What is Syzygy? Etymology and The OA

Syzygy is an alignment of forces that have inherent relation to one another.

While commonly used in astronomy to refer to three or more celestial bodies that appear in a straight line, the word is deeply ancient and relates to patterns of energy, also known as a synchronicity.

The word syzygy is a hermetic axiom derived from the Greek word σύζυγος (sýzygos), which means “yolked together.”

This word is synonymous with the Sanskrit word “yuj,” from which the word yoga is derived. It too means “yolked,” or “to join together.”

What does it mean to be joined together or aligned? This is the secret behind what syzygy means.

The Hidden Meaning of Syzygy

The ancients used this phrase to refer to many things. It could mean the synchronicity behind the union of a husband and wife, or the bond between a master and student.

It could also refer to the “joining” of celestial bodies in line with one another. From the standpoint of subtle energy and electromagnetism, bodies that are aligned produce a specific harmonic vibration that can affect related fields of energy.

This is both an astronomical and astrological phenomenon.

Eclipse Alignment
The alignment of celestial bodies in certain ways creates affects or “pulls” both electromagnetic and etheric in nature.

A lunar or solar eclipse is an example of an astronomical syzygy. Certain planets lining up with Earth under particular constellations would be an astrological phenomenon. Both scenarios produce gravitational and electromagnetic conditions that alter human behavior and carve out destinies.

This term also has application in biology, to refer to the joining of chromosomes during the process of meiosis. Keeping in mind that this is one of the pillars of physio-etheric evolution that biological systems continuously undergo. Through fission, one becomes two, and the DNA passes on.

There are also mathematical and literary (numerological) applications to the idea of syzygy. The term encompasses the alignment of relational opposites, or a rare connection or thread between two or more related but opposing concepts or bodies.

These are all surface understandings of the term however. To truly unlock the meaning of the word, we must circle back to the idea of being “yolked together.”

Yoga is probably the easiest way dissect this word and get to the heart of its true meaning.

In essence, the “yolk” of yoga is the union of body and mind, but it is deeper than this. The idea of a yolk is to be joined and somewhat interlinked and tamed. Think of how the phrase is used in relation to a “yoke” for cattle. This phrase was used liberally in ancient literature, including the Bible, to describe a kind of relational union between two or more bodies.

Yoga Mind and Body
Through discipline and awareness, mind and body are yolked together, each influencing, strengthening, and balancing the other.

Yoga at its core is a process of personal alchemy, whereby one “yokes” mind and body together, which in turn strengthens both and tames both.

Within the union that yoga creates, states of “no mind” and “formlessness” are made apparent.

The joining together of the mind and body is not just to produce harmony, but to reveal the true nature of things. The end goal of yoga isn’t necessarily to quiet the mind or to master the body, but to realize that the mind and body are illusions and that true freedom exists beyond them.

Syzygy is a pull born of a synchronicity that reveals the nature of reality. In this sense you might call it a cross-dimensional geas.

Following Your Destiny: The Path of Your Geas

For those who are unfamiliar with the phrase, your geas is the thread of your life’s calling. It is the resonance of the synchronicities yet to come that you have laid before you through your past choices, or karma.

Some call it your “spiritual obligations.”

Your geas is that part of you that whispers truth in the dark and compels you to act on the Signs. Unfortunately, most of us these days fail to follow our geas, which is why apathy, depression, and chaos reign in most of our lives.

Geas is Your Destiny
Your geas has been likened to a crow that sits on your shoulder and whispers to you of your obligations and karmic debts.

The idea of following one’s destiny is not as clear-cut and simplistic as has been made out to be in popular culture and mainstream belief systems down through the ages. In fact, as the new hermetics implies and as my research bares out, there is a distinct pan-dimensional nature to geas that goes unspoken of in most circles.

A syzygy then, is the uncanny pull you experience when you correctly align with an opposing or relational part of your destiny in another dimension.

This is a hidden, or occult sensation that is only ever felt by a precious few. It is deeper than an ordinary synchronicity, as it involves an undiscovered facet of yourself and a place and time that may be wholly alien to you.

The truth is that we are inextricably bound to other dimensions, as our dreams seem to indicate. We are not merely responsible for processing our karma, or the weight of our choices, in this life, but in a multitude of different “lives,” or reflections.

When we dream, we venture into Outer Worlds, places very similar to this world we know but that are clearly different. There, we take part in conscious awareness of events unfolding for another “likeness” of ourselves. It is part of our geas to understand what we are going through in our dreams, as the choices we make in those worlds has an affect on us here, and vice versa.

To that end, syzygy is so powerful because it is the act of following these same kinds of cross-dimensional energy threads while fully awake, without astral projection.

It is my understanding that to truly know your Self, you must enter syzygy and follow where it leads.

Syzygy and Destiny in The OA

The Netflix original series The OA explores many of these important topics, and does so with attention-to-detail and care rarely seen outside of the works of the ancient hermeticists.

The series follows the journey of Prairie, otherwise known as OA (Original Angel), as she seeks to reconnect with the person she loves as well as understand her role and connection to a wider string of events that involves a cross-dimensional Warlock, referred to as an Angel Killer, that is on the verge of finding a way to hop dimensions at will as well as harness the innate spiritual wisdom and energy of awakened human beings.

The OA Syzygy
The OA tells a complex interwoven story that is primarily concerned with teaching the audience about the multiverse and our connection with other facets of our Self.

What’s important to note is that The OA was cancelled well short of its projected five seasons and in so doing, was never able to explore some of the deeper subjects that the plot was clearly leaning toward, and that the show’s creator Brit Marling, emphatically wants to tell the world.

Regardless of the overarching message that The OA was trying to communicate, the two seasons that were produced still give us a wealth of easily digestible hermetic wisdom with which to mull over and utilize for the benefit of others and their spiritual journeys.

One such key point to recognize is that the show does in fact reference the concept of syzygy quite prominently. 

Much of the second season delves into OA’s geas as she follows the breadcrumbs of another one of her lives in an alternate dimension, one in which she frequents a nightclub called SYZYGY.

A book could (and should) be written on the extensive occult symbolism and knowledge hidden within the nooks of this show, but it’s enough to point out that SYZYGY has an outer area and an inner sanctum that’s hidden (occult), where people congregate to hear the words of mediums.

While the full extent of what goes on in this occult nightclub were not revealed explicitly, we do get a taste as to the nature of it. SYZYGY is home to a giant sea creature, an octopus named Old Night. His actual name is, significantly, Azrael.

Old Night
Old Night, or Azrael, was likely a Guardian of the Doorway, an ancient being whose role it is to instruct and help seekers meet their destiny.

This implies that Old Night may be a partial reincarnation or embodiment of the Angel of Death. Known as Malak al-Mawt, this is a deeply ancient being, an etheric embodiment of biological cell death or inactivity that was often prayed to in the ancient world for relief from suffering and forbidden knowledge.

Old Night, in The OA, speaks through Nina Azarova and while disparaging humanity as a whole, is more so concerned with showing The OA her true Self.

There are quite a few different topics here that could be discussed at length, but the general flow of understanding here is that in SYZYGY (the Place of the Three Wise Men), you will be made to face your Self and thereby understand better your cross-dimensional Path.

Old Night is both a creature of the natural world and a fixture of deeper space. It is implied heavily that he is one of the Old Ones, a deeply ancient thing, which also opens the question of how many animals and trees are actually partial reincarnates or embodiments of certain massive natural forces, such as Azrael and the like.

What is clear through the messaging of The OA in this scene, is that the discovery of syzygy leads one to facing other aspects of your Self that could potentially open doorways or Paths to other dimensions, or at the very least, the processing of karma of your other-dimensional counterparts.

“Lying Ages You”

There’s one final footnote about Old Night and his relation to the idea of syzygy that is worth mentioning here.

Other than stunning and nightmarish visuals, Old Night is perhaps known best for his signature quote, “lying ages you.”

This is a deeply ancient hermetic saying that has been repeated thousands of times in the teachings of sages past, but is significant in the context of the show and what The OA is discussing.

By implication, Old Night is saying that by lying, you are not following your destiny, which is truth.

When you lie, you are essentially “wasting karmic time.” You throw away time that could be better used processing your karma rather than creating more karma that will have to be processed later.

When you lie, you are not able to face your true Self, because the ego is blocking your awareness.

It is heavily hinted that Old Night says this to OA because she is not following her destiny and is living a lie. In the show, this is related to OA’s suppression of Nina Azarova as it pertains to fear that she won’t be herself or will be lost, when in actuality it is our purpose to help the other “parts” of our Self process their karma through their unique perspective.

In other words, lying or not being true to your Self keeps you from experiencing or fulfilling syzygy. In order to connect with or align with your counterparts in other dimensions, or to open doorways into other worlds, you need stop lying and live in the moment.

What Does Syzygy Mean For You?

You can use this information to help you better understand who you are and what you are supposed to do with your life. Just as the story of The OA illustrates, syzygy is a journey to an occult part of your life that will allow you to connect with who you are, empower yourself, and follow your true Path.

Learning to watch for synchronicity in your life is important because it is within these small instances of surreal insight that give you a peak behind the curtain to the true nature of reality. Part of what it means to follow the Path is to align in such a way with the natural world and the various “tides” of energy (The Tao) that you gain a higher awareness into your Self.

Whether or not you will be looking for the “Three Wise Men” and be led to a mysterious nightclub is entirely dependent on the nature of your geas, but the point is that you want to be mindful of the possibilities that exist and be open to experiencing a greater and more fulfilling life.

Syzygy as it pertains to your Life Path is a deep and enriching fulfillment that can only come by embracing who and what you are, and allowing your Self room to flourish.

This could mean giving up bad habits, being true to your Self, decoding your dreams, or following your life’s calling. By reading the signs and aligning with their message, you open your Self deeper parts of your journey.

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