Resurrect the Soil Biochar

Resurrect The Soil With Biochar

Fostering an ongoing relationship with nature has always been one of the key parts of being self-aware and walking the path.

Digital Sages was founded in part in an effort to aid in the resurrection of the world’s ecosystems, while encouraging people of all walks of life to learn more about the natural world and create a lasting bond with it.

The health of the natural world and the health of our species are entangled. Though our species has strayed, we are still a part of the web of life and cannot exist apart from it.

Life begins and ends with nature. It is our home, on every conceivable level.

Like all animals, we evolved alongside and “inside” nature for millions upon millions of years. This has attuned us to its ebbs and flows. We yearn to be under the boughs of trees, immersed in their auras. Our inner being wants connection with the vast network of life that exists outside of our concrete boxes.

Thus it is a goal for all those who walk the path to take part in being a steward of the natural world. It is, of course, one of our highest callings.

Depleted Soil and Dying Ecosystems

Because of poor agricultural practices, soil these days is not the same. Most soil in your neighborhood or local farm is probably depleted of key nutrients, and is also empty of animal life. 

Soil is one of the backbones of nature. You could easily say that it is the foundation on which everything rests.

Proper soil composition quite literally runs the world. Without it, nothing grows, nothing eats, nothing lives.

Trees, fungi, worms, bacteria, and all sorts of other living beings rely on healthy soil.

To understand this, it helps to know what soil actually is.

Because our society is so backwards, most people typically don’t know much about soil and almost universally think it is bad, even “dirty.”

We even use the words “dirt” and soil nearly interchangeably.

This is extremely misleading. Soil is one of the best things on planet Earth.

There is no life without soil. If trees are the lungs of Earth, and the rivers are her blood, and the rocks her bones, the soil is her marrow and flesh.

Soil is the mixture of organic matter and sediment particulates, specifically clay and various rocks.

In other words, it is not dirty. Quite the contrary.

Many animals even take baths in dirt. If anything, it is cleansing.

This is because most soil has alkalizing properties, has key nutrients most animals need to survive, and is full of life.

Depleted soil from improper agricultural practices saps the soil of these nutrients, leaving nothing but empty rock particles devoid of life.

This depleted soil makes it hard to grow and sustain crops, but more importantly, it doesn’t allow a proper thriving ecosystem to exist.

Thriving, balanced networks of life are vital for the sustained health of the planet, both on the physical level as well as the metaphysical. 

Billions of animals live inside healthy soil. These creatures all have intermingled auras, that form a kind of etheric sheath that creates a common “floor” upon which everything else is built upon in nature.

Without this sheath, or foundation, nothing can get built properly.

Unhealthy ecosystems are weak and prone to disease. They must be constantly sprayed with pesticides and herbicides just to exist for a few short months, and then they ultimately die.

Animals do not breed there. Decomposition is slow there because of the lack of bacteria and fungi.

This is “life out of balance,” and it is killing us.

Biochar and Soil Resurrection

You may have heard of various forms of “biochar,” which is organic and mineral mixtures that are used to mix into soils in order to bring them back to life. Traditional biochar is literally burnt biomass from organic sources such as wood, very similar in composition to charcoal.

They add the proper components necessary to depleted soil in order to establish the foundation for a functioning ecosystem to thrive there again.

Many different kinds of biochar exist for different purposes.

There are even some kinds of biochar designed to reverse desertification.

Sages have been using various forms of biochar for millennia.

The ancient Mayans and Aztecs even used forms of biochar, which helped slow the deterioration of their soil and the decay of their society. To this day they refer to biochar as “black gold.”

We strongly support the use of biochar in any and all gardening or agricultural projects.

As in times past, sages are called to help resurrect the soil whenever and wherever it is within their power and purview to do so.

We highly encourage anyone walking the path to have biochar on hand and to use it liberally in gardening projects, and even in public spaces such as parks.

Fight for nature and it will fight for you. So it has always been.

Looking for high quality biochar? This is the brand we use.

Wakefield BiocharIt is imperative that more people understand how soil health is tied to the health of our world in general. There’s a lot more going on there than just “dirt.”

If you are interested in getting closer to the front lines of environmental stewardship, I highly recommend reading up on the Rise Above movement.

This planet need warriors. People who actively make a difference every day, with their thoughts and actions.

We have several sages already using biochar to resurrect soil in their neighborhoods, and now it’s your turn.

Dare to take a stand and invest in your own future, as well as that of the planet’s.

Your true calling awaits.

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