What is Quantum Entanglement

What is Quantum Entanglement?

Quantum entanglement is what happens when two subatomic particles influence each other at a distance.

Over the past century, quantum physics has revealed that the so-called “physical world” doesn’t behave the way most people would expect.

Confirming what sages have known for thousands of years, this branch of science has essentially shown that we exist in a sea of energy and that this energy can be expressed as “particles,” that form coherent patterns known to us as atomic structures.

The question is then, what are the implications of quantum entanglement for anyone interested in better understanding themselves and the world around them?

Like most of what quantum science has revealed, this entanglement phenomenon can be used as a starting point for grasping deeper truths about the nature of thought and the role of choice and action.

Entanglement is Relational Action

This famous line uttered by Einstein, “spooky action at a distance,” refers to his reluctance to accept the idea that a particle could affect another particle over vast distances without relying on any physical activity to make it happen. Einstein was one of the first people to delve into quantum physics but was horrified by what he was learning, so much so that he spent a good portion of his latter years trying to refute his own work.

The reason for this behavior was that quantum physics turns much of what we know about classic physics on its head, at least from the perspective of the mundane. In reality, quantum physics doesn’t so much refute physics as it does enhance it. As always, you must approach life through a holistic understanding to get the entire picture.

Entanglement may fly in the face of conventional physics but it makes perfect sense on the quantum level.

We exist in a sea of energy. In fact, we are made of nothing but energy, quantum substrata that has “relational coherence,” because of the way in which it is programmed.

Quantum thought
Each one of us is an energy pattern, at once an individual and a part of the collective whole.

When energy forms a coherent pattern, it creates a subatomic and then an atomic structure. However, the existence of an atomic structure doesn’t negate the fact that we are still at the end of the day made entirely of energy.

Quantum entanglement has proven that the particles from which we are made can influence and affect each other at great distances. Once particles interact with each other in a certain way so as to pick up on the properties of the other, they may retain those properties and “communicate” in a sense, even when they are no longer together.

This is just a subatomic reflection of relational action, which is occurring all the time on less dense planes of reality such as the etheric. Because we exist in a sea of energy, we are all connected.

Everything is one yet vibrational patterns exist within this oneness that give rise to all the myriad objects and beings in physical reality. We never lose our vibrational state or the ability to affect others at a distance.

What quantum entanglement does is it gives us a peek behind the curtain of the physical world, in that the idea of “distance” and “space” is something of an illusion.

Quantum Entanglement and Our Thoughts

As we learn early on in hermetics, thought is energy.

The chemical reactions in the brain that are related to thought are not the “thoughts” themselves but are only the byproduct of our brain decoding and storing an idea or recalling a memory.

It’s important to understand this because there are actually still people running around out there that believe our identity and sense of “self” comes from our brain. Our brains are just physical organs and have no relation to our Being, which is a coherent pattern of energy that cannot be created or destroyed.

Our thoughts are a part of our being, and also have the ability affect change at a distance through quantum entanglement. This is part of what governs phenomena such as magick and psionics.

Thought and quantum entanglement
Our thoughts connect us to everything we observe and think about, through threads of quantum energy.

There are wider implications of this however. There is a reason why sages of the past placed such an emphasis on guarding your mind and cultivating your thoughts as if they were a garden.

Thought constantly affects the world around you. As quantum physics has shown, wave functions don’t collapse until they are observed.

There’s a few important takeaways from this. It has been said that we are constantly “co-creating” the world around us on a moment-to-moment basis. Through the collective unconscious, our world comes into being as we collapse billions of wave functions.

This meta-coherence is what we refer to as maya, or the meteora of the physical world. It’s a network of consciousness using the power of choice to dictate the threads of possibility.

Quantum physics, despite being a physical science, has made great strides in understanding the edges of these phenomena. The reason why quantum mechanics quickly becomes paradoxical is because as particles are studied, it becomes exceedingly difficult to separate the particle from the observer.

This is because in terms of energy and the greater picture, the observer and the observed are one.

Thought is in a way a bridge to these connections. The sages of the past spoke of choice as a means of understanding our relation to the All.

In other words, quantum entanglement is simply one of the ways in which are choices are manifested. We are constantly connected to other particles through our thoughts, and we can influence these particles at a distance with those very same thoughts.

Applying Quantum Entanglement in Your Life

You don’t have to study quantum mechanics or become the next Niels Bohr to take advantage of affecting change at a distance through entanglement. This phenomenon has multiple applications that you will discover throughout your journey on the Path, but perhaps the most important one to focus on at first is simply the concept of correspondence.

Think about how an object may relate to another object or a concept in ways that aren’t merely physical.

For example, the way certain days of the week relate to planets, or the way an herb relates to one of the four elements.

This even applies to the holographic nature of the human body itself. In each “part” of the body you can find the whole. This is why a holistic practitioner can rub a part of your foot in order to ease your digestion.

quantum correspondence herb
Everything in nature has an energy signature that is influenced at a distance through entanglement.

Relational correspondences exist everywhere in our reality because entanglement is extremely common. The way objects and phenomena are physically related is understanding these concepts at the most shallow level. All weather patterns, planetary activity, plants, animals, crystals, colors, times of the year, and even behavioral patterns are all connected through invisible strands of quantum energy.

In magick, these “strands of energy” are studied and the knowledge is utilized. To understand how concepts and objects are related subatomically is to better understand and master the physical world. One of the great lessons of the hermeticists.

Take time out of your day to study correspondences, and you will begin to understand the power of quantum entanglement and its implications for the physical world.

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