Rise Above Emblem
Rise Above Emblem
We Will Transform the World
Every one of us can be a vehicle for change with the right tools
Our Bond With Nature
Our Bond With Self
Our Bond With Each Other
Take the Pledge and Rise Above

Plant Seeds

Fight against the destruction of the natural world. Every seed you plant rebuilds our ecosystem, which is by far the most important task we have as a species right now. Find out more about why seeds are so important.

Stay Present

Cultivate your self-awareness whenever possible by reminding yourself to remain in the now. So many poor decisions in life can be avoided with a little pause for reflection, and right now we need all the good decisions we can get. Find out how to stay present.

Share Energy

With propaganda and negativity at all time highs, we need people willing to stand up and cut through the ignorance with messages of positivity, truth, and wisdom. Connection is the Key. Using social media and our hashtag #RiseAbove, you can make this happen. Find out how best to share your energy.
We work to restore the environment and support sustainable practices.

We reject the ignorance and disconnection that modern society tries to push on us.

We demand a better world and we dedicate ourselves to seeing it to fruition.