Rise Above Plant Seeds

Plant Seeds

Plant Seeds

Restore The Environment

Deforestation, chemical pesticides, industrial pollution, and urban sprawl have decimated the environment. Every seed that you plant is a step away from this destruction. We need more plants of all shapes and sizes, to combat the collapse of ecosystems around the world.

Grow Real Food

Diseases, allergies, cancers, and obesity are rampant due primarily to poor diet. Processed food is killing us. Make the change and start growing some real food yourself. Every fruit or vegetable that you cultivate on your own is one less piece of garbage going in your body.

Purify The Air

Plants are natural air filters. Not only do they transmute carbon dioxide into oxygen which we rely on, but in the process they take impurities out of the air. Our environment has become a chemical soup. Many plants you grow help to clean the air around you, leading to overall better health.

Sustain Animal Habitats

As ecosystems collapse, important insects, frogs, and other small animals are vanishing. We rely on these animals to survive – without bees for instance, we would lose half of all our fruits and vegetables. You can stop this trend by creating a sustainable environment for these important creatures. Every tiny garden provides a home for numerous crucial species. Every tree is a world for butterflies, spiders, bats and birds. They need us to act.

Connect With The Natural World

There is no substitute for the natural world. Studies have shown that lack of contact with nature is one of the leading causes of depression, anxiety, and other illnesses. We evolved specifically to bond with the natural world, it’s part of our biology. Every plant you grow is a chance for you to reconnect with the planet and be a part of something truly bigger than yourself.
Take a Stand and Rise Above