Nature Absolute Truth

Aligning With Nature Means Accepting Absolute Truth

We live in a relativist culture right now. Everything is opinion orientated, which means much of society caters only to egos, not reality.

That is a dangerous model for how to run a society and culture.

So many people wonder why they feel confused, apathetic, torn, indecisive, worn out, angry, conflicted, and anxious. They attribute these feelings to the people around them, their jobs, their “lot in life.” But they never stop to think about the mind, and the role it plays in your life.

The ancients said that those who were “out of balance” were those who did not align with nature. This means many things, from not going with the flow of Earth’s cycles, to holding false beliefs about the world around you. Happiness and an appreciation for truth go hand in hand.

The appreciation or acceptance of truth leads to what is known as deep contentment. When your ego isn’t busy running around trying to create a false reality out of nothing, it allows your mind to be at rest and go with the flow of reality.

This profound state of being is one of the pillars to a successful, meaningful life, yet few really speak on it because of how much weight we place on “opinion” in our culture.

Opinions are like sacred cows today. Do anything but tread on the precious opinions of others.

We even have to “respect the opinions of others” in order to be socially normative. Yet, that is an extremely slippery slope that not only goes against the natural order, it can have very real societal consequence, as we’re seeing with the resurgence of Fascism in the West, and a general lack of basic intelligence of the general populace.

Who’s to say someone can’t hold an opinion that dehumanizes another race?

Who’s to say that someone can’t hold an opinion that says fossil fuels don’t harm the environment?

Well, the evidence for this line of thinking is all around us: a dysfunctional, divided society that can’t even agree on basic facts and how to treat one another. It’s just millions of dissatisfied, disgruntled people trying to push their “version” of reality on others, when there has only ever been one reality, one truth in any given scenario, one set of basic facts. Opinions are quite literally useless.

This imbalance is reflective of our disconnection with the natural world.

Our ancestors, and all life on Earth, rely on a shared reality to survive. This shared reality has collective interrelated experiences, which lead to a holistic understanding of one’s place.

We as a species lack this at present. We have traded a shared understanding of reality for baseless “worldviews” that only placate egos, and never lead to any true sense of contentment.

Society and Ego Delusions Opinions
Humans no longer have a natural shared reality. We rely on “ego wars”, whereby each of us constructs our own version of reality out of manufactured beliefs and opinions, forcing us to try and win over other people’s false realities to sustain our delusions. The result is a society full of disgruntled, lost, apathetic, angry individuals who lack peace and contentment.

Truth and Our Place in the Natural World

You want to eliminate stress, anxiety, discontent, fear, anger, and indecision in your life?

Give up false beliefs.

It’s that simple: possibly one of the single easiest things a person can do in order to improve their quality of life, health, happiness, and success.

We’ve been raised to believe that our identities are tied to our opinions, but something you learn early on during meditation is that our egos (and therefore our opinions) are not “us.” We bring a great deal of stress and confusion into our lives when we live through the lenses of opinion.

To hold an opinion contrary to reality is to force upon yourself the task of continuously fighting against the “tide” or “flow” of natural energy around you every waking second. This is an arduous subconscious task that does nothing but drain your energy and feed your ego.

Now, think about how many erroneous opinions, worldviews, “beliefs,” and other mental trappings the average person holds onto, and you can begin to see why people have become so weighed down, so anxious, angry, and dissatisfied with life.

They are using a great deal of mental (and therefore bodily) energy to sustain a web of fictions that enable them to interact with the world in the manner they desire. In other words, before anything else, the ego must take in all data and weigh it against these false beliefs and constructs.

You might believe holding an opinion means very little in the grand scheme of things, but the body and emotions reflect the mind. You cannot possibly be content and happy if your energy is wrapped up in forming a false reality. This is one of the great truths that are typically revealed through meditation.

It is easy to see the absurdity of our actions when you separate yourself from the ego and realize, hey, maybe it’s not a good idea to try and construct false realities just to make myself feel better.

The only entity you are comforting is the ego, because you certainly aren’t doing yourself any favors.

The natural world works through certain systems and Ways of Being.

These systems developed over the course of billions of years. Chemical compounds, biological organisms, mineral matrices, the atmosphere and electromagnetic field of the Earth itself. These systems are all part of a greater system, and we, as animals, are a part of this system too.

It is an inescapable part of our Being. Therefore, any act that attempts to reshape this reality as something different by definition is going to make you miserable and put you out of sync with reality itself.

It is said that a lie takes a chorus of screaming voices to sustain itself, yet a simple truth can topple a lie with an effortless whisper.

That is the nature of reality. You expend far more energy than you know every time you “believe” something that is contrary to what is real. It’s a pointless task that edifies nothing, attempts to subvert the very systems that sustain you, and ultimately pits you against the world.

These might sound like dramatic explanations for a very innocent phenomenon, but that line of thinking is what has millions of people chasing their tails, anxious, confused, angry and afraid. They blame everything but the problem: their own minds.

Nature, or the natural world, is a self-evident reality. Its systems and those of the Earth, are all self-evident realities. They just are.

Within nature exists all life, plants and animals, including human beings.

Animals and the other living bodies of nature do not make it their business to “hold opinions.” This delusion of the ego does not make you “free,” does not give you an “identity,” does nothing for your health or happiness, and most certainly does not validate your existence. This is contrary to what is taught in our society, that says hollow ego validation is paramount to all things, regardless of the truth involved.

The natural world works on a “face-value” platform: what is is, and what isn’t isn’t. Truth is truth, reality is reality, and what is not true is simply non-existent. In this sublime world there is no room for false ideas, opinions, slander, untruths, “belief systems,” or anything else of the sort.

This is life how it was meant to be experienced: without the burden of mental gymnastics, worldviews, false constructs, intellectual volleyball, and ego wars.

Nature is the Only Reality and Truth
The natural world just “is.” Its balance rests on everything working in concert, and is a place above trifling opinions, disgruntled fantasies, and ego wars. Contentment and fulfillment are side-effects of aligning with nature.

Work With the Flow, Not Against It

After changing your diet around and eating more holistically, the single most important thing you can do for your health and overall well-being is to begin aligning with nature.

You may have heard this phrase before, but what exactly does it entail? Hugging trees and meditating under a waterfall for 6 hours a day?

Not quite.

Instead of going on a lengthy diatribe about mood shifts and energy synchronization, here’s a list of simple to follow tips to help you start going with the flow of the natural world:

  • Get as much natural sunlight as possible. We are solar creatures, we need the sun.
  • Practice simple “Earthing” (walk barefoot outside)
  • Seek to let go of all opinions. Do not invest in opinions.
  • Take five minutes every morning and night to do simple breath work meditations. This is known as Pranayama.
  • Take note of what you see in nature. Falling leaves, the flight path of a crow, the shapes of clouds, anomalous sounds. This is reality, self-evident. Ground yourself in it.
  • Acknowledge the Seasons and the Phases of the Moon
  • Never act on negative emotions you feel invested in. Let them pass.
  • Welcome change, don’t resist it. This can come in any form.
  • Reduce complaining, whining, disgruntled behavior. Approach life from a thankful mindset.
  • Practice thinking in terms of abundance, not limitation.
  • Seek to be kind as much as possible to all creatures. Respect them, show them compassion, honor their autonomy.
  • Never “litter” or degrade the environment around you. This also goes for your own home. Keep where you live uncluttered, clean, and free of excess waste.
  • Collect and buy seeds, and spread them around. Fulfill your natural role as a Propagator for the plant kingdom. Help plant trees, start a garden, support local farmers.

Follow these simple steps, and your quality of life and contentment will skyrocket 100 fold.

This is due to the fact that the closer you live in your natural state of being, the more naturally happy you will be. Many people erroneously believe that happiness is this “thing” that can be found or achieved by doing any number of arbitrary tasks or finding the right person to be around, or by making enough money. These are all illusions.

Happiness, in its truest form, is an offshoot of deep contentment, and that can only be sustained by living a natural life uncluttered by the lies and delusions of modern society. It can only be found by letting go of personal delusions in favor for the stark reality of nature and basic truths about the world around you.

This means honoring nature, working with it, and not holding to any false constructs that force you to have to manufacture reality out of thin air. You’d be amazed at how much such trappings hold you down.

Not only this, the insight you gain from investing in truth and aligning with nature is stark. You see things in a much more balanced light, your gratitude and inner peace rises, and you rarely, if ever, feel lost, angry, or disgruntled.

In other words, you live closer to how we were meant to live, instead of how society has taught (programmed) us to live.

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