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Seeking Information on Interdimensional Travel

Interdimensional travel is described as moving from one dimension to another.

We’re current researching this phenomenon, and are interested in connecting with people who know anything about it, or may have experienced it for themselves.

This includes shadow walking, astral projection, extremely realistic dreams, synchronized dreams, dreams about complex mazes and corridors, “sliding”or sliders,  the feeling of being on “another  Earth” (Orion vs. Sagittarius arm of the galaxy, etc.), star gates, dimensional jumping or hopping as it is sometimes referred to, and Near Death Experiences (NDEs).

We are also interested in any information you might have on Extraterrestrial encounters, specifically abduction stories that revolve around seeing or being “shown” other worlds.

You might be wondering how any of this stuff is relevant or worth taking seriously.

The truth is, the concept of interdimensional travel is something that has touched many lives and is more ubiquitous than you might think. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that such occurrences have plagued us for millennia, and a sizable chunk of  religious literature around the world is dedicated to understanding it.

Even science has recently been fascinated with other dimensions and our potential ability to interact with them or even travel to them.

There is now an entire sub-branch of science dealing specifically with “extra dimensional” research.

Dreams, also, are a shared experience we all have that science barely understands. They connect us in bizarre ways, and also show us doorways into other worlds, or potentialities.

We are conducting research into possible ties and similarities in these locations people say they have visited.

Shared Experience and Dimensional Commonalities

In our research, we are seeking to address one major issue: the similar nature of so-called other or “extra” dimensions.

We have already seen ample evidence that points to some kind of collective experience, a “shared world” that people encounter seemingly only in dreams and during NDEs.

These shared locales do not exist on Earth. They are places that exist apart from the world we know, or in any media production for that matter. Yet they appear time and time again in accounts of dreams and other dimensions.

Is this merely the Collective Unconscious at work? But even if this were the case, where did our collective psyche originally get this information from? What did our species experience in the past that would lend itself to collectively dreaming and “experiencing” the same places that don’t have an Earthly counterpart?

We have effectively ruled out the Collective Unconscious as the origin of this phenomenon. It’s too crude, and doesn’t fill in nearly enough blanks.

The shared experiences we seem to have are indeed “happening,” and somehow we are all connected in ways we barely understand at this point.

We Want to Publish Your Experience

Not only are we seeking material for research purposes, we also want to raise awareness about this phenomenon.

If you always had an NDE or dream experience regarding another world or dimension, and you’ve never had a chance to share it with the world, now’s your chance.

We are accepting a few well-written and relevant pieces for publishing right here on our blog. You can even include a backlink to your blog or social media profile. We will be waiving our usual guest posting fee for this of course. 

Awareness is crucial, and bringing attention to important subjects of the human condition are what we strive to do. If you believe you can help in any way, or know someone you think might be interested in this, please get in touch with us.

You can email us directly at [email protected].

Or contact us here, with the subject line: Interdimensional Research Submission. If you would like your story or experience published, please let us know. Likewise, if the info is confidential, let us know that as well. We will hold it in strict confidence. 

Happy traveling!


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