Trauma and Fear

Healing your trauma and releasing your fear is key to living a happy and fulfilled life. We are often limited by the metaphysical pain we endure, which can lead to an overdeveloped ego. By processing these thoughts and emotions, we allow ourselves to come into our full power.

Attract What You Fear

Do You Attract What You Fear?

You are constantly manifesting what your subconscious focuses on, and that includes your fears. The law of attraction is very clear. Thought is magnetism, and if you are constantly worrying about something, you will inevitably bring it into your life. For those of us who have studied hermetics for years, this is a basic fact …

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What is Trauma Bonding

What is Trauma Bonding? Escape Your Emotional Prison

Unhealthy attachment to someone caused by extreme emotional episodes is what we call trauma bonding. Typically, this unhealthy bonding occurs when a victim of emotional abuse deeply relates to their abuser. This kind of bonding is common among victims of narcissistic abuse, because abusers tend to rely on codependency to get what they want. When …

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