Empowerment Affirmations That Work

30 Empowerment Affirmations That Work

I’m sure you’ve heard of the transformative powers of affirmations and mantras before. Successful people from all walks of life, from business executives to yoga teachers, use affirmations on a daily basis because they know they work.

What makes an affirmation so powerful though?

The reason behind this begins in the mind.

Our subconscious minds tend to be very fickle. They can’t distinguish between real sensory input and imagined input.

It’s for this reason why we can “freak ourselves out” when we’re home alone, or get our heart pumping fast just by thinking of an embarrassing or perilous situation.

When you state an affirmation with conviction, your inner mind can’t really tell that this isn’t reality. In fact, that’s the point.

We are “wired” in such a way that we can control how we perceive. This works both ways, unfortunately.

Many people use negative affirmations constantly, and it warps their perception of self.

If you regularly tell yourself that you’re “ugly,” your mind believes it and will go to great lengths to make it so.

Remember also the placebo effect, which has proven that the body will “cure” itself of certain diseases and problems if it believes it gets a treatment that works, even if the treatment isn’t actually real. Sugar pills have been administered to people believing they were getting medicine, only to have their ailments cured just as if they took real medicine.

The mind is extremely powerful. It can either work for you, or against you.

It’s your responsibility to tend to your mental garden and decide what thoughts, or affirmations, you allow.

Positive affirmations will not only shift your mindset and mood, they will have you thinking quicker, being able to handle stress better, and even making better decisions without you even realizing it.

You will also become more open to attracting what you need in life through the principle of energy correspondence, or the law of attraction.

Use the following affirmations throughout the day, think and say them with conviction, and learn to shift your mindset.

30 Empowerment Affirmations

I am capable of doing what I want to do.

My power is limitless.

I will always succeed.

I have infinite potential.

My goals are in reach.

I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I attract what I need in my life.

I always find the answers.

My actions inspire others.

I am taken care of.

I am beautiful and strong.

I am a rock that others can rely on.

I manifest what I want effortlessly.

My body and mind are in harmony.

I am a catalyst for change.

I will not accept limitation.

I have done great things and will do more great things.

I am in control of my mind and emotions.

The actions and words of others cannot touch me.

I create what I want to see in the world.

My destiny is mine to control.

I am provided for.

I fear nothing.

I am here to fulfill my purpose.

My strength grows every day.

I am healthy and happy.

Peace and prosperity follow me.

Money loves me.

Nothing will hold me back from the success I deserve.

I am able to do all things.

Harness the Power of Affirmations

An affirmation works best if you take a second to still and center yourself beforehand. Once you are ready to think or speak the affirmation, do so with the force of your will.

When you “affirm” you are willing into being. You want to create an etheric thread, or chain of energy, between your mind and the potential outcome of the affirmation.

By so doing, you are essentially “fishing for a reality.” The better your willpower and the better worded the affirmation, the better chance you have of hooking that potential reality that matches what you are willing.

It’s etheric magnetism, better known as the law of attraction.

You want to speak firmly, with willpower, and no doubt.

As soon as you speak an affirmation, do not dwell on it. This will unravel the energy you have put forth into the world.

Bonus Hermetic Affirmation

I was taught this affirmation years ago by a mentor, and it has served me well. It is an affirmation of negative energy diffusion.

“There is No Enemy Worthy.”

The potency of an affirmation is often only as successful as its wording allows it to be. The wording of an affirmation is important, because remember what I said about the subconscious being fickle. If it finds loopholes or easy negatives to attach to the affirmation, your mind will unravel the energy.

This particular affirmation is a masterwork. It is worded just like a spell, in fact.

There is no enemy worthy implies many things, all of which are beneficial to you. The forces out there cannot touch you, you are above your enemies, you are more powerful than any force that opposes you, no opposing force can stand up to you, none would dare try, and by the same token, peace is the inevitable outcome.

Often in the face of dire circumstances I have uttered this phrase to people’s faces, and they react as if stunned. It is powerful craft, so use it wisely.

Empowering yourself through affirmations is an easy and effective way of taking back control of your life. At any time, you have the ability to create a life full of prosperity and happiness, and oftentimes all you need to get started is a little push.

You are able to do all things. Now go out into the world and do them.

30 Empowerment Affirmations

5 thoughts on “30 Empowerment Affirmations That Work”

  1. Very relevant article. The mind is full of latent potential – we are what we feed it and what we tell ourselves. Our intention whether good or bad manifests! As much as what we tell others, it is also very important what and how we message to our our self.

  2. These are all great affirmations, thank you. Sometimes, it’s hard to see through the challenges in life but even just one short sentence can make such a big positive impact.

    1. Exactly. People often think you have to make huge changes in your life to see big results, but that’s not always the case. Simply giving yourself a confidence boost could change the outcome of so many situations. Mindset is everything.

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