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Natural Relief From Aching Joints: Best Herbal Remedies

Joint pain has become a very common affliction that millions of people have to deal with, especially as they reach old age. There are many varieties of medicine that relieve the symptoms of aching joints, but far too few cures.

The truth is, joint pain, like many illnesses, has become a multi-million dollar industry. There is very little incentive to “cure” it. Many doctors will tell you that it’s just something you have to deal with for the rest of your life.

We are told that as we age, it is not uncommon for the cartilage between our joints to wear away. This, and weaker bones in general, can lead to aches and pains ranging from milk to severe, and even to debilitating.

Late stage arthritis is crippling, and we are told there is no cure.

That is incorrect.

There are natural ways to heal joint paint, reduce inflammation, and even reverse the effects of diseases like arthritis.

Yoga, for instance, has been known to drastically reduce joint pain. Part of the reason why joint issues occur in the first place is because our society doesn’t require us to have flexible joints. We allow our bodies to decay and degrade to the point where the connections between our joints start breaking down.

The body itself will begin to weaken if it is not tested and used. Bones and muscles will deteriorate if not in use. Our lethargic, inactive, unnatural lifestyles basically induce bone and joint decay.

Yoga can reverse these diseases because it is designed to replicate natural movements we would be engaging in if we were in nature, living like animals. The usage of joint movements we typically don’t do, with mild strength testing and a proper diet, can do wonders for people suffering from arthritis and other bones problems.

We are here to look at some herbal remedies for joint pain however, which can be an essential part to any health regimen, especially so if you aren’t quite well enough for yoga.

Joint Pain Natural Cures

You might be wondering how it is that herbs, fruits, and rocks could just so happen to provide joint pain cures for humans. If you’re not familiar with biology or natural cures in general, the whole thing might come across as bizarre.

First it’s important to realize what joint pain is: inflammation.

Joint pain is typically a symptom, as we discussed above, of bodily imbalance specifically centered in the bones, muscles, and joints. This imbalance can be caused by years of poor diet, for example.

The fact remains though that this is an issue of inflammation we are tacking if we are talking about joint pain.

And it just so happens that many herbs and minerals found in nature have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties in them.

This is due in part because inflammation in general is what we might call an “acidic state.”

The plant-based compounds in herbs and fruits, and most minerals of course, are alkaline.

It is in an alkaline environment where we thrive and are at our healthiest. These natural anti-inflammatory properties found in nature attack joint pain by reducing inflammation or hindering the root cause of the inflammation.

So when looking at an effective remedy for joint pain, we have to look for the most effective anti-inflammatory cures, that have the right accompanying compounds that will carry these cures right to the bone the quickest.

Epsom Salt

Before getting too deep into the natural cures, this one should go without saying. If you’re looking for some quick, basic relief for your joint pain right now, you can’t go wrong with an epsom salt bath.

This alkaline mineral bath is widely known to soothe and loosen stiff joints and inadvertently reduce inflammation in most people.

As Medical Daily explains,

“Epsom salt consists of magnesium and sulfates – two compounds that are very important for our bodies. The trick is to prepare an Epsom salt bath in which the salt will easily break into the water allowing the magnesium and sulfates to get absorbed in the body and our body can use them for its health benefits. It is harder for our bodies to absorb the magnesium taken in the form of a supplement. That is why this way our body gets to use the most of the magnesium during an Epsom salt bath.”

A huge part of nutrition that many don’t talk about is nutrient absorption. You can take all the supplements and vitamin pills in the world, but that doesn’t mean you are getting the right nutrients where they need to be. This is one reason why most supplements in general don’t work.

Magnesium, for example, doesn’t absorb well when it’s isolated from plant-based compounds, rendering most magnesium supplements useless.

However, our bodies can absorb it from the outside to a certain degree when prepared as in an Epsom salt bath.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of those natural “cure alls,” in that it can be used for so many different things. Apple cider vinegar is considered a tonic, meaning that it has an overall net positive effect on the body regardless of what is ailing it.

This is because of its potent combination of alkaline minerals, anti-oxidants, and absorption potential.

As we’ve already established, absorption is crucial for important minerals to reach their designated locations in your body. Apple cider vinegar kind of “greases the wheels” and makes digestion and absorption of its nutrient contents extremely easy.

The pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, for example, is caused in part by metabolic waste that is stored in connective tissues (this is one of the reasons why our unnatural diets tend to break these tissues down before anything else). The acetic acid, malic acid and pectin found in apple cider vinegar aid in the body in absorbing toxins and flushing them completely out of the body.

And of course, inflammation is an acidic state, and apple cider vinegar, while being acidic, leaves a net-alkaline state after digestion. This means that simply the presence of the minerals it contains takes pressure off of your body and helps relieve inflammation.

Cat’s Claw

There have been several herbs researched for the sake of relieving arthritis and joint pain, and cat’s claw ranks as one that is of the most consistent.

It happens to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that have been used for centuries.

This herb naturally does what many Rheumatoid Arthritis medications do, that is, it inhibits the tumor necrosis factor (TNF), which is a big part of the issue. For general joint pain sufferers, cat’s claw may provide relief just on the grounds of its natural ability to reduce inflammation.

Many effective plant-based joint pain relief supplements include cat’s claw because of its high reputation.

While there are several plants that help in this area, including aloe vera, overall cat’s claw tends to be the most reliable.


This powerful natural medicine is another staple of alternative health practitioners for its proven ability to reduce inflammation, tackle free-radicals, and in general heal the body.

Some people refer to this as the “miracle spice” for how powerful its healing capabilities are. It’s been used in the East for thousands of years as a potent herbal remedy.

Extensive research has been done into the healing powers of turmeric. It is one of the most vetted natural remedies right now, because it has the ability to treat so many common diseases.

The important thing to note with turmeric though is that it can be applied in many different ways, and stand-alone turmeric is not often absorbed well by the body.

I personally recommend looking into plant-based supplement composites that compliment turmeric with other herbal compounds and minerals to aid digestion and absorption, making the spice all the more effective.

Turmeric can also be applied topically.

Science Behind Herbal Remedy Relief

Keep in mind while you do research into herbal remedies for your joint pain, that it’s all about inflammation, body chemistry, and nutrient absorption.

None of this will likely ever cross your doctor’s lips, however. They are licensed first and foremost to treat symptoms, often in the most crude ways possible.

If you want to get to the science behind joint pain and why herbal remedies work, you have to be willing to dig a little deeper and learn some biology.

Most diseases, you could say the vast majority, are caused by irregular body chemistry. That is, your body is no longer in equilibrium and is fighting against acidosis, or an acidic state.

It does this by leeching minerals from the bones and other places in the body, to maintain balance.

This is the result of poor diet, which also hinders nutrient absorption by over-taxing the digestive system.

The result is a toxic body that is out of balance. This causes symptoms to arise that doctors label “diseases.”

Most so-called “diseases” are merely symptoms of acidosis.

When looking for herbal remedies, you have to take into account nutrient density and how well your body can absorb said nutrients. Any herb, vegetable, or fruit with a lot of alkaline compounds, that is easy to absorb, can help you fight and beat joint pain and arthritis.

Keep in mind that vegans and people who invest in alternative health cure their arthritis all the time. This “disease” is said to be unbeatable by many doctors, but the cure is right there in front of you: alkalize the body.

That’s it.

The science of herbal remedies is all about body chemistry and nutrients. You understand this and the key to health is yours. Start with a powerful tonic herbal supplement like turmeric and go from there.

Your health is 100% in your control, remember that.


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