Bacopa Cure Bipolar

What is Bacopa? Discover This Safe and Effective Cure For Bipolar Disorder

What is Bacopa and is it actually effective for helping to reduce the symptoms of Bipolar disorder?

I’m sure most people reading this have heard of the common plant waterhyssop, known as simply “brahmi” in Ayurveda. But did you know that this unassuming herb has amazing healing properties?

Recently, scientists have been able to isolate the compound responsible for a good bit of this revolutionary mental healing found in waterhyssop, and it’s called Bacopa, derived from official the name of the plant itself, Bacopa monnieri.

Pertinent to our analysis here, the herb was also used in India as early as the 6th Century CE to heighten awareness, sharpen focus, and improve the memories of scholars.

Its tea has been historically used to help with asthma, as well as ulcers and other kinds of inflammations.

The following guide delves into the incredible properties of this special plant and whether or not it is actually suitable as a cure for Bipolar Disorder.

Curing ADHD and Bipolar Naturally

There are many methods of eliminating mental disorders. In order to properly do so however, it helps to understand the nature of mental disorders in general. The vast majority of them, especially the common ones such as depression, ADHD, and Bipolar (AKA manic-depressive disorder), are brought about by chemical imbalances.

These chemical imbalances are present due to the unnatural circumstances of our environment, diet, and lifestyle. There is no easier way to put it than that. Unnatural living creates, more often than not, unnatural states of the body.

The good news is, all chemical imbalances can be fixed, either by correcting the imbalance with a better diet, improved metabolism, sleep, and meditation, or as the case may be here, it may be chemically fixed manually with certain substances.

We all know that some popular mental disorder drugs on the market, such as Prozac and Ritilin, seek to forcefully reverse imbalances by disrupting the firing of nerves, stopping the production of certain hormones or naturally occurring chemicals in the body, or otherwise “fix” the problem by altering the body chemistry even more harshly in the opposite direction, thereby counteracting the problem so long as the medicine continues to be taken.

Of course, this is no real “cure.” Once you are on most mainstream mental health drugs, you are on them for life. How could it be any other way? After all, they are designed to treat symptoms, not fix the root of the problem.

As stated above, the root of the problem is chemical imbalances brought on by the progressive exposure to unnatural substances in the environment and in the diet. Though the optimal way to rid oneself of mental disorders is to rectify the issue through dietary and lifestyle correction, there are “gentler” substances, such as certain herbs, that seem to counteract the chemical imbalances while not producing harmful side effects in the body like drugs do.

Bacopa is one such substance.

This unassuming herb increases cerebral blood flow, and assists in the production of choline acetyltransferase, an enzyme that is directly related to the synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.

In other words, it’s as if bacopa was engineered in a lab to combat bipolar disorder, it’s that specific. On top of all this, bacopa also seems to support cellular protection, and has antioxidant qualities, which means it helps negate cell deterioration and corruption.

This is crucial, because evidence suggests that some disruptive and abnormal chemical imbalances in the brain are caused by the deterioration of cells. Antioxidants that specifically target the neurological centers of the body would then be an incredibly effective way to combat these illnesses.

Obviously, then, bacopa fights Bipolar, ADHD, and similar mental disorders on three fronts: by increasing neurotransmitter functionality, encouraging healthy blood flow to the brain, and by rejuvenating brain cells. There are very few substances out there that singularly pack that kind of punch.

Using Bacopa as a Home Remedy

Thankfully, bacopa isn’t some rare manufactured drug that costs an arm and a leg, it’s a naturally growing herb that is relatively easy to grow and purchase.

As a home remedy, there are multiple ways you could take it in order to start benefiting from its medicinal qualities.

One such way would be to take the brahmi leaves, and make tea out of them.

The beneficial nutrients and compounds will act as a stress-reliever and energy booster. The positive effects the bacopa plant has on the body are akin to coffee, without the jitters. Mental clarity and an alert calmness are typical states brought about by drinking this powerful tea.

Alternatively, you can also drink a few teaspoons of the extract from brahmi leaves in your daily smoothies or teas, which works just as well, if not better.

Alternatively, there are wonderful supplements on the market for this fine herb, since it’s long been a staple of Indian and other forms of Eastern Medicine.

The best part is, many bacopa supplements are combined with other herbs that have a potent, scientifically-backed effect on mental disorders such as Bipolar and ADHD, making them quite powerful. All this without dangerous side effects.

The records of medicinal herbs such as bacopa state that it was used not only as a means of fixing mood imbalances and mental deterioration, but that it actually had the ability to improve memory.

This is because our ability to retain thoughts is intimately linked to the integrity of our brain cells. If you restore their ability to regenerate properly, your memory automatically would become more keen.

Bacopa Himalaya Mindcare Herbal Medicine

Perhaps one of the simplest, but most potent combinations on the market right now is the 100% vegan, GMO-free Himalaya Mindcare Supplement, which uses bacopa as its primary ingredient alongside Gotu Kola, and Ashwagandha.

This isn’t a newly crafted combination invented in a lab, but one that has been used in tandem together for hundreds of years in Eastern Medicine, to great effect.

It’s so important that we raise awareness of these powerful, life-changing herbs, because too many people are stuck on costly lifetime prescriptions to dangerous and ineffectual medications, when they could be lessening or even reversing their ailment naturally with clinically-backed herbal medicine that is actually good for you.

We carry several awesome medicinals that feature bacopa, but as a simple way to combat the effects of mental disorders such as ADHD and Bipolar, we highly recommend Himalaya Mindcare.

Their product is specifically designed to aid the body in healing itself naturally, while providing symptom relief and mental clarity.

Have you had experience with bacopa before? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding making bacopa tea or taking supplements. We want to guide you to optimal health.

5 thoughts on “What is Bacopa? Discover This Safe and Effective Cure For Bipolar Disorder”

  1. I am unable to take bipolar meds due to the side effects. I started taking a combo of Bacopa and ashwagandha 3 years ago and vastly improved my life. I retain a sense of calm and don’t have mood swings. It works! I highly recommend.

    1. Ashwagandha is practically a miracle herb, it has helped so many people. Congrats Theresa on finding a natural remedy that works for you! For anyone interested we have additional info on Ashwagandha in this article about natural depression cures. While Bacopa and other herbs and plants can be powerful yet gentle ways of reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other disorders, always communicate your findings to your doctor and never quit your meds cold turkey. Ease into a natural regimen with professional guidance.

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