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What is Februdairy? Exposing the Harsh Reality of the Dairy Industry

Februdairy is essentially a propaganda stunt pulled by the dairy industry as an answer to Veganuary, a popular vegan movement / charity that challenges people to simply go vegan for the month of January.

Of course, as would be expected by the craven meat and dairy industries, Veganuary has been met with plenty of backlash amid its success. Februdairy is just one of the many silly attempts to derail what has become a global phenomenon.

The dairy industry, of course, has never been beyond propaganda. All you have to do is look at the “Got Milk?” campaign, which exists to do one thing: con people into believing we need dairy for a healthy body.

Of course, this is absurd. Regardless of whether or not you are vegan, you should know that humans have no use for dairy products as a whole. No animal needs milk after it is a baby, and no animal needs to milk of another animal. Human beings are the only animals that engage in this bizarre practice. It is unnatural and unnecessary.

That is of course why the dairy industry peddles reams of propaganda every year. As more and more people wake up and swear off dairy, the industry gets hit harder in the wallet and has to double down on its effort to sell its poison to the masses.

And to be sure, it is indeed poison.

Dairy in some ways is even more cruel than the meat industry, if you can believe that.

This isn’t meant to be a long article on all the insane particulars of the dairy industry, as we have already outlined how destructive they are before. But we will be going over the most essential points about what you need to know, in case you are curious about what Februdairy is all about and why the dairy industry has had to resort to such measures to stay relevant.

Dairy is Horrible For You

Let’s get this out of the way first. If you don’t already know, it’s important to understand just how dangerous dairy is as a “food” for human beings.

The purpose of cow’s milk is to help a baby calf grow rapidly. These animals are much larger than us, and as such, their milk is fattier and more protein-laden than ours, and is more acidic.

We were not designed to consume milk after the first couple of years of life, and we were not designed to ever consume cow’s milk. Most of the planet is actually lactose intolerant after a certain age, because they never developed even a marginal adaptation to be able to accommodate drinking it into adulthood.

Dairy has a net acidic effect on the body, which forces our cells to leech minerals from our bones in order to maintain proper pH balance. The result is weak bones, disease, mineral imbalances, organ malfunction, and other issues which we typically think of as symptoms to various illnesses.

The stuff just simply does not belong in your body. Period.

Dairy is Obscenely Cruel

The dairy industry is rife with torture and death.

Cow’s are loving, aware, sentient creatures that take pride in motherhood and who can experience the full range of emotions that any dog or cat can.

Yet the industry keeps cows in perpetual slavery in order to produce milk.

They are constantly raped through artificial insemination, kept pregnant continuously, milked dry, and wind up dying when they are still technically not even full grown adults. Their lifespans are cut mercilessly short because the non-stop pregnancies and milkings destroy their body and mind.

Babies are ripped from mothers. Mothers are kept in cages and are little more than milk and baby machines. And the baby bulls are sold off to the veal industry, to be kept in little crates for a few months until their inevitable slaughter.

If you eat dairy in any form you support this cycle of suffering. Harsh, but true.

Dairy is Environmentally Unsustainable

Like the meat industry, the dairy industry mass-produces cows, large animals that were never meant to be cramped into small plots of land by the tens of thousands.

The result of dairy farms is mass pollution on a staggering scale.

As we are beginning to learn more about the devastating effects that animal agriculture has on the environment, we can be sure of one thing: the methane, feces, and urine that these millions of cows produce is slowly annihilating local ecosystems, poisoning groundwater, and accelerating climate change.

It is unnatural. It is disgusting. It simply cannot go on.

To say nothing of the plastic waste byproducts of the dairy industry, as well as the massive resources it takes to grow the crops that feed all these animals, which could be going to humans instead.

Dairy as an industry is incompatible with a sustainable future.

Dairy is Completely Unnecessary

The good news is, there are amazing dairy alternatives.

If you think you can’t live without milk, there are over a dozen delicious vegan milks on the market, that get more popular all the time.

They vary in consistency and taste, but one thing is common about all of them: they taste far better than cow’s milk, and are all cruelty-free.

Not only that, but most plant-based milks, like coconut, almond, soy, rice, hemp, and cashew, all contain more nutrients than cow’s milk.

This nutrition is better optimized for our bodies, since we are primarily supposed to be plant-eaters.

There are also tasty vegan alternatives to your favorite dairy foods, like ice cream and cheese.

In fact, there are vegan yogurts that are made from coconut milk that are better than the real thing. Same goes for ice-cream.

There is absolutely no reason to eat dairy anymore. It’s outdated, primitive, barbaric nonsense peddled to us by a dying industry.

Ditch dairy.

Februdairy is the Last Gasp of a Dying Industry

Reports have been coming out over the last few years about the imminent collapse of the entire dairy industry.

Sales of milk products are in freefall all over the world, but especially in the UK and here in the United States.

Usage of plant-based milks are on the rise big time, and as word spreads about the health issues that dairy causes, fewer and fewer doctors are recommending it.

Canada recently ditched dairy as an entire food group. That’s because it isn’t food. Not for human beings anyway.

The propaganda that Februdairy tries to push is indisious though, because it is primarily being pushed by dairy farms and farmers. Their angle is to try and paint dairy as this wholesome industry with compassionate people and happy cows.

Don’t buy it.

Even on organic farms, it’s the same story. Mothers are separated from their offspring, raped endlessly throughout their short lives, and are little more than milk machines. All to produce a product that is basically poison for us.

The dairy industry is banking on you not doing any research or self-reflection. They want you to buy into the “Got Milk?” propaganda.

Well, the rest of the adult animals on this planet don’t “Got Milk” and they are just fine. You will be too.

It’s important to raise awareness and get the word out about the horrors of the dairy industry.

This is bigger than things like food preference, personal opinion, and “diets.” Your choices have a ripple effect, and it matters whether or not you support an industry that enslaves millions of animals, and has no problem with selling you hormone and pus-laden poison.

Retake the hashtag #Februdairy. Spread the word about the horrors of dairy and the awesome alternatives. Watch the dairy industry crumble.

This is the least we can do.

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