Shea Butter Natrural Remedy

The Power of Shea Butter as a Natural Remedy

It’s hard to pinpoint a single aspect of Shea Butter that makes it so powerful as a healing balm, but we can start by looking at its rich content of vitamin A, which aids in curing all manner of skin conditions such as blemishes, irritation / inflammation, wrinkles / stretch marks, muscle fatigue and lack of skin elasticity, rashes and dermatitis, as well as radiation burn recovery.

Because of the power hydrative properties of shea butter, it provides almost instantaneous improvement in skin softness and glow. On top of this, it has numerous health benefits that go above and beyond simply being a perfect skin lotion.

Studies have shown that shea butter is powerful substance with natural regeneration properties that can nourish the body in a myriad of ways. Its popularity as a skin care cosmetic has somewhat masked its full potential, as natural health practitioners have long known about its more dramatic effects.

Nutritional Background of Shea Butter

Shea butter in its natural raw state is rich in oleic acid and essential vitamins E and A. The shea tree itself is used as a source of vegetable oil, which is extremely healthy, yet shea is most often used in its extracted and pressed “butter” form.

The most premium forms of shea butter are extracted using cold pressed methods that don’t add any chemicals or other compounds to the final product, making it ideal for vegans and those who seek organic living.

Shea butter has a texture and does not become liquid at room temperatures, though it will easily be absorbed by your skin when applied, which makes it a perfect natural lotion or moisturizer. It is also able to be consumed, so it poses no danger for anyone who may ingest some for whatever reason. In fact, shea butter can be consumed in small amounts on purpose just for the beneficial fatty acids and vitamins.

Many studies have been conducted as per the safety of shea butter, so it is a very vetted product at this point. Organic, raw shea butter is one of the most pure, naturally healthy substances in the health and wellness marketplace right now.

Its vitamin content and ability to rejuvenate skin would make it appealing even if it was derived of purely artificial chemicals or compounds, but the fact that it is completely natural, safe, and easy to make adds to its general appeal. It is one of nature’s perfect remedies.

The Journal of Oleo Science reported that through its studies, shea nuts and shea fat (shea butter) was found to reduce inflammation. The studies also showed that shea butter contains a significant source of anti-tumor promoting compounds such as cinnamate esters, which also make up the health benefits of cinnamon.

How Shea Butter Can Transform Your Skin

All-natural shea butter contains several essential vitamins and minerals for healthy, glowing skin. Here is a general run down of what makes it so powerful specifically for skin beauty and longevity.

  • Rich in Oleic acid, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.
  • Comparatively large amount of plant-based fatty acids.
  • Compressed and extracted without chemicals, making it superior to many other oils and creams.
  • Highly absorbable, yet will not liquefy at room temperature, making it ideal for application.
  • One of the best natural moisturizers, able to rejuvenate and feed skin without added minerals or chemicals.
  • Great for both skin and hair due to its vitamin content (specifically Vitamin E)
  • Able to reduce and eliminate cellulite naturally.
  • Perfect for just about any skin malady, including diaper rash, sunburn, wind burn, dry skin, and eczema.

All of these aspects of shea butter combine to form a powerful remedy for just about anything skin (and hair) related.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better topical remedy, as any other natural means of curing skin-related illnesses must come from an organic, plant-based vegan diet. Other than aloe, the effects of which are well documented as well, shea butter holds the top spot for being an amazing natural way of transforming your skin for the better.

It should be noted that due to the nutritional composition of shea butter, and how readily it is absorbed by the skin, the progressive use of it over time is preferred for dramatic long term benefits, and the reversal of more problematic skin conditions.

We recommend only organic, raw shea butter from reputable vegan and / or organic sellers to ensure you get the best product.

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