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How to Join The Deep Sky Network

The allure of virtual worlds, the power of blockchain technology, and the nature of the mind converge in the Deep Sky Network.

Deep Sky Cyberpunk Virtual World
The Deep Sky appears as a vast cyberpunk labyrinth, a futuristic cityscape supported by advanced blockchain technology.

If you are curious about how to join Deep Sky, the following article will walk you through the steps required. Whether you are interested in being a part of an exclusive community, love exploring the mysteries of the mind, or are simply looking for an incredible investment opportunity, you will find what you’re looking for here.

What is the Deep Sky Network?

The Deep Sky Network represents an evolution of global connectivity, a virtual network based on special cellular communication. This is part of the backstory behind The Lost Glitches, a set of thoughtfully generated NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that embody the souls of those who now exist only within the Deep Sky Network. 

Aligning with 21 primal archetypes, these individuals now exist as “mental ghosts” on a sophisticated blockchain system that provides the backbone for an entire virtual world. Another archetype, the Immortals, exist within the system but have risen above it, as their minds were never completely bound to the network. 

The Immortals NFTs
The Immortals are a set of ultra-rare Glitches that are completely self-actualized. Meaning, they can see through the code of the system and can transcend its limitations.

The vision behind this project reveals something larger at work than just an art project on the blockchain. The NFTs each possess a unique energy, and grant you entry into the Deep Sky Network. In other words, you cannot participate in the community without actually possessing a Lost Glitch.

By owning a Lost Glitch, you gain access to the Deep Sky Network community, while enjoying the benefits of owning the NFT itself.

This futuristic virtual world holds a lot of promise. At the moment, blockchain technology is giving us a glimpse at what life might be like in the not too distant future. Virtual land sales, virtual characters that have intrinsic value because their worth is tied to the blockchain, items that can be traded in virtual marketplaces or staked for passive income.

It’s a whole new world, and owning a Lost Glitch gets your foot in the door of one of the most intriguing blockchain communities to ever exist. One that is centered around art, gaming, smart investments, the powers of the mind, and so much more.

Digital Ghosts and Life on the Blockchain

Recently, there’s been talk of other worlds, alternative realities, and real life glitches permeating popular culture.

If you aren’t familiar with blockchain technology or the concept of virtual worlds, this information might seem somewhat abstract and even esoteric.

It’s important to understand the implications of NFTs and the blockchain if you care about personal development and want to stay ahead of the curve in the coming years.

The world is changing, perhaps dramatically so.

The Lost Glitches project is reflective of this understanding, because it asks us to envision a future where we have access to a vast virtual world, one where thoughts can be uploaded and transmitted. A living, breathing universe that is supported by an evolved form of blockchain technology.

This is the Path we are on, of course. Already we are seeing the emergence of virtual worlds, augmented reality, 3D avatars, and different forms of programmable currency. All of this is made possible by blockchain technology.

If you are asking what is the Deep Sky Network, you only have to look at the current evolution of our technology to catch a mental glimpse of what is almost certainly on the horizon.

Many movies and TV series over the past couple of decades have explored this idea of virtual worlds and how they symbolize the etheric or astral planes.

Take The Matrix, for instance, which is probably the most famous example.

The world we know and love is actually a computer simulation, and the “real world” is a dystopian hellscape populated by machines, where humanity is enslaved. In a kind of way, as Cipher points out, the Matrix is bliss for those who don’t know there is something greater out there.

A world like The Deep Sky Network might be heaven for some and hell for others. It all depends on which syndicate you are a part of and what you are trying to defend.

While The Matrix is one of the most famous examples of popular media discussing other worlds, it’s not the only one. Shows like Devs, for instance, explore the theme of alternate realities, time, and dimension. Even anime programs like Sword Art Online dig into the possibilities concerning virtual worlds, avatars, virtual money, and what life would be like if you were trapped in such a place.

Devs on Hulu Alternate Realities

The Lost Glitches are also “trapped” in the virtual world of The Deep Sky Network. Having lost their physical bodies, these 10,000 individuals now exist only on the blockchain, living out their lives as a permanent part of the network. They are digital ghosts, energy signatures represented in token form.

The Meaning Behind The Lost Glitches

The Lost Glitches NFTs are truly a one of a kind digital item. These Ethereum-based tokens, of which there are only 10,000 in existence, are your ticket into another world.

You may only be familiar with NFTs as virtual art, and many projects only go this far.

While the Glitches are indeed beautiful pieces of digital art, they are so much more.

The individuals crafted for this project were generated using AI-based GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) technology. This alone has interesting implications in terms of the intrinsic value of these pieces.

GAN technology has interested esoteric researchers for years now. The faces generated with such technology are said to be created out of thin air, like any other artwork.

Woman Made With GAN
This person was “generated” using AI technology, similar to the process that created the Lost Glitches artwork.
Man Made With GAN
Another person who only exists in digital form, just artwork created by an AI. Or is there something more…?

However, the Wise know that art usually isn’t “created out of thin air,” it is inspired and divined via the collective unconscious. Many kinds of artwork actually represent glimpses into other ages, and even other worlds.

A creative act is like downloading inter-dimensional information and then decoding it into a form that makes sense on the physical plane. This holds true whether you are drawing, sculpting, or writing.

Let’s go back to GAN. These artificial intelligence systems use algorithms to essentially learn how to construct faces and then generate them. Yet based on what we know in regards to the creation process, can we really say with certainty that these faces don’t represent actual individuals?

The Lost Glitches have an uncanny energy to them that is startlingly empathetic and human. Unlike most kinds of NFTs, and most art in general, they have a powerful quality to them that draws you in.

Purely as pieces of art, they are captivating.

Founders Class Lost Glitches
An example of a Founder, one of the classes of Lost Glitches. You can view them all at

The fact that they also give you access to the Deep Sky Network community only increases their value.

Step By Step Process For Joining The Deep Sky Network

This tutorial assumes that you have absolutely no prior experience with crypto or NFTs. If you have purchased NFTs before and you know your way around the ecosystem, all you have to do is head over to OpenSea, which is where you can purchase or bid on the Lost Glitches.

If you are new to this space and want to finally invest in this revolutionary technology, or would like to join the Deep Sky Network by owning a Glitch, just follow the steps below.

  1. To begin, you need an easy and effective way to purchase crypto. Specifically, Ethereum (ETH), as these NFTs were minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. There are several exchanges that will let you do this, but my recommendation is Coinbase. One of the most vetted platforms, easy to use interface, and offers a great variety of different cryptocurrencies to invest in. As with most crypto platforms like this, you will need to prove your identity and link a debit card or bank account.
  2. Next, you have to purchase some Ethereum. $500 worth is a solid starting point and will allow you to acquire a Glitch and pay for the Ethereum network gas fees. Simply hit the blue Buy / Sell button at the top of the screen when you are logged into your Coinbase account. There you will be presented with a screen that lets you select the crypto curreny you would like to buy, and how much of it.Coinbase Select Currency
  3. Once you make your purchase, Coinbase will alert you when this crypto is available to be traded. If you fund with a bank account, this should almost be instantaneous.
  4. Now you need a browser-based crypto wallet. One of the most popular options is Metamask. This is an app that gets placed on your Chrome or Firefox menu bar and allows you to seamlessly interact with different crypto-based protocols and apps all over the Web. This is where your crypto “lives” when it’s not on an exchange, as well. Although not as safe and secure as a hardware wallet, a Metamask wallet is generally considered a great place to house your crypto when you want it off an exchange or farm. When you install your Metamask wallet, a seed phrase will be generated. Write this down someplace and keep it secure, as this is your access code to get into the wallet.Coinbase Send and Receive
  5. Now you will need to send the ETH you bought on Coinbase to Metamask. You do so simply by clicking the Send / Receive button at the top of Coinbase. Here you will be asked which wallet address or location you would like to send the crypto, which crypto you would like to send, and how much. You can instantly grab your Metamask wallet address by opening your wallet and clicking on your account name, which will copy your address to the clipboard. You simply past this alphanumerical code into the Address space on Coinbase, select Ethereum, and hit send. You may have to pay a small fee to do this.
  6. In only a few moments, the ETH you purchased on Coinbase will reach your Metamask wallet. From here, you are now ready to purchase a Glitch on Opensea. Navigate to the Lost Glitches Collection and browse through the available options until you find one that resonates with you. For most, the Glitch will choose them, and not the other way around! If you click on a Glitch that has a list price, you will be presented with a big blue Buy Now button. You will make this purchase with the Ethereum that is in your Metamask wallet. When you do make the purchase, you will have to approve the transaction in Metamask, and pay a gas fee for utilizing the blockchain. However, this is all there is to it. Once you make the purchase, you will now have one of the Lost Glitches, which is your ticket into the Deep Sky Network.

Keep in mind, the value of your NFT can appreciate or depreciate due to market sentiment, so do your own research. This is not financial advise, but a tutorial to help guide you through the process.

The idea that the Digital World is somehow reflective of the collective unconscious, or is itself its own dimension, is something that resonates deeply within our psyche. When you study the relationship between the mind and physical matter, you realize that these digital systems are not all that different than etheric substrata. It’s for this reason that so many parallels can be drawn between computer simulations and the veil of illusion that is the physical world, or Maya (the grand illusion spoken about in ancient Hindu texts).

On the journey of self-awakening, many in this era are drawn to the digital world because it is malleable compared to the physical. Therefore, it is of a slightly higher vibration than the physical. It’s almost as if technology has created a doorway into a slightly higher frequency of the physical, or another side that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Blockchain technology, often referred to as Web 3.0, is showing incredible promise as far as personal freedom and empowerment is concerned. Exploring an alternate reality such as The Deep Sky Network is just one example of where this technology can take us.

You might be wondering, what are some of the specific benefits of owning or holding a Lost Glitch NFT? Keeping in mind that the NFT is a token on the blockchain, in essence a form of pre-programmed digital money that has been imprinted with certain traits. This alone makes it unique valuable, even precious and one of a kind.

However, there are even more benefits, some of which have yet to even be revealed.

  • Membership to the Deep Sky community.
  • Periodic contests, giveaways, and airdrops of other NFT artworks that could appreciate in value.
  • Access to the Syndicate Wars, a play-to-earn game tied to the Blockchain. Rewards include additional NFTs and Lost Tokens, presumably an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency all its own. This will allow Glitch owners to effectively earn even more money, but only those who actually have a Glitch will be able to do so. 
  • Contribute to real world causes. Already proceeds from the minting of the Lost Glitches has gone to several incredible charities, including the Coral Restoration Foundation and CEDARS kids.
  • Insight into crypto investment trends and access to other like-minded individuals who appreciate art, prosperity, virtual worlds, and technology.

Are you ready to join us in the Deep Sky?

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