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Calypso Meditation and Developing Your Soul Sense

One of the most important skills you can cultivate is soul sensing, which is the ability to sense the aura and energy patterns of other people. Through specific kinds of meditation, anyone can learn to master this skill.

If you are not familiar with the term, auric sight is the ability to “see” or feel the aura of another person, and thereby interpret their mood, thoughts, and intentions.

However, auric sight is only so powerful because it involves the denser parts of the energy body, or that which is extremely close to the visible electromagnetic spectrum.

The parts of the energy body one “sees” with auric sight are just about the same parts picked up by Kirlian photography.

In that way, auric sight can be crude and not so accurate, especially as it concerns the true intentions and karmic patterns of an individual.

Taken another way, auric sight reveals outward intentions, outward moods, current emotions and conscious thought patterns. It reveals the current state of the etheric body and emotional sheath. 

Soul sensing, on the other hand, reveals the intent behind actions, the overall “state” of an energy body, impulses behind thoughts, origins of emotions, and possible threads of fate.

This faculty was known as True Sight among sages of the past, for it involves “seeing” with neither the eyes nor the mind.

You “see” with the soul, or energy body itself.

Soul sensing, or etheric discernment, requires a certain level of alignment with one’s own energy body, as well as the ability to differentiate between energy bodies and their various densities.

There are of course numerous ways in advanced Hermetics to train this ability, and as usual there are no shortcuts when you’re talking about real self-mastery work. It can take time to develop such abilities.

However, it’s in my nature to find mind hacks and energy bending techniques that drill down through the psyche and enable people to learn these kinds of skills faster than is commonly thought possible.

Soul sensing is one of those skills that anyone can learn, but few ever do because of their lack of connection with their own energy body.

Even many seasoned sages never develop past the ability of basic auric sight, because they don’t have the proper deep connection with Self.

In matters of energy body connection, Deep Work is often required, and it’s not always easy to face your Self and break down the stubborn parts of the ego.

That’s where Calypso Meditation comes in.

The First Child: Calypso

This will require a quick lesson in the dualistic nature of reality.

As you are likely aware, reality itself can be viewed as dualistic in nature. The ancients called this the masculine and feminine dichotomy.

Energy, or all that is, manifests in two distinct natural polarities of strengths and weaknesses that form an holistic balance.

Both parts of this dualism also manifest in one another, and thus we know that there is masculine energy in the feminine, and feminine energy in the masculine. Macrocosm within the microcosm, as above so below.

You can further divide these dualistic energies into other partitions, however. Understanding the different natures of energies enables us to better work with them and align with the natural flow of reality.

The feminine side of the prime duality has long been known to manifest in a trined manner, or in three distinct forms.

This three-fold nature manifests in many forms of the feminine duality. The ancients used the symbolism of the maiden, mother, and crone to illustrate the nature of the three-fold goddess, or the Divine Feminine.

Though many names and beliefs are attached to this concept, the truths of the three-fold goddess are better revealed in advanced Hermetics, which elaborates on the nature of the Divine Feminine somewhat better than the standard maiden, mother, and crone imagery.

The trined goddess manifests as three “child” spirits, known to the ancients as Calypso, Ahliah, and Ellyshia.

Calypso represents everything innocent and still. It is the essence of the Goddess that represents awareness through purity of heart, relationship with the ethereal, playfulness, and being alone and secretive in your power.

Innocence Unlocks Awareness

It is said that one aspect of the Path requires you to reclaim your innocence.

This is odd, because self-mastery is typically associated with grand empowerment.

The Path is often full of paradoxes. Innocence does not always denote blindness, in matters of the occult.

In fact, it is the opposite.

Many people have let their hearts harden or putrefy, thus blinding them from the sublime revelations of nature and their inner Self.

A lack of innocence makes people wooden and predictable, out of touch with the playful mysteries of the natural world.

Self-mastery, in part, is a Path toward reclaiming the contemplative, playful, tender side of your power.

This is the essence of Calypso. She keeps these gifts waiting for those that would have the heart to claim them.

It would be a misconception to say such a task is easy.

Quite the contrary, finding your innocence once you’ve lost it can be a monumental task.

Some people revel in their own hardness. They are angry and bitter inside and hold fast to these diseased emotions, because it is a part of their identity.

However, Calypso imparts a wisdom far beyond the cold calculation and emptiness of modern day “maturity.”

There is nothing sacred or special about losing your innocence. It is a crucial part of your Self, because innocence reflects nature.

Nature itself is a grand interplay of playfulness and occult happenings.

Many secret games are played in the gardens of your yard. The secret work of a thousand creatures.

This work is done in quiet, in secret, and with playful intent. It is spontaneous but intended, free but controlled.

It is the innocence of nature at work. Both lighthearted and cunning.

The energy of Calypso can be likened to the energy you find when you overturn a large stone in your backyard in the height of summer. You will find a host of creatures squirming and trundling about, just minding their own business. You would have never known they were even there if you would have never looked for them.

These creatures come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny pill-bugs to earthworms, spiders, and centipedes. You might even find the stray snail or two.

Under that rock, they perform a myriad of tasks. They are eating, they are breeding, they are communicating.

It is a quiet mass of writhing purpose under that rock, occult in its work, playful in its movement, and innocent in its spirit.

Capture this energy, or better yet, the wonderful awe of a young child lifting said rock to observe what’s going on underneath, and you have an idea of what Calypso is all about.

Meditate on Your Inherent Innocence

All beings have an inherently innocent nature.

Despite what you may have been taught in your religion or otherwise, humans are not a “fallen species.”

This belief comes from a distantly ancient fearful understanding of humans being cut off from the web of life.

Anyone can rejoin it at any time though, it is not something inherently a part of our genetic or etheric makeup.

We are all innocent by default. As are all plants and animals.

Perform a basic breathwork meditation. As you focus your intent, seek to align your Self with the innocence of those creatures of the dark.

Think about what it would be like to have a playfully purposeful mindset. To let go of all your stress, worries, fears, doubts, and misguided opinions.

To instead only care about your duties and letting your spirit soar. To work diligently, to know one’s purpose, yet to do so with the free nature of a child, undaunted by large tasks, willing to help, tender and joyful, and most importantly, untainted by the wrongness of this society.

Getting in touch with the innocent side of your Self is one of the fastest ways I know to connect with other people on a soul level.

Soul sensing is a soul-to-soul connection. To put it in more accurate esoteric terms, it is a joining of energy bodies.

To connect with another energy body however, you need something substantial.

Nothing as flighty or artificial as a physical personality or physical looks.

True soul connection requires a subatomic circuit to be made complete. In this way is it crucial that you find something of substance in another person to latch onto.

If you find this substance in your Self, you can better feel it in others.

Our innocent essence provides one such means of connecting with someone on a deep level.

The Calypso part of our being is inherently primal. It reaches back to the deepest, most sacred parts of our Self.

You will find that soul sensing can be cultivated as a skill based around other people’s true innocent natures, and going from there.

Too many psychic interpretations of our auras only reach the “outer” aspects, or what has already been manifested into our auras by our choices and intent.

Soul sensing allows you to go deeper, by reaching the innocent core of a person’s being, and then radiating out from there to discover their personal differences and the issues they may be facing at the soul level.

You can only hone this skill by being deeply in touch with the Self, however.

But if you are willing to do the Self work, communing with Calypso can reveal a lot about who you are and what you want out of life.

As always, seeking to help others on an etheric level often enables us to better help ourselves.

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