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Strengthen your mind and body, raise your awareness, and enhance your life. Digital Sages is a member-supported digital platform that seeks to marry down-to-earth self-mastery training with timeless esoteric wisdom, for the ultimate life changing experience.

About Digital Sages


The heart of the Digital Sages philosophy and mission. We know that proper training of the body and mind is the answer to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Self-mastery is true freedom.

self mastery body

Body, mind, and emotions working as one is the key to a fulfilled and happy life. Learning how to understand and master these 3 facets of yourself is our primary goal. We want to help you evolve.

We believe in living a fearless life. Hone the body, immerse yourself in nature, sharpen your mind. The solution for a mundane life is emptying your ego and embracing a life of zero attachment and unlimited possibilities.


the most common questions we get here at Digital Sages

what does it mean to "master the self"?

The truth is that many people allow their mind, emotions, and bodily issues to dominate them and control their life, which is the root of immense suffering in the world. Self-mastery teaches us how to regain control of our “Self,” through mental and physical discipline, which ultimately leads to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Can anyone learn how to meditate?

Yes. Meditation isn’t like riding a bike, in that you either know how to do it or you don’t. Meditation is a progressive level of mental / physical / emotional discipline that helps you dissolve the ego and slowly tap into deeper aspects of Self. Anyone can learn to meditate and benefit from it. If you have had trouble learning it in the past, you likely approached it from the wrong direction.

How does diet affect mental health?

We speak a lot about diet here at Digital Sages because it plays an important role in mastering the Self. While it may seem obvious that diet affects our physical health, it’s still not common knowledge that it affects our brain chemistry as well. We often get asked about claims relating to malnutrition and its links to depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. If you suffer from these issues, you likely have a hormonal and therefore a metabolic imbalance, which is heavily dependent on diet.

What are "the new hermetics?"

Hermetics is the study of the Principles that govern our world (cause and effect, duality, etc.). The New Hermetics seeks to quantify an even deeper layer of wisdom that governs the meta-universe, including dreams and higher states of vibration not bound by physical or quantum law.

What can Self-Mastery do for me?

We don’t speak of self-mastery for the sake of lofty spiritual goals or abstract concepts like “enlightenment.” Our training is to practical ends. Self-mastery can help you overcome your childhood trauma, give you more confidence and understanding of who you are, show you how to accomplish your goals, and even recalibrate your entire body. Self-Mastery is about transforming not only your Self, but your entire life for the better.

How can I contribute?

Digital Sages is a community-driven platform so we’re always looking for those with wisdom who want to share it. We welcome guest-posts, especially from experts of a certain field or craft, to further the spread of helpful knowledge. Please contact us for more information on how you can contribute.

Matthew Lovett

About the Founder: Matthew Lovett

lifelong self-mastery

I've spent nearly two decades training my body and mind, taking what works and turning it into resources like books for others to use.

Artistic vision

I've always had the ability to translate abstract and esoteric concepts into visual and written art, and it's this gift that has allowed me to teach others and help them overcome complex life obstacles.

a better world

I am wholly dedicated to using this platform to help create a sustainable future in harmony with nature and without fear. Collective self-mastery will get us there.


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