Veganism Fastest Growing Movement of 2018

Why Veganism will be the Fastest Growing Lifestyle Movement of 2020

No longer banished to the margins of society, where for a long time it makes fun of being “weird” or “extreme,” veganism is becoming a truly widespread movement. Finally recognized for its positive effects on the sustainability and welfare of animals without sacrificing taste or style, as well as powerful health benefits, it becomes clear why so many people are attempting to make vegan life the new normal.

The continued spread of vegan and green business stories and developments over the past year shows that this movement is just beginning to make a name for itself, and entrepreneurs are the trailblazers.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider veganism in 2020 and beyond:

The numbers for Veganism speak for themselves

According to a study by Nielsen for the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA) and the Good Food Institute, herbal food sales rose 8.1% last year to over $ 3.1 billion.

Vegan cheese has exploded, with an estimated global market of $ 4 billion by 2024, with annual growth of 7.6% between 2016 and 2024, according to a report by research firm Bharat Book. ,

Google trends also show that the search term “vegan” is highest in the UK.

Veganism is now one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices in the UK, with a growth of more than 360 percent in the last decade, according to the Vegan Society.

Why so Many are Embracing Veganuary and Other Vegan Events

There are three main reasons why people become vegans: animal welfare, the environment, and personal health.

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are about health: regular exercise, weight loss, and better nutrition. This reason is an excellent motivation for people to sign up for the veganuary.

“Research has linked this form of nutrition to the lowest blood pressure and cholesterol levels and the lowest rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers,” says nutritionist Heather Russell. to the vegan society.

After the excesses of Christmas, the health benefits of a vegan diet are attractive: they help to limit saturated fat, and when they consume various foods, they provide lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

How to Become a Healthy Vegan

Studies estimate that about one in ten New Year’s resolutions is successful. In comparison, Veganuary reports that six out of ten participants remained vegans six months later last year.

Also, The Vegan Society ran a similar campaign, The Vegan Pledge, which since 2008 has helped make vegans vegan all year round in 30 days and 82% of those who sign up to stay vegan today.

This study demonstrates the power of health, animal welfare, and the environment as motivators and suggests that this is not a lifestyle decision as difficult as one would have imagined.

Meanwhile, about half of the 1.68 million vegetarians in the UK say they want to reduce their consumption of animal products.

“When you cut dairy products, it’s vital to make sure you get enough calcium and iodine,” Dietitian Hall says.

Calcium is needed for bone formation, muscle function, and blood clotting and can be found in cereals in calcium-fortified milk substitutes such as almond milk or dairy-free yogurt like soybean fortified and fortified orange juice.

Iodine reduces thyroid hormone and can kill fungus and bacteria. Hall says, “It’s quite difficult to get iodine in your diet without consuming dairy, so it’s possible that it’s considered a supplement.”

The only other dietary supplement recommended by vegans is Vitamin B12, especially if it is new to the diet because it is an essential vitamin to produce red blood cells, keep the nervous system healthy, and release energy from food in meat or specially fortified foods. ,

While chicken is an excellent source of iron, essential for the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, an iron-rich vegan diet should consist of legumes (such as peas and beans), dark green vegetables, quinoa and tofu.

Nuts, seeds, and a daily dose of flax seed or chia oil are good for omega-3 fatty acids that maintain a healthy heart.

Regarding the coveted protein, essential for the functioning of muscles and organs and our immune system? Well, two points really.

The first is that beans, legumes, soy, and nuts are not only excellent sources of protein but also valuable sources of iron, zinc, soluble fiber, omega-3 and vitamin B12.

The second is that we need much less protein than the media, and the fitness industry would make us believe: world tennis Novak Djokovic and former British heavyweight boxer David Haye are both vegans, while former Wimbledon champion Venus Williams calls herself “an unfaithful vegan.”

And now, of course, Lewis Hamilton has joined the ranks. He’s joining the ranks of Miley Cyrus, Joaquin Phoenix, Simon Cowell, Will.I.AM, Liam Hemsworth, and a ton of others.

All evidence suggests that veganism is perceived less as a burden, but instead as a force that is considered a current lifestyle regime.

Vegan Fast Food Explosion

If there’s any indicator that veganism is exploding in popularity, it’s the sharp increase in fast food restaurants offering vegan options.

It’s one thing for some obscure cafe in the ritzy part of New York or San Fransisco to offer vegan options, but it’s another thing entirely when your local Midwestern Burger King and McDonald’s joins in.

This is exactly what we’re seeing. The past couple of years have been remarkable, as it turns out fast food chains are seeing huge profit and brand success with the introduction of vegan options onto their menus.

We reported on what Burger King was doing with the “Impossible Whopper” which was actually a response to other chains offering vegan options. Now there are rumors McDonald’s, Dunkin, and even Applebee’s.

Dunkin Vegan Sausage
Vegan options are popping up at local fast food joints faster than most news outlets can keep track of them. This should tell you something.

Fast food, like it or not, is a major indicator of eating habits all over the country and has been for decades. The fact that there is so much positive reception in these American mainstay establishments means veganism has already gone mainstream and more people are waking up.

Miley Cyrus Vegan
Miley is living her best life as a vegan and has become an outspoken proponent on behalf of the animals.

The Game Changers and Beyond

The next big vegan documentary has been released. Dubbed “The Game Changers,” this entry focuses less on the “conspiracy” aspect of the animal agriculture industry and the FDA in regards to our health and the treatment of animals, and focuses instead on professional athletes who have gone vegan and have seen dramatic results.

It says a lot about veganism that so many big names in sports are willing to potentially jeopardize their careers and image in the public eye just to try going vegan. What they’ve discovered is shocking the world. Their gains and performance are actually increasing.

The Game Changers inadvertently proves that veganism is our optimal diet and that we as humans thrive on a vegan diet.

This burst onto the mainstream will only continue. It looks like veganism is here to stay and will only grow as its benefits become even more well known.

When you even have whole parts of NFL teams turning vegan, you know the writing is on the wall.

Don’t be afraid to explore veganism if you are curious. You’ll discover true health and happiness, and that’s only the beginning.

Here’s an essential vegan starter guide to get you started.

Do no harm, and Rise Above!

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