What is Empowerment?

Your ability to see yourself and the world around you in a healthy way is the root of personal empowerment. When you are confident and empowered, you no longer filter the world through the lenses of the ego, and instead seeing everything for what it is. This allows you to live stress-free and fulfilled.

Self-empowerment is an important part of mental health and personal wellness, which will enable you to go through life happy and at peace.

Self Empowerment

What Are The Pillars of Empowerment?

Much of our ability to be self-empowered depends on our mental state and how much repressed trauma and negative emotions we have stored up inside us. In another sense, empowerment is the process of overcoming our mental limitations and freeing ourselves of our emotional trauma. This not only refers to trauma that we endured in adulthood or as kids, but also generational, ancestral, and species-wide trauma that has embedded itself in our genetics.

Processing these mental blocks is important, because so long as you hold onto trauma, you can never see the world and yourself in the proper light. You will always be pulled by the unseen and turbulent forces of your ego, and you will make decisions based on negative thinking patterns and biased opinions rather than on fact and logic.

Another reason why overcoming your mental blocks and empowering yourself is important is because until you do, you won’t have full control over your own emotions. Rather, your emotions will have control over you, because they will be derived from your ego.

Empowerment is the proactive process of isolating your mental blocks and working through them using meditation, emotional release techniques, willpower, and discipline. Through this self-mastery, a new you emerges. Or rather, a fully-realized and empowered “you” that is happy, content, and able to take the world on.

To become fully personally empowered, each of the 4 pillars of empowerment need to be worked on. This includes learning how to hold a positive mindset, managing your stress properly, releasing your trauma, and taking the steps to balance your life.

Empowerment Benefits

The benefits of self-empowerment are numerous, and include a positive outlook on life, confidence in social situations, the ability to discern fact from fiction, and emotional resilience. Empowerment creates room for personal growth, richer thinking patterns, and a deeper appreciation for the world around you.

What does it feel like to be empowered? When you have the confidence to go through life in a healthy and sound manner, everything seems to fall into place. This is because our ability to manifest change is tied to our willpower and confidence. If you don’t think you can, you won’t. This is the Laws of Hermetics 101.

You change the world around you and create a better life for yourself by changing your Self. You do this through empowering yourself. The benefits to this are incalculable, as a holistically empowered person is much more prepared to face life’s challenges and get more out of life in general than someone who remains traumatized and a prisoner of their own ego.

Another major benefit of empowerment is becoming consciously aware of one’s surroundings and claiming responsibility for one’s actions. To empower yourself is to acknowledge the role YOU actively play in the quality of your own life. Once you reach this point, you learn to accept responsibility for the state of your own life, which gives you the power to change it how you see fit. Our ability to accept what is, rather than fight it, imparts tremendous power.

Perhaps most importantly of all, empowerment gives you your life back. No more emotional turmoil, no more feeling like you’re everyone else-s punching bag or a piece of driftwood floating on a sea of meaninglessness. These feelings that accompany ego-imprisonment vanish once you become empowered, because they are illusions of the mind. Once you are empowered, your mental and emotional strength grows by several orders of magnitude, and so does your empathy. An empowered person is a able to perfectly relate to others while not getting sucked into their drama and despair.

How to Become Self-Empowered

You develop self-empowerment by learning to work on the 4 pillars. In other words, you need to locate the skeletons in your closet and clean house. Every emotional hangup, every malignant thought, every deeply held fear, these are all mental blocks and limitations that we have to learn to let go of. The ego teaches you to hold onto your emotions and fears for dear life, because they are your “identity.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. These mental aberrations are keeping you in chains, they are a prison of the mind. You become self-empowered once you realize that you are a prisoner but with the key to your own cell. In fact, the door has always been open, you simply need the mental fortitude to walk through it.

Self-empowerment is a journey. Practicing introspection, learning emotional release, growing your empathy and awareness, releasing your fears. These things take time and deep work, and there are no shortcuts. However, there are tried and true methods of self-empowerment and mastery that have worked down through the ages with incredible reliability, so if you want freedom and confidence, the information is available to you here.

The key to becoming empowered is realizing that you have to own your trauma and stop being a victim. This can be difficult for some people, as their ego has told them for years to identify solely through their trauma. These mental blocks must be worked through by taking a hard look at yourself and cultivating mental and physical discipline.

There are several ways to go about this, but here at Digital Sages we take the Hermetic approach. Relying heavily on the foundational principles of reality, we can take proper stock of ourselves and delve into the mind, processing our fears, anger, and energy blockages, while addressing our inner needs and learning that it’s okay to heal and be happy.

Part of the empowerment journey is simply realizing that you are not your trauma. You don’t have to identify with it, it has no claim over you, and you are allowed to be happy and confident. It all starts with your mindset, cultivating healthy thinking patterns, and putting in the self-work.

The Four Pillars of Empowerment

Life Balance


Stress Management

Trauma Healing