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The Verdict Is In: Processed Meat is a Dangerous Carcinogen

“No level of intake can confidently be associated with a lack of risk,” says a recent study. What is this study referring to, however? A dangerous chemical? A venomous spider? Cigarettes?

This might come as a shock to some, but the study in question, conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, is referring to processed meats. This means bacon, lunchmeat, hotdogs, and other kinds of refined pork, beef, and chicken products that are often found in supermarkets and restaurants all over the world.

They are confirmed carcinogens, and yes, they are extremely powerful cancer-causing agents.

But how can this be? Such common “foods,” almost everyone eats on a regular basis, and yet this is getting almost no media coverage?

Unfortunately, there is almost nothing more powerful than the food industries and the stranglehold they have over the minds of most people in our society. Personal tastes as it concerns food is something people hold extremely close, because it involves the ego and personality, but on an even deeper level than common addictions, such as those with alcohol and cigarettes. This is because the ego, always looking for a way out, can save face by deferring to the idea of “addiction” as out of its control and thereby, not able to be faulted.

Food choices are always personal choices however. It’s not an addiction, it’s simply preference. Food industries know this and make a killing off of you, quite literally. Many of these corporations know the real science behind their products, and actively campaign to show you another world, one where heart disease, clogged arteries, obesity, arthritis, and cancer don’t exist.

Red Meat From Cows Not Fit For Human Consumption
We can’t even chew through the hide of animals like cows, what makes anyone think we were biologically capable of digesting their flesh without ill side effects? The logic speaks for itself.

Meat Industry Propaganda

There is no greater source of common commercial propaganda than the meat industry and the businesses that rely on the meat industry. Think of your average TV commercials. The most common are food and drugs. If you would go back to the 80’s, you would be surprised to see cigarettes and alcohol taking up just as much time as food and drugs do today. Why the change?

Well, laws were passed regarding the false advertising of cigarettes and alcohol. It’s still common to see quite a few beer commercials during prime time these days, but the rhetoric is toned down immensely. Cigarette commercials are rather scarce, because it’s one of those things that’s basically impossible to advertise now. People know the truth.

So that leaves only the two other biggest industries of make believe and poison: food and drugs. The funny thing is, these two industries work hand in hand. Both support each other, and each industry wouldn’t have a place in our society were it not for the other.

The food brands we support and eat go toward lining the pockets of mainstream doctors everywhere. This is simply fact. Nearly all disease is a product of diet – this is something that we don’t really learn in school and is somewhat of a taboo subject, but it is true nonetheless. The vast majority of all illnesses, conditions, maladies, and ailments that we as a species endure, are directly the result of the way we eat. You don’t think drug companies know this?

The meat industry specifically is working overtime to fill commercial slots with advertising so you will buy their products. Their techniques are not far removed from that of cigarettes, either. So many buzz-words, too: maple-wood, flame-grilled, honey-roasted, lightly charred, smokey flavor, lean cuts, sizzling aroma. These catch-phrases are industry standards and I’m sure you’ve heard them a thousand times. They are selling you a deadly dream.

It’s proven that the meat industry, fast food companies, and the dairy industry spend millions every year in advertising alone. Our media is rife with meat-eating propaganda – and the Internet is infected with it too. New and bizarre groups are popping up to combat the spread of healthy eating and veganism, because meat-eating runs deep in our society. The problem is, these propaganda campaigns have very real consequences: heart disease is the number one killer in America. No one dies more from anything else.

And meat is quite literally the direct cause of heart disease.

Why is Meat Such a Dangerous Carcinogen

Many who are unfamiliar with the dangers of meat or who may even be reading this because they are advocates of meat and “high protein” diets, might be at a loss. How is something we’ve been eating for thousands of years and is such a normal part of human society so dangerous for us?

Well, first of all, let’s establish some basic logic as it pertains to human society as a whole. There are a great many things humans do that go against the natural order, are against our best interests as a species, and just flat out make no sense. The destruction of our own environment, warring with and killing one another, the concept of money, hitting our own children (no mammal does this), enslaving each other, sacrificing each other and animals to various deities, inebriating ourselves with toxic chemicals just to get “high,” and so on. Human society is chaotic and unbalanced, because we live apart from nature and don’t understand the web of life.

That being said, eating meat is one of those habits that squarely falls into the “goes against the natural order” kinds of things. According to our biology, by no means should we as homo sapiens be killing giant bovine creatures, chopping them up, and feasting on slabs of their muscle. Biologically speaking, we are diminutive, fruit-eating apes lacking any kind of claws, fangs, or muscle that would enable us to take down prey and consume it raw.

We can’t break the neck of a living animal with our jaws. We don’t lap at water when we drink, we suck it like horses and gorillas. Our intestinal length and stomach acidity match that of the other apes. Our canine teeth are even smaller than that of the bonobo, which eats roughly 98% plants. We are very slow compared to most animals. We are very weak compared to most animals. We fall somewhere on the spectrum between sloths and pandas, if you want an idea of how aggressive we’re biologically meant to be.

Not one part of our physiology, internal organs, or organic behavior points toward us being a meat-eating species. Quite the contrary: all signs point to us being frugivores.

Regardless of any propaganda people may attempt to sell you on, we did not originally begin as a meat-eating species, either. Even during the height of prehistoric meat-eating, it has been shown that humans likely ate it as a last resort, especially in colder climates when other foods were simply non-existent. The reasons for our far migration from the tropics is in and of itself a part of our abnormal behavior and is partially to blame for our meat-eating habits. Had we never left the tropics, it’s unlikely we would have developed the inclination to eat so much meat.

The bottom line is, however, that when our distant ancestors first showed signs of their current homo sapiens state, we were still subsisting on fruits, leaves, shoots, roots, and the occasional bug. We cannot consume the raw flesh of animals – not without dire consequences for our health.

Apes, and likely our distant ancestors, could eat the occasional bird or small animal with little ill effect because of the infrequency of the act, as well as the fact that the meat was fresh, uncooked, and not processed.

Keep in mind, though, that even chimpanzees only eat a diet that consists of about 5% – 8% meat, and it almost entirely consists of termites and the tinniest of animals. It is more of a “supplemental” act, much in the way cats will occasionally eat certain flowers or grasses¬† if given the chance, because their bodies need a certain nutrient.

Point is, we are far more a plant-eating species biologically than even the chimpanzee. They are far more muscular, have slightly shorter intestines, slightly stronger stomach acidity, much larger fangs, and much quicker reflexes. We could never do what chimps do in the wild in terms of catching prey. Human muscular size has not gotten much smaller in the millions of years of our history: in fact there is some evidence to point that for much of our history, we were quite small. This is because we were, of course, living off of our natural diet: fruits and leaves.

When our bodies consume food that we’re not designed to eat, our bodies have to literally siphon nutrients from other parts of our body, namely our bones, to quell the acidity in substances like meat, dairy, and processed foods. It also takes far more energy to physically digest meat. The end result is often lethargy, malaise, inflammation (the infamous reddening of the skin, increased heartbeat, feeling flushed), and of course over time: clogged arteries, deteriorated bones, mutated cells, obesity, and death.

It’s Time to Give Up Our Meat Addiction

Like any other addiction, it’s time to let go. There are tons of delicious alternative and substitute meat products out there. It’s not like we’re living in the 80’s, when the only vegan meat substitutes were strips of soggy tofu. We’re in the age of Beyond Burgers and seitan tacos. There’s absolutely no reason to eat meat.

We all agree that the only reason to eat meat is for the taste, right? I mean, the thought of eating the muscle and body parts of chickens and cows isn’t exactly appealing. If you had to chop those animals up and drink their blood and eat their innards raw like a real omnivore, you would not only throw up your breakfast, you would likely become deathly ill and full of shame. There’s a reason for that: we’re not meant to do it. We only eat meat for the taste, most of which is acquired through a combination of smoke, herbs and spices (plants), and sauces (also plants).

The reason why you like the taste of meat in the first place is because it is packed with salt, seasonings, and spices. These plant-based tastes are also what make meat substitutes so good too, and the best part is, they are actually healthy for you in most cases.

More importantly than sating our taste buds, is the impact meat is having on our health.

We simply can’t continue down this road pretending we are omnivores. Heart disease is at record highs, obesity is an all-out epidemic, osteoporosis, cancer, hormonal dysfunctions, inflammatory diseases, irritable bowel syndrome: these are all illnesses brought on by the consumption of meat and dairy. We know it’s a carcinogen, we know it’s killing us.

What are you going to do about it?

The most important step is cutting out processed meats. We get it, everyone is on their own path and many people can’t make the leap to become vegan overnight. At the very least, however, give up lunch meat, sausage, hotdogs, fast food, and the other highly processed meat products. This stuff is literal poison for our bodies: we can’t digest it, it’s full of nitrates and dangerous animal proteins that add far too much acidity to our bodies, none of it is healthy, and it contributes to massive loss of animal life and the destruction of our environment due to over-farming and animal agriculture.

Nothing good comes out of the meat industry, but the processed meat industry may as well be cigarettes under a different name. Their products are that dangerous.

Do yourself and your family a favor and change your diet. The verdict is in: meat is a carcinogen, and it destroys your body.

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