Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing Evergreen Coin (Step-by-step Guide For Crypto Newbies!)

I remember when I first head about cryptocurrency (ethereum specifically), and it immediately dawned on me that the technology could be used for a lot of good. To think, we could assign worth to anything, not just pieces of paper or numbers on a screen, which we do with typical fiat currency like the dollar. There could be monetary systems based on the completion of digital tasks, or on trusted transactions at new kinds of banks, or be used to foster communities or do any number of things. There could even be a system based around helping the environment.

It wasn’t long after that when I discovered Evergreen Coin, which seeks to do just that: help the environment. Its value as a currency is based on what it calls “stakes,” that are awarded for community members who have an active garden, or are making use of green energy. These verified sources of value are locked into the price of the digital currency, which can be bought and traded just like any other cryptocurrency, such as the hugely popular Bitcoin. In other words, Evergreen Coin exists as a way to incentivize and monetize environmentalism itself, which if you think about it, is genius.

Collectively as a society, we are not doing nearly enough to help the environment: this is one way that an active, dynamic community can be created, sustained, and even allow it to reach others outside of itself, to create a web of sustainable action.

Purchasing Evergreen Coin ($EGC)

However, getting into crypto is easier said than done, especially for a small “altcoin” like Evergreen Coin. Needless to say, you can’t just hop over to your local TD Bank and ask them for some. You can’t even really just go onto their website and buy it directly from them. Just like any other currency, there’s only a limited amount of it, and it has to come from another real person, not a bank or government.

In order to do that, you have to travel down a rabbit hole of sorts. This guide is aimed at those who have never really delved into altcoins or crypto in general, because I know I could have used a straightforward guide when I was first starting out.

So if you are looking to buy some Evergreen Coin, follow along with me and by the end of this guide, you’ll be trading like the pros.

Guide at a Glance

Open Account on Coinbase
Purchase Some Bitcoin
Open Account on Bittrex
Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Bittrex
Trade Bitcoin for Evergreen Coin on Bittrex Exchange

Note: there are many routes you can go on to purchase $EGC. This is what I consider to be the quickest, most newbie-friendly method. I’m not going to offer alternatives to the steps during the course of the guide, so as not to add to the confusion.

Step 1: Opening an Account on Coinbase

What is Coinbase and why are we using it? Well, Coinbase is what is known as a digital wallet, where people can purchase Bitcoin using fiat currency (like dollars), and store is online.

A digital wallet is basically a fancy word for an “account,” but should be differentiated from a “bank account,” because they do not operate in the same manner. The singular point of a crypto wallet is to securely store your digital currency, nothing more.

There are many digital wallets for Bitcoin, but Coinbase is perhaps the easiest to get into when you are first starting out. Note that, once you have some Bitcoin, you can transfer it to other digital wallets, or even create what is known as a paper wallet. Just because it is on Coinbase doesn’t mean it is locked there, just to clarify in case you were wondering.

-So the first step you want to do is to create an account on Coinbase. We need to purchase some Bitcoin in order to trade for $EGC. Note, there is no way to directly purchase Evergreen Coin with fiat currency as of yet. It can only be purchased with Bitcoin.

-Once you sign up for an account on Coinbase, you will have to prove you are a real person by providing stages of personal details (the amount of proof you show determines how much freedom you have on Coinbase). This is normal in the crypto world, so don’t feel uncomfortable about it. Obviously, you will have to provide a Credit or Debit card to be the method of purchase.

Note, this is not an automatic process. Depending on your bank, or time of the day/week, your verification may take awhile. For more info on that, you can check out their FAQ. I was approved in a couple of hours, but everyone’s experiences may vary. If it seems like it’s taking longer than a few business days, I would contact their support.

Step 2: Purchasing Your Bitcoins

The time has come…to get your first digital currency! This process may seem complex, especially if you are completely new to purchasing crypto, so it’s best if you simply follow these directions to the letter, and you won’t have any problems. If you get lost, just start back here and go over the process again.

-To initiate the process of purchasing your first Bitcoin, head on over to the Buy/Sell tab when you are logged into Coinbase. If you haven’t already, you may have to input a Payment Method, such as a Debit or Credit card.

-You will see two boxes for imputing values, one with “USD” and one with “BTC.” To purchase Bitcoin, input the amount you are willing to spend in the left-hand, or USD box, and the corresponding value for Bitcoin will appear on the right. At the time of this writing, 1 Bitcoin is worth over $4100 USD, so unless you are rolling in dough, you won’t actually be purchasing whole Bitcoins, as it were. You will be grabbing some satoshi, which are the smallest fractions of a Bitcoin, or 0.00000001.

-A good idea is to start out with a small but respectable amount that you would feel comfortable spending on a night out, such as $25 or $50. It’s hard to say exactly how much Bitcoin that $25 will net you, but as of right now it would be somewhere around 0.00573700. This is more than enough to trade for Evergreen Coin, so don’t feel like you have to drop a lot of money when first getting into crypto. Anyway, once you are comfortable with the amount of Bitcoin you will be receiving, click the Buy Bitcoin Instantly button.

You will be asked to confirm the transaction, and there you have it. Shortly you should see how much Bitcoin you own on the Portfolio section of the Dashboard tab.

Step 3: Opening an Account on Bittrex

Now that you have some Bitcoin, it’s time to move it to a place where you can really get your feet wet.

-Head on over to Bittrex and sign up for an account. Once you go through the motions and everything is approved, you will be able to trade on their exchange. The thing about Bittrex is, you can’t just use USD or any other fiat currency to convert to or trade crypto there, you must first have Bitcoin, and with that, you can trade for all of the other altcoins.

Step 4: Transferring Bitcoin From Coinbase to Bittrex

-Once you have an account on Bittrex, return to Coinbase and go to the Accounts tab. (Note the first circled item on the top of this screen cap below.)

-Next, you will hit the Send button in your Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet, as shown above. If you have Bitcoin in your Wallet it should appear very much like this. Once you hit the Send button, a box should pop up with a place for you to Enter a BTC address. We will be getting that from Bittrex.

-Once you have gotten this far, switch back to Bittrex and click on the Wallet tab as shown below. You should see a screen not unlike this, with a list of crypto currencies, which should all have zeros in the Available Balance and Est. BTC Value columns. They will be in no particular order since you do not have anything in any wallet as of right now.

-Find Bitcoin as shown above and click the + Box located on the left. If you cannot find Bitcoin listed in this manner, just use the Search box and look for BTC. Once you click on the + Box, a small popup should appear with a long code called an address.

-If you assumed we’re putting this code into the BTC Address box back on Coinbase, you’d be…absolutely correct. It’s really that simple. Once you have the popup open, copy the code that Bittrex gives you, switch tabs back to Coinbase, paste the code in the “Enter a BTC Address” box, hit the blue “Continue” button, and wait for the magic to happen. After a few minutes, the transaction should be complete, and you should be able to go to the “Wallets” tab on Bittrex and see BTC at the top of the list, with the amount you carried over (whichever you chose) represented in BTC and USD on the far right. We’re almost there!

Note: sometimes the exchange is slow and has problems. If you click on the + Box on Bittrex and you don’t immediately get an address code, you might have to wait a few minutes (or in some rare cases, even a few hours). When in doubt, log out and log back in and try again, sometimes there seem to be issues that are resolved by doing this. Webpage gremlins are a thing.

Step 5: Trading Bitcoin for Evergreen Coin on Bittrex Exchange

The final gauntlet before the goal. Trading on the exchange can appear intimidating at first, but there’s really nothing to it. There are tons of resources out there for anyone who wants to look into this stuff deeper, and we’ll be featuring more in-depth tutorials on all of the features Bittrex has to offer, but for right now we’re going to focus on the barest minimum you need to know in order to trade for some Evergreen Coin.

-To begin, click on the “Markets” tab on the upper left-hand side of Bittrex. Note, choose the tab with the Bitcoin “B” next to it, rather than the “$”, as we are dealing with trades between BTC and other cryptocurrencies. You will get a drop down menu once you do this. Use the handy search box to search for EGC (Evergreen Coin). Click on the abbreviation “EGC.” Alternatively, in the Wallets section, you can search for and click on the “EGC” symbol to access the same page.

Finding Evergreen Coin

-You will be taken to the exchange screen for that specific cryptocurrency, in this case, Evergreen Coin. There is a lot of information to take in here, but don’t let it overwhelm you. We’ll only be focusing on parts of this, and once you understand that much, the rest will begin to make sense when you start trading on a regular basis. Take note of the lower left-hand side of the screen, titled the “Trading” section. This is where we want to focus on.

Let’s go over all of the parts of the Trading Window.

#1: This is how much Evergreen Coin you are requesting. In the example, I am requesting 10 EGC.

#2: This is the latest Bid (in the Order Book section). Once you understand more about cryptocurrency, you can use this to your advantage by bidding on certain currencies only when they hit certain amounts. For our purposes, you can just click on the latest bid (the one at the top of the Order Book), and that amount will automatically fill into the corresponding Bid section of the Trading Window. This essentially means that you are requesting 10 EGC at the rate of .00004449 BTC.

#3: The total of the Units and Bid (10 x .00004449) will be reflected here automatically, once you manually place a value in #1. This is essentially how much Bitcoin you will be spending to obtain the amount of desired Evergreen Coin. If you are not sure exactly how much one Evergreen Coin is worth, you can look at the right side of the page, at the stat column for Evergreen Coin, specifically the “Last” section, to view the current value. Evergreen Coin as of this week is hovering between .18 and .22 cents a piece, so buying a dozen won’t break your bank, and is a great amount to “test the waters” with.

#4 Once you are satisfied with the amount you will be spending, click the blue “+ Buy EvergreenCoin” button, and that’s all there is to it. Once the transaction goes through, you will be able to return to the “Wallets” tab and in the list, BTC and EGC will be the top wallets, because they have an amount in them. If you want to purchase more EGC, you can return right to the Wallet tab and click the EGC in the “symbol” column.


And there you have it, the most streamlined way to get a hold of some Evergreen Coin. I will mention again that there are many ways of going about it, and other tutorials that cover much of this same material, but much of that material may be difficult to understand for people just getting into crypto. I’ve also had multiple requests for the past couple of months to make a simplified crypto trading guide, so here we are.

Evergreen Coin is shaping up to be an incredible sustainable platform and we’re hoping to see the community grow. There are a huge crop of altcoins emerging on the scene, and most of them have a viable path forward in terms of innate value, and Evergreen Coin is definitely one of them. If we’re talking about building a sustainable future, decentralized digital currency built with solid foundations is going to be an integral part of that process.

If you have any questions about purchasing Bitcoin or trading for Evergreen Coin, leave a comment below, and don’t forget to stop by Twitter, where we commonly post updates about Evergreen Coin and the crypto market in general.

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  2. Now you need to do one on how to get $$$ out of EGC so people can follow the whole loop of profit making. I have spoken with charities in my area and they would accept EGC but do not know how to turn it into something they can use here and now. A well written article would be far more useful than my brief description of the process. Maybe just explain how to use coin to cash sites and compare fees pros/cons of the different services.

    1. That’s an excellent idea, we’ll put together an article specifically for making money with crypto and EGC in particular. We appreciate the feedback!

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