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10 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

Originally posted by: http://www.altmedicinezone.com/alternative-health/health-benefits-thyme-oil/

Thyme is known for its indisputable health benefits. It is used in several cuisines and is an outstanding addition to your regular dishes as well. This unbelievable herb is popular in Europe and is a delightful addition to several Mediterranean recipes. This popular herb is mostly used in aromatherapy. The volatile essential oils found in […]

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Bacopa Cure Bipolar

What is Bacopa? Discover This Safe and Effective Cure For Bipolar Disorder

I’m sure most people reading this have heard of the common plant waterhyssop, known as simply “brahmi” in Ayurveda. But did you know that this unassuming herb has amazing healing properties? In fact, waterhyssop (not to be confused with traditional hyssop, a related but different herb!) has long been revered as a boon to holistic practitioners of all sorts, dating back before to ancient times. Its tea has been historically used to help with asthma, as well as ulcers and other kinds of inflammations. Pertinent to our analysis here, the herb was also used in India as early as the […]
Incredible Benefits Drinking Green Tea

The Incredible Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

It’s well known in health and wellness circles that humans have been drinking green tea and enjoying its benefits for almost 5,000 years (as early as 2,737 BC in fact) both as a beverage and a medicine. But do you know just powerful this tea really is? As more research is done into the properties of green tea (which comes from the Camellia sinensis tea plant) the more we discover there are amazing benefits to drinking it on a regular basis. Green Tea Compounds Prevent Memory Loss from Lack of Oxygen (Sleep Apnea) It’s known that those who suffer from […]