How to Manifest Anything Easily

How to Manifest Anything Easily

Your ability to manifest is largely dependent on how unobstructed your mindset is.

If you are burdened with limited thinking and scarcity mindset, trying to reach your goals through manifesting is like swimming through tar.

Yes, you might indeed reach your goal, but it is going to be a long and messy process.

Alternatively, manifesting with a clear mind is like swimming through a crystal clear stream. Not only are you unobstructed, but the journey feels good, doesn’t take long, and will actually help you along through the current.

This guide will show you how to develop the right kind of mindset for manifesting and what kinds of results you can expect.

Embrace the Abundant Mindset

There’s no getting around this one. You have to stop the pity parade and realize that your limited view of the world is actually causing you to have limited opportunities.

To put it another way, the eye only sees what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

If you aren’t “prepared” for abundance, your eye will never see it.

This is simply how reality works. Laws of hermetics aside, your brain can only physically comprehend what it has awareness of

On a deeper level, we attract the same energy we emit.

If your thoughts and emotions are of limitation, you will quite literally create limitation. It will be drawn to you, and this will form a confirmation loop.

Your negative thinking patterns will be “confirmed” when you endure these limited circumstances.

It’s important that you take a step back and cut the loop.

Realize that there is unlimited abundance out there and that anything is possible.

Open yourself to abundance
you must be willing to receive abundance like rain.

It helps to speak this aloud and repeat it often to yourself

Abundant mindset, abundant life.

This is the foundation for what’s to come.

Lose Your Attachment to Outcome

The next step, once you realize that you should think in terms of abundance, is to loosen your expectations and attachments.

Attachment, regardless of context, is considered an unhealthy toxic mental state in hermetics.

As I detailed in this essay on overcoming your fears, attachment is like “death by a thousand cuts.”

Whenever something occurs that deviates from your expectations, it can depress your mood, cause you anxiety, fill you with doubt, and even negatively reinforce your ability to manifest.

In other words, you will be teaching your mind to “un-manifest,” or manifest the opposite of what you want.

This is because with attachment comes fear, and this subconscious fear of loss tends to be much stronger than your affirmations or intentions toward a positive outcome.

Expectation is a protective measure of the ego when it can’t handle or face reality. This, coupled with a fear of the future, forces the ego to project a sense of “control” over people’s behaviors and events.

At best, attachment keeps us in a constant flight or fight response that puts stress on our body and clouds our mind. At worst, it hinders your ability to manifest and causes an endless cycle of suffering that dominates your life.

To get out of the habit of attaching yourself to outcomes, learn to accept reality for what it is.

I know that might sound strange in a guide about manifesting change. Aren’t we supposed to be manifesting a different life than the one we already have?

The point is that you can’t properly manifest a better life if you are trying to manifest from a place of anger, fear, or hate.

Remember, you manifested the life you are currently living. To reject this manifestation is to negate your power and create a negative feedback loop.

Positive change doesn’t happen out of spite, it happens from a place of acceptance, gratitude, and understanding.

Fear rejects your power
you cannot manifest from a place of fear, anger, or hate.

If you are attached to an outcome you are subconsciously stating that your current reality is undesirable, which sends the signal to your Self that you aren’t manifesting correctly, if at all.

This tears down your intent and muddies your power.

Lose your attachment and accept your current reality.

Stop Chasing and Start Receiving

One major reason why your efforts to manifest go awry is because you are “chasing” something.

Remember, everything is energy. We exist in a giant sea of vibration and are connected subatomically and etherically to everything around us.

This means that technically speaking it’s impossible to chase any outcome.

When you “chase” an outcome, what you are subconsciously thinking is that this “goal” or reality is not a part of you. It is something separate.

If it’s not a part of you, it’s not a part of reality.

The more your mind believes it needs to “chase” a goal, the further that goal will always be. It’s like the common dream trope of running down a hallway that just keeps extending.

You will never reach that door if you believe that it is apart from you. 

Stop chasing goals
the goal will remain out of reach if you continue to chase after it.

You must “receive” life as it comes and be open not only to what you want manifested, but also to whatever else comes your way.

It is all you.

The only way to open that door is to realize you are the door.

And the lock, and the key, and the hallway.

You’re all of it.

So get out of the mindset that you are “chasing your dreams.” You’ll be running around for a long time if that’s the case.

Those who manifest their goals the easiest are those who realize that their goals are merely unrealized states of existence that they have already obtained, they merely need to understand them.

Ditch the All or Nothing Approach

Another big mistake most people make when trying to manifest is that they take an all or nothing stance.

It’s all about “manifesting unlimited wealth,” “finding my twin flame,” “getting my dream home,” and similar sentiments.

While there’s nothing wrong with shooting for the moon when you manifest, realize that energy always takes the path of least resistance when coming to fruition.

What this means is, energy will always work through channels and pathways that are already available or the most realistic.

It is for this reason that practitioners of magick say things like “in perfect love and perfect trust” after their spells, in order to prevent energy taking a path of least resistance that involves casually harming someone (or yourself) just to bring in some money or opportunity.

When crafting a better life for yourself through intent, it helps to start small.

Help your ability to manifest by putting yourself in increasingly better positions to realize your goals.

This means first improving your health, finding ways to free up your time, gathering a support network, growing your own awareness, gaining life skills, and so on.

No point in manifesting a million dollars if you don’t know jack about finances and lack a money mindset. It will all be gone in a year or two.

Don’t look at manifesting as a get out of jail free card, like you use it to obtain this dream life and then never use it again.

Life doesn’t work that way.

The people out there who are crushing it, realizing their dreams and steadily building a better life for themselves, understand the power of multitasking their powers of manifestation.

Learn to attract opportunity, not sums of money or certain people.

Learn to attract mental states, not objects.

Small steps, massive victories. This will create positive feedback loops for your subconscious, raising your awareness and giving you the ability to manifest with more potency later on.

Own What You Do

This is the step that ties everything else together.

Whether your effort to manifest was successful or not, whether you’re stuck in a crappy job or not, whether you’ve had a run of bad luck or not, you have to own what you do.

Learn to practice what I call “hyper-responsibility.”

Own up to everything in your life. Claim it as if you literally sat down with a brush and an easel and painted it.

Not just the good things, but the bad things and even the horrible things.

manifest with joy
Own what you do, learn to express joy because you are confident in your ability to manifest.

To unlock your ability to manifest with the least amount of effort, you have to teach your mind to be responsible for its own reality.

Our egos tend to work in the exact opposite fashion. To protect us, the ego attempts to absolve all blame whenever possible.

Lack of personal responsibility and accountability is one of the defining traits of our society at the moment. No one wants to be responsible for anything.

It’s a “shoot now ask questions later” culture. Just do whatever, think whatever, say whatever, and navigate the fallout afterwards.

Manifesting is about taking control. You can’t continue to go through life subconsciously believing that other people are to blame for what’s going on in your life.

Not in an age where all it takes to become a millionaire is a cell phone and Internet access.

This isn’t simply about manifesting outcomes though.

Every time you attempt to shirk responsibility for your own thoughts, actions, and lifescape, you are effectively throwing away your control.

As you lose more and more of your control, other forces will begin filling that void. You will become more disgruntled and unlucky because other people’s intentions will make decisions for you, and eventually you will find yourself helpless and angry. 

Accepting responsibility for everything that is in your life is a major step in processing away a lot of your ego, which is one of the roadblocks to manifestation.

Lose that sense of entitlement that tells you to place blame on others or even on random happenstance.

Nothing is random.

Everything is connected, and everything was magnetized to you for a reason.

You either learn from it or you repeat it.

So own what you do. This includes your failed attempts at manifesting.

A Word About Weak or “Failed” Manifestations

Don’t get discouraged if you have waited weeks or even months for an outcome to manifest.

There is technically no such thing as a failed manifestation. Here’s why.

When you send energy out, this happens. It is done.

Manifestation, like most things in life, doesn’t work on a scale of “success” and “failure.”

Remember, energy takes the path of least resistance.

To manifest bigger outcomes, you need both clarity of thought, and strong willpower.

This guide teaches you the basics on how to get a clear mindset, which eases the pathway of energy.

But you still have to raise the energy and send it with your will.

This is where a healthy diet, exercise, and understanding of meditation and martial discipline comes in.

Until you are able to raise more energy and develop an iron will, there is a chance your ability to manifest will work through very “easy” pathways of energy.

In other words, it may take a while to fully come to fruition.

The results of some of my intentions only came to pass after a decade. I am still receiving the ongoing results of the intentions I put forth well over ten years ago.

While I understand that waiting ten years for anything to manifest is not at all practical, the takeaway from this is to have patience and work on your mindset.

Continuously put forth your intent with a clear mind unburdened by limitation, and you will manifest what you want rather easily.

Manifesting Made Easy

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