Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Why Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Too many people walk through life disgruntled and angry. How do you change your life once you’ve allowed yourself to become bitter?

In order to change out of this harmful mindset, practicing gratitude is essential.

We’re programmed from childhood to feel restless and dissatisfied with our lives. Expectations set in and it becomes difficult to accept personal responsibility for one’s own actions.

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility often angers people, because it challenges their egos.

There’s a massive amount of entitlement in our society. As if everyone deserves vast riches just for the mediocre effort they put out.

No one brings anything to the table yet everyone expects to be fed.

Since no one is “where they want to be,” and they believe that their problems aren’t caused by their own choices, the answer must be that everything else is the problem.

Our society seems built on this cycle of disgruntled longing and dissatisfied entitlement. It is the foundation of so many of our institutions, including most of our politics.

Even religion falls into this cycle: endless want for something better which is coming some time in the future, constant judgment of the “other,” underhanded wealth-seeking, and a huge sense of entitlement for very little effort.

No one is satisfied simply with what they have, nor are they satisfied with who they are.

There’s a reason why spiritual traditions the world over emphasize practicing gratitude to change your life: it is a pathway to personal power and success.

Gratitude is a Part of Being Self Aware

When living with a sense of gratitude, you are essentially taking responsibility for your life and everything in it.

This is a powerful statement of control.

Many people are disgruntled with life, and it’s no coincidence that they hold an ungrateful attitude.

This stems from the fact that they have no sense of personal responsibility for their actions and thoughts.

Your quality of life is your responsibility. Everything that you think and allow is yours.

Responsibility means owning what goes on inside your head and what goes on around you.

You might prefer to think that stuff just happens to you, that you’re some kind of cosmic victim, and that you have the so-called “right” to be mad over life circumstances.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the universe works.

Try as you might, you can’t escape the reality of your thoughts and actions.

You can’t escape your karma.

It’s not always the unicorns-and-rainbows answer people are looking for in this day and age, but the fact is, your lack of personal responsibility is ruining your life.

Lack of awareness closes doors and turns you into a victim of your own story.

You want to avoid this kind of weak-willed lifestyle at all costs. It will lead to nothing but misery.

One of the first steps you can take to begin living a more fulfilled, aware life is to be grateful for what you have and to approach every day with a sense of deep gratitude.

This is essential if you want to change your life in any capacity.

How can you expect to manifest a better job, form better relationships, and gain more opportunities if you are always ungrateful and bashing your own life?

The universe will respond in kind.

Everything is connected. What you “send out” into the world will manifest, one way or another.

So it has always been.

You want to begin approaching your life with a strong sense of gratitude, because this puts everything into perspective.

Namely, that you are responsible for and appreciate everything that has manifested for you. The good and the bad.

It’s yours. You own it.

You can’t escape what you have manifested.

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