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Your Path to Self-Mastery Starts Here

What determines quality of life? This is an issue many of us wrestle with in our search for success, health, and happiness.

After a decade of walking the Path and doing my fair share of stumbling, testing, and hard learning, I’ve come to the conclusion that quality of life is directly related to mastery of Self.

For those who aren’t masters of their own life, the road is paved with tribulation, suffering, frustration, and failure. They see no opportunity, lack the ability to take care of their health, have no idea how to generate personal power or utilize their willpower to accomplish any goals.

Life for these people is always just a string of miseries, no matter the apparent circumstances.

The opposite is true for those who have managed to master themselves, to any degree. Problems are challenges to be learned from, opportunity is everywhere, health comes naturally as they make the right decisions, and money is easily obtainable.

Quality of life then is a measure of one’s own level of self-mastery.

This revelation opened the door for me, and is what led me to develop an entire training program based on disciplining the mind and body.

What started as an idea two years ago has finally become a reality.

Bulletproof Mind: A Life Changing Self-Mastery Program

One of the first tasks in developing a results-based training program was to analyze the root of why self-mastery traditions such as Wing Chun and Tai Chi were so effective.

Was it the physical training? Was it the confidence in knowing you could fight? The feeling of being a part of something?

These are the typical takes on the subject, but I’ve always had my suspicions that it was deeper than that.

My involvement with martial arts started early on, when I took up Tae Kwon Do as a young teen. Though the “sport”-like nature of this art didn’t do much for me, I was fortunate enough to have a decent teacher who emphasized mindfulness and discipline.

I wasn’t able to afford to stay there very long, but it gave me a spark to continue training and investigating the arts on my own.

Though I had nominal success training my body, it wasn’t until I started training the mind that I saw the results I was looking for.

The truth is, everything starts and ends with the mind. If you aren’t controlling it and harnessing its power, you are automatically hindering your own life.

It became clear to me that over half of martial discipline was about the mind, and that many beginner exercises and techniques are all designed to better control your thoughts and emotions.

Discipline, in fact, is the common theme that connects all martial traditions, from yoga to wing chun and beyond.

The problems so many of us face in life are often due to lack of self-discipline, of both the mind and body. Wayward thoughts lead to wayward actions. Lack of direction, lack of understanding of why or how things happen, lack of control.

Mental strength dictates physical capacity. If you have an inflexible, sensitive, weak mind, the likelihood that you will enjoy physical success in anything is minimal.

Disciplining the mind, then, came into focus for me as a top priority.

And it was then that I realized that many of the techniques in yoga and martial arts exist solely to discipline the mind through physical self-mastery.

Wresting control of the body stills the mind and hones focus. Control of the breath, likewise, improves bodily function but also bypasses the ego and gives you something to train your focus on.

This mind-body approach to training all centered around discipline.

And it is this discipline that quite literally transforms your life.

So then the question is, how do you extract the most essential teachings of martial discipline without actually having to go through the fluff and formalities of modern day martial art schools, spending tons of money, and with a greater focus on meditation and unlocking the mind?

I had to develop a training program that really cut away the fat and drilled down to the heart of what makes self-mastery so powerful.

The Bulletproof Mind takes the best elements of straightforward mind-body training and marries them to practical advice and hermetic teachings, to create what I believe to be the most easy to follow yet personally challenging and results-orientated training program you could ever get your hands on, outside of traveling to Tibet to find some grand master to train under.

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Opening the Path

Self-mastery isn’t just about a stronger body and more focused mind. It’s about actually being in control of your life.

Anyone can lift a weight or learn how to handle stress better. That’s not self-mastery, it’s merely an exercise.

The essence of self-mastery rests in deconstructing the ego first and foremost, in order to dispel personal illusions and erroneous beliefs about your Self and the world around you.

This is done through breathwork, physical discipline, and processing repressed trauma.

Once you understand how to quiet and open up the mind, and train the body in tandem, what results is change at the core, not merely at the surface level.

The problem with many ordinary training programs is that they fail to touch on the movement of energy, or anything else substantial. How can you hope to be the conductor of your own life if you don’t even know how to direct, control, or harness personal energy?

Through breathwork, physical discipline, and mental control comes the ability to direct personal power, which of course is the heart of all deep martial arts and yoga, yet is usually absent from most self-help or exercise programs.

With Bulletproof Mind, I opted not to pull any punches. It holds the steps you need to take in order to see real change, but that doesn’t mean there are shortcuts or that it is easy.

What I did do, however, is save the reader the trouble of scouring thousands of years worth of ancient traditions just to find the right ways to train.

Everything you need to know in order to start walking the Path is right there in a concise, short, easy to follow book.

One of the biggest problems I encountered over the years of “going down the rabbit hole” of esoteric tradition, is that despite this kind of information being nonexistent in the mainstream, there is actually quite an abundance of it. Not all of it is relevant or even useful, and much of it does not pertain to the early stages of self-mastery.

So what is someone to do if they  simply want an easy to follow method for mastering their mind and body? Toil over countless books and foreign philosophies to pick out grains of truth?

To make matters worse, before self-mastery training, few have the capacity to understand the difference between fact and fiction, truth and metaphor, and outright lies. So trusting them to find the right information without getting bogged down in a cloud of confusing and misleading beliefs and traditions, is a tall order indeed.

Hence, Bulletproof Mind had to be made.

Are you looking for a way to finally take control and leave mediocrity behind? I know you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

The training program is the result of over two years of development, testing, and deciding what to say and what not to say.

Ultimately, it delivers on everything I wanted it to and more.

Anyone who follows the training methods inside the book will see positive change in their life, guaranteed. It’s basically a recipe for a kickass life.

The best part? No gimmicks. No get rich schemes. No crazy diets. No fad belief systems or “master classes” or webinars. None of that nonsense.

Just you and the training.

Better health, more confidence, sharper mind, quicker reaction time, it’s all more or less inevitable.

Ready to start walking the Path with me?

Bulletproof Mind Total Self Mastery

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