Humans Are Solar Powered

Humans are Solar Powered: Understanding The Root of Health

Mastering your own health begins with an understanding of what the roots of true health are to begin with, and one of these roots is that humans are solar creatures.

Everyone knows that we gain energy (calories) by eating food. Basic health classes in school do a poor job of actually explaining what real food is, and the energy dynamics of food intake.

What they also fail to mention is that physical calories are only one part of a much more complex picture.

This is why I have begun placing a huge emphasis on viewing the world holistically: you cannot understand anything that goes on in this world unless you approach it from its proper natural standpoint.

Part of this is simply getting past the per-conceived notions of our society on certain topics such as health. Namely, that we are “powered” by shoveling dead meat and processed garbage into our bodies and that’s the end of the story.

Far from it. We derive our energy from a multitude of sources, ranging from food (the most dense), to sunlight, to the very air around us, and even other people and plants.

Even from a purely physical standpoint, the complexities of our energy dynamics go much further than just “food in, energy out.”

If you want to be healthy, you have to learn what you are. You’re not a receptacle for burgers and fries.

Evolving Within The Web of Life

Your starting point and only true reference for truth begins and ends with nature. It is from there that everything begins, and it is from there that everything eventually ends.

That being said, we can gain a greater understanding of the human creature by analyzing our role in nature and what it truly means to evolve within the web of life on this planet.

Humans, like all other animals, evolved in a matrix of connections with tens of thousands of other lifeforms and natural influences guiding them.

Every adaptation, every part of our being, exists because of influences exerted upon it by the natural world.

Health, then, can be defined as a being’s optimal state in the midst of all of these natural influences.

For millions of years, our ancestors, and the ancestors of our ancestors, evolved in the elements, always under the sun and the moon, eating of the Earth, touching it and breathing it every single day.

This is the holistic truth of health and one of the deciding factors of maximizing the potential of the human animal. There is no true health apart from nature. To believe otherwise is to essential declare that a few modern day amenities and creature comforts are more essential to our health than the influences we relied upon for millions of years of our evolution.

Modern day science has indeed become adept at artificially “prolonging” life. Through crude operations, chemicals, and machines, we have become masters at artificially extending life in the face of death.

But this isn’t health. It’s sick and dangerous, not to mention a cruel facade.

Just because your dear old grandfather now has the “modern innovations” to live to be 90, one fails to mention that for much of that time he has suffered unimaginable torture and pain just “existing” on a dozen medications, three or four costly surgeries, loss of almost his entire sense of autonomy, and even his mind.

There are some true marvels of modern medicine, but a lot of it is a giant sham, a cheap imitation of what health is supposed to be.

We have become overly reliant on superficial ways of prolonging our lives despite countless diseases, cancers, ailments, and issues plaguing us. We should be focused on how to prevent these issues altogether, not blasting people with radiation and handing them half a dozen chemical-laden pills to allow them to “exist” while deathly ill. 

The answers are in nature. The conditions we evolved alongside of and inside of, the parameters that brought about our species. Nestled inside of the Web of Life, breathing clean air, constantly using our muscles, consuming high vibration nutrient rich fruit, and allowing the sun to continuously touch our skin.

This is where health can be found. It all comes back to the sun.

Magnetism of the Sun

The Earth exists as an extension of the sun. Our star makes up over 99% of the mass in our solar system. Its energy body and magnetic waves reach out past the planets and into the depths of space.

From the moment we are conceived, we are bathed in this electromagnetic energy.

Truthfully, just as all separation from nature is artificial, so too is separation from the sun.

However, just like with nature, ill effects occur when we place “walls” between us and the source of our life.

By separating ourselves from nature, we have created an unnatural society. No one understands connection and balance, and therefore, we exploit everything and are miserable.

Similarly, by creating a society that places us indoors for most of our lives, we have unwittingly placed ourselves at odds with our own evolution.

Imagine existing in a delicate balance for millions upon millions of years, your every evolutionary adaptation taking the sun’s rays into account, only for you to be suddenly uprooted and smothered in proverbial darkness.

That is what has happened to us as a species. So many of us wonder about why we get brain fog, why we feel lethargic, why our sleep patterns are off, why we develop all kinds of bizarre skin and bone disorders. Even our eyes and hair don’t have the proper luster.

This is what happens when you take a solar creature out of the sun.

Most of the animals on Earth that don’t need the sun’s rays created specialized adaptations to do so over the course of literally tens of millions to hundreds of millions of years.

Such divergent adaptations are only seen in a minute percent of Earth’s creatures, such as cave-dwelling albino salamanders, clams, certain deep sea phantom fishes, and tiny translucent spiders.

These animals adapted the ability to subsist without the sun only after their evolution took them on a long and special path. These animals are the exception, not the rule.

We are very common, very typical land-dwelling mammals that have existed and evolved in the sun’s rays for millions of years.

Think about it this way. In nature, the only reliable way to get Vitamin D is through contact with sunlight, and without Vitamin D, we cannot absorb calcium, and would suffer degenerative diseases and die. Vitamin D is necessary for us to live.

In other words, humans evolved over the course of millions of years to utilize the light of the sun to create a compound that allows for absorption and usage of calcium, which is one of the foundational minerals in our bodies.

This is just the most obvious example. As this article explains, sunlight is directly and indirectly connected to a host of health factors, including blood pressure and even may curb appetite.

To put it in simple terms, there’s no telling just how many subtle chemical reactions occur when we are exposed to sunlight, but given that it is one of the most ubiquitous phenomena on Earth, that most animals are exposed to through their entire lives, it stands to reason that all of us evolved as “solar” beings.

The sun can then be understood as one of the  very roots of health itself.

Living in Alignment With Your Solar Nature

Getting more sun isn’t just about Vitamin D levels. It’s obvious that our cells, our genes, our DNA evolved under the sun’s rays for millions of years, and that much of what they do draws on and is connected to this force.

Sunlight helps regulate our biorhythms, hormones, and other chemical processes in our body.  You cannot be completely healthy apart from the sun, there is no escaping our solar nature.

There’s also another important facet to living in alignment, and that is, without continuous sunlight, our skin gets weak. Then, when it is exposed to too much sunlight at once, it burns.

Without proper doses of sunlight, we are more susceptible to cancer. With weakened immune systems brought on by an unnatural diet, exposure to sunlight at irregular intervals does more harm than good for the body.

It’s important when getting sun, that you don’t just stand out in the noon light and fry yourself for a half hour, then return indoors for 23 and 1/2 hours. That is not natural, and will not result in anything substantial.

Your goal should be to get regular frequent exposure to the sun. If you have fair skin and have not had regular exposure, only stay under the sun for five to ten minutes at a time, in the morning and afternoon, several times a day, until you build up a natural tolerance.

Don’t feel pressured into using sunblock. No other animal on Earth needs it. Why would you think that you do?

Humans burn because we spend so much time “acting” like albino cave-dwelling animals by staying indoors for much of our life, and then only going into the sun in harsh, short spurts.

This creates unnatural and dangerous conditions for our bodies. With weakened skin defenses, we burn. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work, obviously.

The entire sunblock industry in and of itself is a scam, as it claims that the sun is dangerous and unhealthy.

You are a solar creature, just like many of the other animals on this planet. Don’t fall for the propaganda and nonsense.

Expose yourself to healthy amounts of sunlight regularly, every day, and you will increase your overall health and move toward balance.

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