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Can Turmeric Fight the Common Cold?

Turmeric is a spice long revered for its anti-inflammatory properties, and has recently been sought after as a way to fight more serious diseases such as the flu. Could there be any truth behind these claims?

What’s important to note here is that colds and the flu are caused by viruses. There are many misconceptions that people have in regards to viral infections, as they tend to get conflated with bacterial infections and other illnesses.

You can have a rock solid immune system and still fall deathly ill due to a virus. This is because a virus actually turns your own immune system against itself.

Technically, there are no known “cures” for most viruses. A vaccine is not the same thing as a cure, it is a stimulant that helps your body to create more antibodies, which then fend off the threat or prevent it from taking hold.

Viruses are difficult to defend against and fight, because most medicines and treatments simply aren’t effective against them.

Even many common holistic solutions are no match for the power of a virus, although some such as turmeric show promise because they specifically work to fight inflammation.

In most cases you must let the bug “run its course.” This means you must trust in your body’s ability to right the ship and create the right antibodies before too much of your system has been compromised. The issue is that as your body’s immune system weakens, you become more susceptible to other complications, such as pneumonia.

Given all that we know about viruses and the body, are there any reliable ways to help your body fight off viral infections?

Turmeric and the Power of Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

If you’ve never heard of turmeric before, it’s a flavorful spice typically used in Indian and Asian medicine and food. Also known as the golden spice, it has been a prized herbal remedy for millennia.

The reason behind turmeric’s success is based strictly on its medicinal properties. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, so much so that in the span of about ten years, it’s gone from being completely unknown to virtually a household name.

Google trends show that back in the 2000’s, hardly anyone in the West or in mainstream culture knew what this stuff was. A few years ago, however, as knowledge of herbal remedies have gone mainstream, turmeric’s popularity has exploded. This is because, as far as herbal remedies go, it is by far one of the most powerful.

In general, holistic medicine is gentle and focuses on giving small helpful boosts to the body. In other words, it is more about supplemental nutrition using plant-based compounds, not “miracle drugs” or anything else nonsensical like that.

Spice Holistic Remedy
Natural plant-based substances are still one of the most effective ways of restoring balance to the body.

However, there are a few herbal remedies that are so powerful, they almost act as if they are a drug. Turmeric is one such natural cure that behaves in this fashion, which is why it has seen such massive success and attention as of late. Its anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties can’t really be argued at this point.

If this golden spice really has the ability to strengthen our immune system and relieve inflammation, does that mean it has any chance at being an effective treatment for colds or the flu?

How to Treat Colds Naturally

As of yet, there is no known “cure” or even a viable vaccine for the common cold. While vaccines are in the works all around the world, we must for now make do with holistic ingenuity and common sense.

In that regard, there are certainly ways to strengthen your body and fend off colds when they do pop up.

If any one specific method exists to fight such viruses and cold symptoms, it boils down to “balance.”

You must not only strengthen your body’s defenses, you must also take into account the equilibrium of your body as a whole. This means proper muscle to fat ratio, metabolism, lymphatic system, digestive system, hormones. Everything should be as close to balanced as possible.

After all, this is the true ultimate goal of holistic health, helping your body return to stasis. This optimal state gives you the best chance in remaining healthy while your body fights the virus.

Turmeric can indeed help you reach equilibrium, because it increases your body’s ability to fight inflammation and bolsters the immune system itself.

vegan turmeric supplement
Supporting your body’s equilibrium is critical in times like these.

This means that while turmeric isn’t a “cure” in and of itself, it is a holistic tool that can be used to gently reduce inflammation in the body. Overall, if you are facing complications due colds or the flu, you should seek optimal alkaline nutrition.

Vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients are extremely important, many of which have natural anti-inflammatory properties. In many cases, inflammation is merely a side-effect of bodily imbalance. You correct this imbalance with an alkaline diet, including supplementation if necessary.

For example, vitamin C is actually one of the primary weapons used to fight colds. Most of the best “cures” and medicines that have ever existed are found in nature, inside of fruits, vegetables, and other plant sources.

It’s critical to remember that no amount of supplementation or health can prevent a virus from infecting you. This is a genetic matter, not one of health. All you can do is build up your body’s defenses and offensive capabilities as well.

Doctors have noticed that one of the common factors of viral complications, is high inflammation and a lack of NK (natural killer) cells. Certain plant-based compounds have been shown to boost NK cell count, and a lack of a holistic lifestyle is shown to decrease the cell count, including poor sleep habits, poor diet, and little to no exercise.

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