Power of the Moment

Your Power Exists Only in the Moment

I’m sure you’ve heard motivational speakers and gurus say that you have to “live in the moment.”

Maybe you sort of grasped what they were getting at, maybe you didn’t. But the idea of living in the moment resonates with most people on a deep level because instinctively we know that the present is the only true reality.

Past and future are just concepts, or mental constructs. They technically don’t exist.

Yet, most people are obsessed with the past and future.

Guilt locks them into the past, worry locks them into the future. They leave no room for the present, better known as reality.

Your power to achieve what you want, transform your Self, and experience everything that life has to offer can only occur in the present.

The moment is what exists. Nothing else.

All the fretting we do over the past is pointless. It happened. It’s over. Let it rest.

All the concern about future events is just as meaningless. You aren’t here to live in a “version” of the future inside your head. You aren’t meant to concoct scenarios and worry over them.

This kind of unaware behavior  limits and destroys you.

To find happiness and transform your life, you have to let all of this attachment go.

Attachment and Fighting the Ego

Your greatest enemy is attachment.

Everything that your ego obsesses over to the detriment of your freedom and power is an attachment, and in order to transform, you have to let them all go.

To do so, you have to learn how to better stay in the present, or live in the moment.

One of the single most important things you can do to improve your life immediately is to stop being so attached to the past and future.

Your happiness and quality of life will skyrocket if you can overcome your attachments.

This is one of the cornerstones of self-mastery that we promote and encourage here at Digital Sages.

So much is based on perspective, and how we focus our attention. If you knew how powerful your mind was, you would realize it can be the origin of all your suffering, or continual happiness.

In order to reach a state where your mind serves you instead of the other way around, you often have to adjust your focus and practice how to appreciate the moment rather than being wrapped up in the past and future.

If you’re serious about reclaiming your power and learning how to focus on the present, we highly recommend the following guide, which will help you on the Path.

Live in the Moment

9 thoughts on “Your Power Exists Only in the Moment”

  1. Great post! I am so guilty of this, and even though I am aware of it, I still find myself doing these things. These behaviors basically hold you prisoner and keep you from enjoying life as we are living it. Thanks for the reminder, I needed it.

    1. No problem. Always looking to help and bring awareness. The “prisoner” analogy is perfectly apt! We’re robbed of the experience of living when we’re not focused or rooted in the present. For people suffering from this it can seem like life is indeed like a prison, suffocating, limiting, bleak, and full of frustration. We all slip up from time to time so it’s important to practice mindfulness every day.

  2. I’ve never considered the damaging power of attachments and am so happy I came across your post. Unfortunately, I’m also one who worries so much about the future that I forget make time for the present. I will be putting your suggestions in place starting today.

    1. We all worry about the past and future too much from time to time, but once you realize the power they hold over you, you realize it’s an unhealthy attachment. It’s shocking how free, light, and “in control” of your life you feel once you really learn to stop giving past and future any power or dominion over you, and instead choose to root your Self in the present. It’s truly liberating.

  3. Excellent article. You wrote about one of my main problems, fretting about the past. I know we can learn from our past mistakes, but fretting about them is a big energy waster.

    1. Great website! I’m a huge proponent of essential oils so that automatically caught my attention. Just keep posting on a regular basis and building a community through social media, you have a solid foundation.

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