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Pumpkin Spice Hysteria

Pumpkin Spice Hysteria (White Claw, Spam, and More…)

This began as an argument and apology for pumpkin spice, and why the hysteria every fall is actually warranted. But then I discovered pumpkin spice White Claw and I fell down the rabbit hole. The truth is, pumpkins in general are really healthy and should be a staple of your diet when they are in season. They are a natural wonder in terms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The abundant potassium and beta-carotene they hold make them ideal for encouraging a healthy body and are an extremely underrated alkaline food. Pumpkins also include a generous amount of protein and fiber, […]
Bond Touch Tap Vibration Bracelets

Tap Vibration Bracelets: Creating an Energy Bond

Touch is one of the most important elements of any relationship. It’s what helps create that special indescribable bond between you and another person. Many of us couldn’t imagine being in any kind of relationship without being able to touch the other person, yet thousands of couples in long distance relationships deal with this reality every single day.  Though most people doubt the authenticity of a long distance relationship, the bonds that can form are just as powerful as any other relationship, and many do succeed. This is because, as most couples know, a relationship is deeper than the physical. […]
Ginger Detox Foot Pad Review

Ginger Detox Foot Pads Are Legit

New natural health products are popping up seemingly every day, and while detox foot pads have been around for years in one form or another, they’ve recently seen a resurgence along with plenty of backlash. Let’s cut right to the facts. First of all, humans do detox through their feet. There are plenty of articles by medical hacks and fluff news outlets online that try to minimize this fact or outright debunk it, but it is not up for debate. In fact, knowledge of how we “sweat out toxins” has existed in holistic circles for thousands of years. Some of […]
Best Vegan Herbal Soap Plantlife

The Best Vegan Herbal Soap for Moisturizing and Healing Skin

It’s no secret that most popular soaps you find in supermarkets are made primarily of cheap chemicals. They are good at doing one thing: making you smell nice. They aren’t good for much else, considering the damage they do to your skin over the long term. More and more people are looking for reliable herbal and aromatherapy soaps that are also cruelty-free. One of the biggest problems with mainstream soaps is that they are either tested on animals or even contain animal products themselves. That’s simply not acceptable. The problem with many of these soaps, especially the ones that claim […]
Protest Kitchen Fuel Resistance

Protest Kitchen: The Vegan Revolution Handbook

There’s no question that we’re in an age where we desperately need more voices standing up to injustice and spreading the word about climate change and healthy diets. When the “norm” involves the massacre of billions of innocent creatures annually all for the sake of a diet and lifestyle that puts us in early graves, something obviously needs to change, and that’s why such a Vegan Revolution handbook had to be written. Protest Kitchen, a new book on radical ways everyday people can help themselves and the environment, seeks to help ignite this change. Plant-Based Eating is Revolutionary It’s no […]
Best Natural Sunscreen For Kids

Best Natural Sunblock For Kids (Our Top Picks!)

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion when it comes to sunblock, sunscreen, UV rays, the risks of skin cancer, the natural importance of getting sunlight, and how to practice basic safety when exposed to the sun. It’s important to get plenty of exposure to the sun without any sunblocks on so that your body receives enough Vitamin D and can build up a healthy tolerance to UV light. Part of the risk of sun exposure comes from lack of skin defenses brought about by prolonged periods of time without healthy doses of sunlight. Furthermore, it’s important to know […]
Watch Out Harmful Ingredients in Your Deodorant

Watch Out For These Harmful Ingredients In Your Deodorant

In this day and age, where the days get hotter and you become more prone to sweating, who doesn’t need a deodorant? A deodorant is every person’s fresh smelling defense against sweating and bad body odor. It stops your skin follicles from excreting toxins and makes you smell fresh and pleasant. But, how does it do that? What is in a deodorant that literally blocks your skin follicles from sweating? It’s a product we use everyday without giving it much thought. For us, only the smell matters and we rarely go through the label of ingredients in it. The smell […]

Best Vegan Multivitamins – Plant Based Supplements That Actually Work

With the rise in popularity of veganism and plant-based living in general, we’ve seen an increase in effective vegan supplements over the past few years, especially multivitamins. For those of you wondering, the big difference between a vegan multivitamin and an ordinary one is that typically, the vegan varieties derive their vitamins and minerals from plant-based, natural sources. This means that not only are they OK for vegans to eat as they contain no animal products, they are also extremely healthy, as all of their nutrient content comes from actual plants rather than synthetic chemicals in a lab. It should […]
Garden of Life Healthy Blood Supplement

Garden of Life Healthy Blood Vegan Iron Supplement Review

It’s definitely no secret that in order to be healthy, you have to have strong blood. Being one of two essential fluids in the human body (the other being lymph), blood is what regulates the body and carries oxygen to the cells, among other functions. However, with our nutrient-deficient Western diet, it is often difficult to get the right amount of iron and other nutrients that the blood needs in order to stay at optimal health. There are also many misconceptions as to how to keep your blood healthy. One huge misconception is that we should be eating “red meat.” […]
Vegan Eggnog Holiday Guide

The Essential Holiday Guide to Vegan Eggnog

Eggnog is a holiday staple for many people, but don’t think that just because you are vegan that you have to go without. There are an incredible variety of vegan eggnog recipes out there, not to mention pre-made ones from your favorite brands at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Here’s your guide for finding the best of the best! Store Varieties of Vegan Eggnog Yes, through the wonders of modern science, you can purchase vegan eggnog right from the store now. Here’s a selection of our favorites. Silk Nog This take on the holiday classic is full of […]