Power of Detoxing

The Power of Detoxing: Getting Past Mainstream Propaganda

As holistic medicine becomes increasingly more popular, it’s finding a fair share of resistance from the mainstream medical community.

This is to be expected, however, as the holistic and naturopathic movements stand to make a serious dent in the profits of mainstream medical, diet, and food industries.

Just as Big Tobacco used millions of dollars of propaganda in order to discredit the health findings of their product, as well as the meat and dairy industries following in their footsteps, we can expect plenty of mainstream propaganda over the next few years leveled at those who seek to heal their bodies with the power of detoxing.

One field of holistic therapy that has been under attack recently is that of detoxing, or “cleansing.”

This widespread health practice is one of the most misunderstood and misreported practices out there, possibly because it has such a high rate of success, which must irk the mainstream medical industry as a whole.

While not all forms of detoxing are equally effective at what they do, there are many practices that have a long track-record of healing and balancing the body.

Detoxing is far more complex and rooted in hard science than the propaganda voices in the popular media would have you believe. They like to frame it as a bunch of misguided health nuts who think they can cure cancer in a week or solve the obesity epidemic by juicing and wishful thinking.

The reality is, detoxing takes into account the body’s natural ability to rid itself of harmful materials, and seeks to amplify or aid these natural systems with the proven medicinal properties of herbs and other natural substances. It’s not voodoo, and it’s certainly not some kind of hoax or scam.

How Does Detoxing Work?

There are several issues to look at when one talks about “detoxing,” which is really an umbrella term that has come to include just about any regimen that utilizes natural substances to aid the healing processes of the body or heal it in some way. This might include any of the following:

-A “skin” detox that focuses on drinking a certain kind of nutrient-rich smoothie that focuses on vitamins and minerals that strengthen the skin, encourage regeneration, and eliminate rashes, etc.

-A “colon cleanse,” which includes ingesting an herb or substance that has medically been proven to soothe inflamed bowels, cleanse the intestines and colon, and aid in the body’s toxin elimination process.

-A “liver cleanse,” which may include taking a certain herb by pill that has proven effects of aiding the liver in releasing stored up toxins, thereby healing the body.

-A “full body detox,” which often includes eliminating all foods that we were never meant to ingest (such as meat, dairy, and processed foods) from the diet for a specified period of time, while simultaneously undergoing fasting or juicing in order to feed your body concentrated nutrients in a form we can digest and absorb, or to allow the body time to heal itself without the burden of digestion whatsoever.

This is only a small sampling of possible detoxing scenarios. Because detoxing by definition is a process of healing, in order to discern the regimen needed, you must first find out what needs healing to begin with.

The reason why detoxing with herbs, fruits, and vegetables works is two-fold:

  • As frugivorous apes, we were biologically designed to survive off of fruits, leaves, and vegetables. Over time, the ingestion of other kinds of “foods” day in and day out causes a deteriorating effect on the body. Oftentimes, as this deterioration goes on, it causes certain bodily systems to malfunction or even shut down altogether. This is when “diseases” begin to show up. Everything from acne to arthritis to cancer is a product of unnatural diet and subsequent bodily deterioration. Detoxing by way of eating only fruits and vegetables in a concentrated form over a period of time halts this degenerative process and eventually reverses it. The body is no longer burdened, and once it is finally able to properly eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients again, health returns. This is detoxing with diet.
  • Conversely, through both trial and error, and scientific analysis, we know that most plants and other substances found in nature have specific effects on the body. Whether the effect can be obtained by ingestion, steeping in boiling water to make tea, topical ointments, or by steam inhalation, we know that if applied correctly, these substances can aid the body in performing its duties. Biologically speaking, it makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. Just as plants evolved in such a way to provide food for animals so as to carry their seeds, so too many plants evolved compounds that happen to heal animals, including us. Take for example aspirin, which is scraped from the bark of willow trees, or aloe vera, the gel of which is proven to be one of the most potent anti-burn remedies. Detoxing takes this knowledge one step further, by digging into the chemical constituency of a plant and ingesting it or using it in such a way as to force the body to release toxins, relieve pain, soothe joints, heal tissue, increase metabolism, rejuvenate cells, aid digestion, and even think more clearly.

It’s simple to understand the mechanisms behind detoxing, and once it is laid out in such an easy manner, it seems silly to dismiss it as some kind of trendy hoax or snake oil money grab. The healing properties of both fruits and vegetables and herbs are well documented. Putting that knowledge into practice however, is where people get confused.

Classifications of Herbs and Natural Remedies

Because many of the properties in herbs give them specific effects, they have been grouped into various categories. Sometimes it’s easier to get a handle on the purpose behind a “detox” or natural remedy if its purpose is clearly laid out with scientific terminology.

  • Anti-Inflammatory: These herbs naturally reduce inflammation.  Examples include cloves, cinnamon, pepper, rosemary, and sage.
  • Improves Circulation: Herbs that specifically aid in blood vessel relaxation, heart health, and blood flow. Examples include ginkgo, willow bark (similar to aspirin), parsley, and bilberry.
  • Diuretic: Herbs or compounds that help that body release excess fluids, which can help cure kidney stones and blood pressure issues. Examples include hawthorn, dandelion, green tea, and juniper.
  • Anti-Spasmotic: These herbs help keep muscles from tensing up, preventing spasms. Examples include chamomile, peppermint, and passionflower.
  • Anti-Septic: Herbs with compounds that naturally kill bacteria or otherwise “clean” wounds or heal infections. Examples include garlic, echinacea, marshmallow root, and yarrow.

Some herbs have more complicated properties, or a combination that makes them particularly potent for a specific ailment. For example, an herb that both reduces pain and relieves muscle tension might be ideal for those suffering from lower back pain or sports injuries.

Where a “detox” herb differs from a typical natural cure, is that plants that detox are classified as such because they specifically target our body’s inborn ability to expel toxins, improve digestion (which is our primary detox / waste elimination process), and help our “waste management organs” such as the liver and kidneys heal and / or perform their jobs better.

Nothing crazy, nothing fancy, and certainly nothing that warrants the misinformation and fear that is at times levied at detoxing.

In fact, it is a scientifically-rooted process of matching herbal properties to bodily function and need, which results in the prescription of various treatments. The big difference between detoxing as treatment and typical medicine, is that the vast majority of mainstream medical “treatments” are only designed to alleviate symptoms.

A detox is completely different, as its main goal is to strengthen your body and help it do what it is supposed to be doing naturally on its own.

Sometimes this requires an increase in healthy foods and a decrease in processed ones.

Sometimes this may require an herb that soothes the liver and helps it process toxins faster. Sometimes this might require a tea that stimulates the bowels, helping the body to rid itself of built up waste that is causing lethargy and illness. This is the reality of detoxing, it is an holistic science and powerful form of self-care, if you wish to undertake it.

Propaganda and Fear From the Medical Industry

Obviously, the medical industry is an industry like any other, and so profit is what drives it, nothing else. If you believe otherwise you are only kidding yourself.

In order to continuously generate the massive amounts of income that the industry expects, it has come to create “repeat clients” as a rule. The mainstream medical industry is not, in any way, shape or form, in the business of “curing illnesses.”

It is in the business of treating symptoms, however long they persist. A completely healthy person is not a client. This is the reality of the medical industry in a nutshell.

Now, sure there are exceptions, and I believe that the majority of doctors and nurses are good people who went through med school intent on helping people and even curing them, but many of them have been unknowingly led astray. I see this all the time, and so have many people I speak to on a regular basis.

There are doctors out there with their own private practices who don’t even understand the basics of human nutrition, let alone complex subjects like detoxing.

A typical doctor in the West sees absolutely no problem if one of his patients is on 8 different medications, many of which have proven disastrous side-effects.

They will tell someone who is morbidly obese to get on a certain pill and only eat “lean meat” instead of doing what they need to do: cut out all animal protein altogether, eat a whole foods plant-based diet, with regular blood and liver detoxing.

According to the FDA, you’re not even allowed to prescribe fruits and vegetables as a “cure” to any disease, it’s actually against the law. How absurd is that?

We know the vast majority of all illnesses derive from improper diet.

Where else do you think diseases come from? They don’t magically manifest out of the sky.

Everything that we typically suffer from, be it dry skin, brain fog, food allergies, constipation, or even most cancers, are caused by what we eat and our body’s capacity for shouldering the burden of digesting and quarantining it.

So Western medicine is content with patients that take a dozen medications, and will send them out of their office with tens of thousands of dollars worth of pill prescriptions and bills for x-rays and CAT scans, not once mentioning herbs, diet, or exercise. And if they do, it’s in passing and definitely not to take precedence over the pills. This is not healing, this is not true medicine. You’ll never find health in a pill.

This business that thrives on people shelling out ridiculous sums of money for chemical lab creations and modern day “treatments” feels extremely threatened by the natural cure industry. They jab at it every chance they get, because it is the single biggest threat to their profit margin. While people are starting to flock to natural cures in droves, the medical industry continues to put out its feelers, searching for talking points and ways to divide the community.

Right now one of the biggest misconstrued issues that I see time and again on social media is that of detoxing and juicing. It’s become almost a popular meme, the idea that it’s practically magical thinking to believe that an herb can “cure” a disease.

This comes from a lack of understanding regarding how detoxing works, and a heavy reliance on the “Western” way of looking at diseases and symptoms.

We’ve grown accustomed to the idea that many diseases just “happen” to us and are out of our control.

The best we can do is visit the doctor and maybe he can discern what illness we have, and prescribe some kind of pill that can make the disease easier to manage by alleviating the symptoms. But this isn’t medicine, it’s absurdity.

A disease is an indication that the body is malfunctioning. That’s it.

That’s all an illness ever is, unless you’re dealing with a wound or an infection. If the body is malfunctioning, then it stands to reason that the goal should be fixing the problem, not merely alleviating symptoms.

It would be like the answer to a car leaking oil would be to clean the oil up and attach a pan to catch more of it in hopes that the issue will go away. Or repairing a window by nailing boards to the window frame to block out the draft. Forget fixing the problem: modern medicine wants you coming back for more, and yet they don’t even know if half their own products work or are even safe for human consumption.

This is another issue related to the healing of our body.

We evolved to ingest plants.

Clearly, when seeking out certain healing compounds inside these plants, they are always accompanied by other compounds (secondary ones) that aid in the safe transmission, absorption, or digestion of the plant and what’s inside it. The effects are also usually less potent and more liable to gently ease the body into a healing state.

Typical pills on the other hand, are almost always made to be extremely potent, with isolated chemicals that our bodies have no idea what to do with. They zero in on a specific part of the body and numb it, paralyze it, slow it, hasten it, or even eliminate it, while the chemicals used to create this effect must often pass through the liver or intestines, which is problematic. It’s already a well known fact that these pills have extremely narrow dosage windows. You take even one or two extra pills a day and you might end up in the emergency room.

Over time, even taken at recommended dosages, these pills can create liver and kidney failure, among other issues.

So what makes you think they are safe for ingestion at all? That’s not how medicine is supposed to work. That’s not how health is supposed to work. You don’t break something else trying to fix one problem.

One wonders, looking at how corrupt the medical industry is, if this isn’t by design.

It’s important to be extremely wary of any social media posts or “zinger” headline articles that attempt to disparage holistic healing methods, especially detoxing. By all accounts of the people who actually treat patients with detoxing, it has an immaculate success rate and is quite safe.

If you hear anything to the contrary, dig through the meat and see what the real story is.

Likely, it was created as propaganda out of fear of dwindling profits.

Do your own due diligence if you intend on purchasing a “detox” or “cleanse” however.

While utilizing herbal remedies and a plant-based diet can be extremely effective for healing the body, there are a few brands of supplements out there trying to piggyback on this trend and turn a quick buck. If a $30 herbal supplement claims to heal all your illnesses in 5 weeks and make you feel half your age, “or your money back!” you might be dealing with a scam product.

It’s important to research the effectiveness of herbal treatments and take the right one for the right form of cleansing, and supplement this with a proper diet. If done correctly, you’ll see amazing results, all without buying any bizarre supplements on a late-night infomercial.

We have done our homework on a few detoxes and cleanses that we carry in our herbal shop. If you are interested, have a look.

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