoatomic Gold can act as a powerful healing catalyst. Its effects are usually subtle, with those who partake of it often reporting feelings of general improved health, vitality, energy, and mental clarity.

More dramatic effects may include pain reduction, cellular regeneration (skin and bone health, brain health), and the reversal of various forms of cellular mutation, most notably, cancer.

Monoatomic Gold vibrates at a high subatomic frequency. When in contact with our subatomic bodies, the natural result is improved health on an atomic, and therefore cellular, level.

What makes this mineral so potent in monoatomic form?

Quite simply, this special form of gold, what some ancient’s knew as “ormus” gold, white gold, or liquid gold, matches our higher frequencies very closely. In other words, when ingested, our subatomic body seeks to align itself or match with that of the gold. This is what is transpiring at an extremely subtle level. Physically speaking, it’s more so a matter of being a superconductor.

Our bodies function via electromagnetic impulses. These signals are carried through various means, mostly chemical, some purely electrical. Altogether, they represent the physical side of our extremely active, dynamic, subatomic energy body structure.

Over time, contact with low vibration and corrupted energy sources can damage and slow the way in which our bodies communicate, both on a sub-atomic, and chemical-electric level. Monoatomic Gold is a substance that has the right level, or frequency, of energy to make it ideal in the healing and revitalization of these problems.

Evidence of this rests on one of Monoatomic Gold’s strongest points, that it creates mental clarity and peace of mind. “Brain fog” is one of the surest signs of a malfunctioning or weakened energy body.

That feeling of racing thoughts, confusion, inability to focus on anything, short attention span, poor memory, inability to quiet the mind or apply logic to a situation: these are all symptoms of an umbrella illness we call “brain fog,” or mental fatigue.

Monoatomic Gold tends to eradicate brain fatigue, because it balances and raises our energy levels. Our capacity for a working mind is directly related to how well our bodies are able to send and receive electro-chemical messages. If that network is being hindered, the brain (or specifically, the mind) will not function correctly.

At such a point, one of the only reliable cures is anything capable of raising bodily vibration. Monoatomic Gold, then, is a perfect cure for mental fatigue.

Furthermore, because Monoatomic Gold promotes healthy cell communication and function, it has the inadvertent side-effect of preventing and reversing all kinds of cancer.

While the most efficient way of dealing with cancer will forever be a whole foods, plant-based diet that consists of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes, there are other substances that give cells what they need in order to heal. Our cells require an alkaline environment, oxygen rich blood, and clear channels of electro-chemical communication in order to function correctly, and that includes cell division.

If any of these factors are off, cells become crippled and can get sickly, die off, and divide into mutations. These mutations are what we commonly know as “cancer.”

Because Ormus is able to clear electro-chemical channels and promote an alkaline environment inside the body, it is a powerful deterrent to cancer. Other inflammation-based “illnesses” such as arthritis and various skin conditions, can also be healed over time with the use of Monoatomic Gold.

Does Monatomic Gold Really Work? What to Expect

People hear terms like “miracle cure” and they assume that they’ll take a drink of something or eat a pill and a few hours later the blind will see and late-stage cancer will be in full remission. Unfortunately, bodily-healing isn’t so straightforward.

Monatomic gold does work in terms of helping with DNA repair and raising of our overall vibration. This in turn can have a wide variety of different healing effects on the mind and body, depending on what illnesses you may suffer from.

In most cases, we are talking about healing illnesses and conditions that took years and years of unhealthy living to reverse. If you have arthritis for instance, it’s likely due to 3 to 5 decades of ingesting dairy and crippling your skeleton’s ability to keep itself healthy. That’s not going to disappear overnight.

Likewise, if you suffer from brain fog or general bodily malaise, expect to be healed no sooner than a few months when on a healing trend. I say “trend”, because they body works in stages when inflicted with any kind of condition. This even applies to the common cold.

Your body is a biological system that must “fight” illness progressively over time with a collaboration of resources, our lymphatic system, our ability to remove toxins via the liver and other organs, and through the creation of antibodies. Nutrients and an alkaline environment help this process along in the most efficient, best way possible. But it is still a process.

As it concerns brain fog, for instance, we’re talking about chemical communications being inhibited, and more than likely, a muddied, sluggish energy body. You must be gentle with yourself, and keep expectations to a minimum.

That is only creating an unhealthy mental dichotomy, one that is not conducive to wellness in the first place (fear, expectation, doubt, insecurity, are all states of bodily weakness). It is much better to simply adjust your lifestyle, and take solace in a healing regimen, such as the kind Monoatomic Gold can provide.

You also should never over-indulge in metal-based healing practices. Remember, there is a distinction between mineral-based healing and metal-based healing.

While our bodies are perfectly suited for both, we can readily absorb most minerals and make them “a part” of ourselves.

This holds true for substances such as calcium and potassium. The same cannot be said about many metals. We do make use of trace amounts of zinc and nickel, for instance, but gold is used nowhere in the makeup of our cells. So after it runs its course through the body, it is expelled. If you ever decide to try this amazing healing substance for yourself, take heed of any directions it comes with, as dosage is important with healing metals as with all potent medicines.

Where Can You Buy “Ormus”?

There are only a few reputable supplies of Monoatomic Gold out there right now, and inventory is usually limited. Usually sold as “ormus,” or “liquid gold,” there are several varieties, but you will know the real thing because it isn’t that cheap. (Note, manufactuers of Monoatomic Gold products often refer to their product as Ormus, because this was the term given to the actually alchemical elixir, rather than the raw material component of simple Monoatomic Gold.)

This is to be expected, because after all, it’s still made of gold. While there are supplements with trace amounts of monoatomic gold in them that can be surprisingly effective over time, nothing competes with the healing power of pure Ormus.

We have made partnerships with a couple ormus suppliers that also sell their products on Amazon and their own websites.

Atomic Ormus Liquid Gold

Ormus Monoatomic Gold

For anyone looking to “test the waters” with pure ormus elixir, we also have a supply of much more affordable Monoatomic Gold (ethereum gold) capsules.

Etherium Gold

The primary difference between the two is potency. Though the active ingredient in both is fundamentally the same, ormus is a pure alchemical elixir that vibrates at a much higher, natural frequency than the supplement. It also includes more monoatomic elements than just gold (their full alchemic mixture is a trade secret).

The flipside is, however, that Harmonic Innerprizes Ethereum Gold has actually been clinically tested (because it’s a medicinal supplement, not a mineral elixir), and has scientific proof to back up its claims.

While “dramatic” healing effects and the feelings of elation and euphoria that are often reported when ingesting raw ormus are unlikely to occur when taking the etherium gold supplement, it is still a powerful medicinal product that will improve your health.

The product has a full money back guarantee, so obviously their company takes their claims seriously. The stuff really packs a healing punch.

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    1. Generally speaking, because of the nature of Monoatomic Gold, you can take it with just about any medication or herbal remedy. I would advise against any kind of strong liver or bladder herbal cleanse while injecting it however, just to avoid any chance of complications. This also applies to any kind of colloidal silver, as well.

        1. Yes it is certainly real. Monoatomic gold is effective as a wellness tonic and to promote general health. Most Monoatomic gold or ormus has a 5 star or 4.5 star rating on online stores because it is so effective. As with anything medical related, you should always consult your private doctor to see if it is right for you. Are you attempting to treat a specific illness? I may be able to offer more specific advice.

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